99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – History is Repeating Itself

The international corporate mafia elite continue to wage their war of attrition upon the American poor and middle class.  The very definition of a war of attrition is to hurt your opponent in many different ways, and those waging this war upon us are in no way new to this concept.

Grant waged a war of attrition upon the South during the Civil War, cutting off cities one at a time and starving populations into submission by blocking supply lines and tearing up railroad tracks.  And indeed the original invasion of this continent to take it away from the native peoples was a protracted war of attrition.

If you look at the Plains Indians, they were a people rich in resource.  By the time the invaders reached their territories they were very aware of the tactics that had been used to conquer other tribes in the expanding conquest from east to west.  The eastern tribes were given tools that allowed them to greatly expand their populations.  Then those tools were taken away and the tribes were starved into submission.

The tribes of the Plains refused to fall into this trap, rejecting the white man’s gifts and trade goods.  They were completely self-sufficient as all their nutritional and basic needs of tools and shelter were provided by the great herds of buffalo, whose numbers were beyond calculation.

For the conquerors there was only one way to bring attrition to these Indians.   So, through powerful manipulation, it was made government policy to exterminate the great buffalo herds.  Once this was accomplished, a people who were completely self-sufficient, were made dependant and forced into controlled areas as a condition of not starving to death.  They had a lot of trouble adapting to this new way of life as the contractors who were supposed to be providing them with their basic necessities were stealing 95% of their provisions.

Then the propagandists of the day went to work.  The Indians were soon labeled as a lazy worthless people that should be exterminated.  Before the great herds of buffalo were wiped out these Indians were nomads, following the buffalo that provided them subsistence.  These people worked harder than most of us can even imagine and were proud, happy, and content to be doing so.  And they would probably still be doing so today but for a handful of greedy individuals that wanted to steal their wealth and rape their land.

Well people, we are all the natives under attack now.  They have taken our livelihood away and are calling us lazy because we cannot work at jobs that no longer exist.  Our jobs, which made us free and politically independent, have been removed as surely as the buffalo herds were.  They have made us dependent upon government subsidies of which 95% are being stolen by the government contractors supposedly responsible for their distribution.  And in making gasoline so expensive they have in essence hobbled our ponies to the point that we are bound to the reservations they have put us on.

Had the American Indians, et.al. known soon enough of the plan to take this whole continent from them, and had they joined as a single people rather than allowing themselves to be divided and conquered, they could have stopped the invasion on the east coast and driven the invaders into the sea.

Our present day manipulators are working diligently to try to keep us divided and looking at our situation more in tribal terms than as an invasion directed at each and every one of us.  But this time they will lose as we here in the 21st century have a means to communicate with one another from sea to shining sea.  There is only a minority who does not see the attempted conquest of the American people of the American race being attempted by the great grandchildren of the elitists that conquered the native peoples through fraud, swindle, and treasonous incursions into the tribes themselves.

The time has come to fight as one people with one ultimate goal, and that is to reinstate our Republic under our Constitution so that our grandchildren will not be made the slaves of our enemies.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. It’s also important to note that the Native Americans respected the land unlike the invaders from Europe. The Europeans brought many diseases here which help wipe out many tribes. These invaders raped the land of its resources and left a pollution poisoned land in their wake. Now they’re using other lands such as China, India, and Japan for processing our resources to increase their already ludicrous wealth.

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