99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Let's Bring Back Dueling

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  This statement may have been true in our country at one time but it is not anymore.  Or maybe there just aren’t any tough people left.  Have we become America, land of the candy-ass, home of the slave?  A people with something to lose will naturally take a lot more shit as they do not want to risk what they have.  But for Christ’s sake when a people who have had everything taken and are being abused every day can do nothing more than avert their eyes and tremble, it must be said to be nothing more than pure cowardice.

I know our enemies control all the resources but I could never imagine being reduced to the point that I was afraid to shout my curses at them and spit in their faces if I could get close enough.  You so called men out there, have you ingested so much fluoride from the water and synthetic estrogen from the plastic bottles you drink out of, that your balls have shrunken to useless raisins hanging between your legs?

I realize most of us aren’t as young as we used to be.  I myself will turn 50 next month, but I swear I would rather die fighting than continue to be abused by a bunch of elitist prep boys that are neither my intellectual nor physical equal, let alone betters.  Those who would rape our woman and abuse our children have taken control of every resource and are controlling our lives as if we were a herd of cattle.

I’ve spent countless hours building this site, so I might as well tell you why I believe it is being eliminated.  It is because we have dared to speak out against the Bilderberbers.  You do know that Eric Schmidt, Google’s Executive Chairman, attended the last Bilderberg meeting.  We have also dared to point out that the Kosher mafia has infiltrated our government to the point that Israeli interests trump those of the people of the United States.  Further we have dared to call the CIA asset Barack Obama exactly what he is, a rat and a back alley street pimp from the south side of Chicago.

Back in the early nineteenth century dueling was outlawed in the United States.  I’ll tell you who outlawed it…..the rich elite.  Think about it, if dueling were legal today, any 99er who had suffered because of the duplicity of a rich man could walk up to him, slap him upside the head with a glove, tell him he was a lowdown coward, and that rich man would have to take it, or face that poor man with a pistol.

At the beginning of the second Iraq war, Saddam Hussein offered to bring his cabinet to a neutral spot and shoot it out with George Bush and his cabinet.  Of course the challenge was met by the coward Bush with an assertion that it was ridiculous.  Saddam stated he was offering this duel to spare the lives of the innocents who had nothing to do with Georgie Bush’s personal beef with him.  And this was called ridiculous?

Over 110,000 innocent Iraqis killed.  Over 3,500 American service members killed and over 100,000 wounded.  All those veterans left with no legs, no arms, no eyes.  Why, because that pathetic little puke George W. Bush didn’t have the balls to face his personal enemy in a duel?  And it was a personal vendetta.  It was only sparsely reported on at the time, but Saddam had threatened to kill Bush’s dad.

Tell me how this is different from the monarchies of the old world wherein two kings had a personal dispute, so they both gave orders to their lords throughout their lands to force their serfs to be formed into armies, to be brought out on a field of so called honor, and butcher one another while the kings sat up on a distant hill and watched.

This is another reason From the Trenches has to be removed.  We are pointing out that that retched old crone sitting on the throne in Great Britain and her spawn think our country still belongs to them and are trying to reestablish their rule over us.

Now, I’m going to say something I’ve been wanting to say for a long time.

Stuart Varney, you are a pathetic little puss gutted fraction of a man.  Do you people want to know why Stuart Varney hates the 99ers so much?  Here is my theory.  Stuart has reached the point where he can no longer get it up but his wife hasn’t lost the desire.  So Stuart, being a true English aristocrat, went out and hired somebody to take care of his old lady for him.  And of course being the cheap bastard he is, he hired a 99er who would do the job for less, because he was desperate.  The next morning his woman came down the stairs with a shit-eating grin on her face that she couldn’t wipe off.  That is when Stuart realized his true inadequacy.  Damn those 99ers.

My wife kept me from saying that for a long time as she was trying to preserve the integrity of the site.  But the fact is you cannot treat with integrity an enemy that doesn’t even know the meaning of the word.

And of course Stuart told all of his elitist buddies about his bad experience with a 99er employee at the next regular meeting of the master masons.  After which it was decided among them that the 99ers must be destroyed for the sake of the preservation of the elitiest wives’ honor.

Ahh….that felt good.

Anyway, if you 99ers out there who still have pair ever decide to get serious in addressing the problem let me know and I will follow you for a while.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – Let's Bring Back Dueling

  1. She had that shit eating grin alright, Its about time real men tore off those cobwebs in the pipes. Fucking, de-generates. They think we’re stupid. Hey, God bless the American Patriot, for having a sack. And is willing to take it to the wall. Ignorance is bliss. And, if people just take a little time to understand self confidence. Espically the one, You know that constitution thingy. Bill of rights thingy. I’m new to this site, and I’m probably crossing the line. But, Henry of Oregon, I’m with you. Stop being a part of the intenational herd mentality. THink for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grow a sack and fight! I want in I won’t run. I take a look in my daughters eyes everyday. Knowing full well, What is really going on. I MEAN HELLO! If there ever was a field of honor, It to me would be a phyisical fight for liberty. I’m going to parrott Mr. Shivley. So here! GOD BLESS THE REPUBLIC, DEATH TO THE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE MAFIA, WE SHALL PREVAIL! And only if you believe in that! ANd not what they say as thier OPIONION! I WANT IN!

  2. Henry,
    I have totally resisted making any comments recently, since it seems that whatever you and the others write articles about, the comments you receive are, far too often, not even related to the topic at hand. I often feel, after reading everything, that you guys put your hearts and brains into giving us every opportunity to learn something, have written dialogue about the topic, and become wiser for that exchange, yet there just doesn’t seem to be any “real” comprehension going on out here, judging from the comments. You and the great writers, I know, are totally dedicated to making change, but I don’t see that you will have many followers in a real revolt, from this site. I would be willing to do whatever, and I mean whatever, is necessary to evoke change NOW, but I bet there are really just a handful of us that focused and dedicated.

    You all have done your best, and if you have at least awakened some from their ‘sheeple -stupids’, that may be the best you will ever be able to do. Just as a note, I learned so long ago (by the way I am a 61yr old female and have always worked non-traditionally)) when I first began to try to organize and motivate workers at Mtn Bell as a District Union Steward, that when a person has a grievance, wants a resolution, that person will never get it because the fear of ‘following through’ and facing the hurdle head on. Too many times I did my work for the employee, they fell short on their part, and left me wondering why I even tried. I’ve witnessed the dynamic over and over, in business, and things never really seem to get any better. All talk, no action, from most everyone.

    I’ll be devastated to learn you may not continue your great work on this site, but we have let you down. We deserve to have to face this crisis on our own, if we do not support the cause now.

    So, that being my opinion, other than telling others about this site, urging them to read and participate, what can those of us do for you, at this time? (And no, I did not participate in your Easter Project, I thought it was not even effective…sorry). I am not very computer literate, do not tweet, refuse to even acknowledge facebook, etc, so what can I do to help save your site? Had the idea, and wondered if you can link from other very popular sites (Alex Jones, and any of your favorites)? Is there any way to get a link from any other site pulled from a 99er google search? Also, you know I’ve mentioned Dutchsinse (the Haarp tracker), he has had trouble with these issues, so he posts so much to YouTube and has not had issues there that I know of? Any chance of spreading your word there instead of in print? What can we really do for you?? Make a list and see if ‘we’ follow through.

    I await anxiously for us to buck up as the massive group we could be, and take back our lives. We have waited far too long to take action. We, or Ron Paul will not make it to 2012.

    As always,

    PS Have you heard about ALEC, haven’t got to the site yet but ALEC Exposed tells of yet another group bent on our destruction, since the 70’s. Corporations and Legislators.

    1. Ready,
      So you think the Easter Project would not have been effective? Well now that is something we will never know, because NOBODY DID IT!!!
      As for what can be done right now, we have gone from thirty to forty comments a day to five to ten. A lot of people who come to sites like From the Trenches come to read the comments board, hence to see what people are saying about the situation. Every 99er who calls this site their own should be here, all day long, raising hell. Not just about what Google is trying to do to us, but what the traitors have done and continue to do.
      Look at Brian Sargeant’s last comments. This is the righteous indignation that should be predominant on this site at all times. Way to go, Brian

  3. thanks henry for the praise im sure you read my comments and im angrier everytime i speak cheching into militas groups this regime has to be stopped and if they stop sending social security checks and give the rich the money it’s going to come to war were going to have all stand together it’s us or them just like the revolutinary war we conquered the redcoats and one we can do it again henry keep pumping your articles out i can still get you on here i cancled the unemployment google alerts thanks and fuck google

    1. I’m still with you,Henry and Brian, just haven’t been able to connect as much lately. Lock ‘n load.

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