99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension Supporters – The Truth Behind the Debt-Ceiling Crisis

If you have been following the mainstream propaganda at all you have seen that jobs have been completely removed from the discussion.  We lost 418,000 jobs last week.   From last Thursday up to today another 210,000 have lost their jobs and joined the ranks of the unemployed.  And come Thursday it will be 420,000.  And of course the international elite will have managed to plunder our nation for another week.

It seems all they want to talk about in the mainstream propaganda is the debt ceiling, the debt, and the deficit.  Well let’s talk about it.  Not about the false reality being projected about the fight, but the real fight, where it is occurring and who is involved.

The two parties are the neo-cons and the socialists.  Both have been put into positions of power by the international elite.  What is truly at issue here?  Contracts and who will be paid.  We are on the verge of bankruptcy and it will occur if no action is taken.  But the reason for the bankruptcy is the $30 trillion stolen by the international corporate mafia.  This represents the borrowed money that has to be paid back to avoid the bankruptcy.

What we must understand is that both sides want the bankruptcy.  You see a bankruptcy facilitates receivership, wherein those in debt are put under absolute control by their debtor.  The international elite holding our debt are not interested in pieces of paper with ink on them.  They know the fiat currency is worthless as they are the ones who created it out of thin air.  What is important to the elites is the promissory debt attached to each one of these phony bills.

Think about it like this.  There are two acres of timbered land, you want it.  The asking price is $200,000, but you don’t want to pay the fair market value.  The fellow that owns the land is not thriving but he is at least making enough money to pay his property taxes.

It so happens that you know the fellow that he works for, so you go to the landowner’s employer and ask him as a favor to you to fire the landowner from his job.  The employer complies as replacing the landowner with somebody new is actually beneficial to him, because the landowner has been working at his job for thirty years to pay for the land he bought, and in doing so has built up seniority and a fairly decent wage.

Now you go around to the rest of your good friends in the area and tell them not to hire the landowner, in fact you tell them to tell him something like, “Sorry you are over-qualified.”  Now the fellow who owns the land has fallen behind in his property taxes so you go over to your good friends in the government and tell them, “Yeah I’ve been working on this piece of property, I need you to start foreclosure proceedings.”

Now you find out that the landowner is desperate and is trying to sell his property for $100,000.  So do you go in and scoop it up at half its value?  Not if you are a good capitalist businessman.  What you do instead is go around to all those who have the money to buy the property and tell them not to buy the property.  And they are happy to do so as you have done the same for them in the past many times.

You finally end up procuring the property for $1200 in back taxes.  The guy who owned the property commits suicide and all the other parties involved gain.

So what actually happened here?  Well one rich man stole the accumulation of a working man’s wages for thirty years, those who would not buy the property or give the man another job gained favors for their own future swindles, the government got their $1200 in back taxes and will not have to pay out anything on the $250,000 the working man paid into Social Security.

So what are these thieves arguing over the debt ceiling really after here?  Well let’s see, the Social Security account has $2 trillion in it and of course the government owes it another trillion.  And of course there are the people’s private saving accounts which amount to $10 trillion.  Let’s see, that is $13 trillion, throw in another $4 trillion in tax cuts to the elite and that should just about do it.

They acquire $17 trillion and don’t’ have to pay any taxes on it.  The government gets the trillion they don’t have to pay back to the Social Security account plus the kickbacks and of course the owed favors.  Works out great for everyone, except the United States population that will be left to starve to death in the richest country on the planet, which the fools actually thought they owned.

People, this is the truth that must be stopped at all costs.  It is also the truth that we cannot allow to be stopped.  We can defeat these international thieves as they are the few and we are the many.  But in order to do so we have to start looking out for one another and this is going to be made difficult because our enemies are going to do everything in their power to stop us from communicating with one another.

As stated before we have the numbers to wipe them out.  Their only hope is to keep us at bay through our own ignorance.   We will not let this happen.  We will elect Ron Paul in 2012, no matter what they say or what they do.  If we do this one thing as a united people we will defeat our enemies.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. At the rate we are going it is going to take well over 200,000 jobs per month for twelve years to fill the unemployment gap. What amazes me is how Barry has managed to last this long as president.

    1. Mark,
      Barry is sanctioned by the mafia. We the people have been removed from the equation. Things will continue to deteriorate. When 2012 rolls around the insurgents intend to just rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic and continue the rape, business as usual. Until we begin to physically defy them nothing is going to change.
      Of course we will vote for Ron Paul but I have to believe that if his intent is genuine and the reality of his presidency begins to close in on them, they will either kill him or institute full blown martial law under a UN mandate saying it has to be done to preserve the world economy.

  2. ARe you trying to tell me that ANY one else would be different? I’ve given up on all politicians. In the end, you basically have to pick the less of two evils. I don’t see ’em as Republicans or Democrats. I see em as rich people who don’t give a rat’s ass about “working” people. Then they sit up there and judge people who have worked their whole lives and want to throw us into the same pot as those who have used and abused the welfare system. I’m 48 and last month was the first time in my whole life I have received a damn dime from welfare. $300 in food stamps for my daughter and I. Am I abusing the system? I can tell you one thing, I’m not lazy, I’m not a drug addict, I’m not enjoying my “vacation” from working. I’m pretty much pissed at this whole “debt ceiling” thing, cause I know in the end what’s going to happen. The poor will take it where the sun don’t shine, and the rich smart asses in Congress will be grinning from ear to ear.

      1. this maybe a really screwed up comment why couldn’t we get that maniac from norway to go on a shooting spree in the congress building instead i dont think a tear would be shed

        1. Yeah brother, that is a screwed up comment. They are already using that incident to suggest further control and monitoring of patriot sites in the United States. An act of terrorism wherein children were killed. I personally have to believe that it is a false flag event in reaction to the growing anti-government sentiment in the United States. I heard one little creep on MSNBC say that Christian patriots are dangerous potential terrorists that need to be addressed.
          What we need in this country is a straight up declared war. By law we have all the cause we need to legitimately arrest and remove the insurgents within our government. When we act we must act through our law.

          1. This would be the first truly and legally declared war within the last 50 years. LOL

          2. i appologize for that comment that was overboard dont wish anyone to die but as i see these fuckers i dont think they feel the same way abought us im sure they would love to see us hang ourselves it’s going on everyday suicides have increased by the day and they dont care at all

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  3. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/van-jones/tuesday-rallies-save-american-dream_b_908444.html

    “This Tuesday at noon, everyday Americans will finally have the chance to be heard, across America, at the local offices of every member of Congress. The American Dream movement — which includes dozens of organizations and thousands of individuals who are standing up for the middle class and working class families — is calling for emergency mobilizations across the country tomorrow. “

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