US Led NATO Bombs Water Facilities in Libya

New reports coming out of Libya depict a NATO move towards genocide.  Libya is in a desert and the US led NATO is now bombing not only water facilities, but factories that produce water pipes needed to replace those destroyed by the bombs.  4.5 million Libyans are facing the prospect of having no drinking water.  And remember these bombings are supposedly being conducted as a form of humanitarian aid designed to save the lives of innocents.

There are 6.4 million Libyans, the vast majority of which support their leader Muammar Gaddafi.  Anyone who doubts this statement to be true, ask yourself this question.  How could Gaddafi and the Libyan government have held out this long against the massive NATO air attacks unless most of the people supported them?

Though we here in the United States are in no way yet suffering to the degree that the Libyan people are, we are suffering deprivation at the hands of the very internationals who are trying to take down the Libyan government and secure that country’s oil for the international corporate mafia.

The internationals have also procured indictments for Muammar Gaddafi for so called genocide.  This is hypocrisy beyond hypocrisy.  The US led NATO is not only attacking civilian targets in the way of water facilities and pipe factories, but have been engaged in attempts to assassinate Gaddafi by bombing his private residence, killing his son and three of his grandchildren.

I guess it works like this.  When Libyan government forces kill Al Qaida rebels who are trying to overthrow their government, it is genocide.  But when US led NATO forces kills little children while bombing a private residence for the sole purpose of assassinating the leader of a foreign sovereign country, said act being a violation of international law, the action is deemed humanitarian aid and the enforcement of a no-fly-zone.

You will hear nothing in the mainstream media about the present campaign to take away drinking water from 4.5 million Libyans as the media around the world has become as internationally consolidated as NATO itself.  In watching the videos coming out of Libya it is clear that at least the Libyan people are not placing the blame on the American people.  Thanks to the internet I believe, they understand that control of our government has been taken away from us by the same international gangsters that are trying to assassinate their leader and take over their country.

But it is still to our shame that we as a people are not in the streets demanding that the genocide being perpetrated against the people of Libya in our name be stopped immediately and that the traitors in our government who are supporting Al Qaida in Libya, while eating out our substance to supposedly fight Al Qaida in four other countries, be removed from power and prosecuted for their crimes.

I believe this whole scenario is going to continue to get worse and the American CIA backed by NATO will not stop in its effort to put Al Qaida in key positions of power for the purpose of a total war when the Israelis attack Iran.   Considering the economic condition the international corporate mafia has put us in, it seems apparent that they are intent on a third world war.

God help all the peoples of the world to defy the evil ones who would sacrifice us all to a mountain of gold.

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  1. I hate to say it but after I have figured out 911 was a mossad operation I must say “GO GHADDFI I WISH YOU WELL AGAINST THE NWO”

    Who with a brain to think can possibly believe the BS we are all told?

    US kills Bin Laden = BS ( he was already dead )

    911 the work of arabs = BS ( its the work of the Mossad and covered up by the CIA )

    7/7 Attacks = ( See 911 )

    Ryazan Bombing in Russia = ( See 911 but FSB did it )

    the list is endless and everyone is constantly lied to about everything that is important in this world. Propaganda is now the NEWS and all the players are involved as far as I am concerned. If there ever is a revolution I would not want to be in their shoes as a bullet is too good for them and I hope the people that catch them know this!

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