99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – The Truth Will Set You Free

Since its inception From the Trenches World Report has attempted to nullify the lies in the mainstream propaganda simply by telling the truth.  When the mainstream put forth the assertion that the unemployment extension passed back in December was going to the 99ers, we printed the truth, which was that the 99ers were not included.

Also back in January when the new system for calculating the unemployed was being implemented and its true intent was being buried by the mainstream, we told the truth, which is that the new formula for calculation automatically took those losing their unemployment benefits and categorized them as no longer a part of the labor market.

When the mainstream propagandists, for months, pushed the lie that the recession had been over since June of 2010 and that our economy was coming back, we told you the truth.  We told you all along that you were being lied to by the mainstream propagandists.

We told you that the extensions of the tax cuts to the rich for the stated purpose of making them feel secure so that they would invest their money and create jobs was a lie.

We told you that the stimulus monies borrowed in our grandchildren’s names was being used to further facilitate the move of our industry to China and India, again the truth.

We told you the truth in being one of the first sites to report on the extensive cover-ups of the Fukushima Power Plant disaster by the Japanese government, the U.S government, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

We told the truth as to what is really going on in Libya.  While the mainstream media was reporting no-fly-zones for humanitarian aid, From the Trenches reported international political assassination and genocide being committed by the US led NATO on the Libyan people.

We told the truth in that US troops are being used to guard poppy fields in Afghanistan.

We have told you the truth of the true affects of the illegal alien invasion upon our economy and our individual freedoms.

We told you the inconvenient and politically incorrect truth of the infiltration of our government by Israeli agents through their dual citizenships.

We told you the truth about Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro’s phony birth certificate and his ties to the globalist’s agenda.

We told  you the truth about the Bilderberg agenda.

We told you the truth about the chemtrails.

We are now telling you that the reason the neo-cons and the social communists are panicking over the raising of the debt ceiling is because if the ceiling is not raised it is going to create a situation where it is going to become absolutely clear as to where the wealth of our country is going.  The international corporate mafia wants to take over all solvent bank accounts in this country.  And they’re determined to take those monies.

If the debt ceiling is raised through one of these so called compromises, they think they can hide the theft of $3 trillion in the Social Security Trust Fund and $10 trillion in bank accounts held by private citizens in this country.  They think the theft will hardly be noticed by the majority as it is swallowed up in the rollover of the debt from $15 – $25 trillion.

To most of us it will seem like a lull in the downfall of our economy as the mainstream propagandists first demonize and then completely remove from the mainstream news those who are going to endure the theft.

The mainstream propagandists who have lied to you right down the line are telling us that the failure to raise the debt ceiling is the worst thing that can happen to us.  LIE, it is the worst thing that can happen to them.  That is why we are seeing the big banksters and credit rating agencies who stole our $30 trillion now threatening our Congress once again with financial Armageddon if they refuse to allow them to continue stealing through the debt rollover.

I believe in the end one of these so called compromises will be passed as, but for a handful, our so called representatives in our government are going to have to follow the orders handed down by their corporate masters who bought and paid for them a long time ago.  And this is the truth.

As for the fact that we are in a depression and have been all along, the mainstream propagandists have now been put in a position where they are forced to tell the truth for a little while, which is that they have been lying all along.

First in the airwaves and now in the digital cyberspace, the criteria for putting oneself forth as a news source is supposed to be the telling of the truth for the cause of serving the public good.

After eight months it is undeniable that one news source, From the Trenches World Report, has been telling you the truth, while others, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, and FOX, have knowingly with malice and forethought been deceiving you for the purpose of your demise.  And so after eight months who is removed by Google News as a news source?  That’s right, From the Trenches World Report.

All of these news agencies and the CIA affiliate Google are controlled by the enemies of we the American people of the American race.  I don’t think their intent to destroy us can be considered for the public good, which brings in the taxpayer funded FCC, who is supposed to be the government agency that enforces the doctrine of “For the public good.”  But as every agency in our government has been taken over by the corporations, the doctrine has changed to “For the corporate good” to the demise of we the people.

Our numbers at From the Trenches has leveled off.   We have lost approximately two-thirds of our access to the net through being taken out of the Google News index.  You see, we are not news because we tell the truth in opposition to the mainstream propaganda lies.

It is Google’s stance that the mainstream propaganda lies will be the news put forth to our people on the net.  They are practicing censorship which they have become very adept at through their procedures developed in censoring the people of China for the Chinese government.

But our numbers have stabilized and we are still reaching 20,000 people a month around the world.  The people in other countries are seeing the reality of American censorship.  They are also seeing that there are still patriots in this country who believe in the ideals that our country was founded upon, in freedom, justice, and liberty.  These are the ideals that made us the envy of the world and made every individual around the world want to be us.  These people see that our dream is not dead and that there are those who will not let it die.

I know that it is because of the efforts of our loyal readers that our numbers have stabilized.  Now it is time to start climbing back up and so I ask you to redouble your efforts and I will redouble mine.  In September I will bring a live broadcast to From the Trenches and the truth we are putting forth is going to be going out all over the world through a hundred new avenues.

And one day soon we will make the communist sympathizers at Google rue the day they decided to take out a small internet site that was becoming a big problem and From the Trenches will be there to report on the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution.   We will be there to report the arrests and deportations of the traitors who have tried to destroy us.  And in the end we will be there to report the return of prosperity to our great nation.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension – The Truth Will Set You Free

  1. Henry,

    We got hit hard, no doubt about that. We hit a nerve, but I also am finding that a lot of what we are talking about here is finding it’s way into the talking points of some of the corporate slaves in Washington. You can pick up bits and pieces in their speeches. Word for word. A lot of our slogans are being used. Harry is talking a lot about yachts and private jets, this stuff was never talked about before we started this site. The people are writing in and raising hell, forcing these nit wits to open up.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but sure feels like it anyway.

    1. Mark,
      I don’t think you are wrong at all, in fact I have been telling my wife the same thing. The fact is I believe we have reached more people than we know. The people who come here are already angry, they just don’t know why. Once they find out they are bound to be repeating our words to everyone they know. You have to figure we have become a problem, otherwise they would not spend the time nor resource to attempt to shut us down.

  2. With the Congress in a somewhat compromising position, and President Obama losing face in the negotiations now is the time to PUSH HARD for immediate passage of HR589 and
    to continue the unemployment benefits due to expire. A tier 5 would be appropriate.
    Each day you hear about tens of thousand facing layoffs. The Republicans said months ago
    they would support HR589 if an offset was found…..Billions have been found in the recent negotiations….Obama must VEHEMENTLY SUPPORT HR 589 and unemployment extensions…Ludicrous that tax paying Americans are living on the streets while billions are
    be given in foreign aid to countries that are America’s enemies..

    I ask all 99ers along with all citizens to push the President to take care of the American people instead of foreign governments amd waging these ludicrous wars..along with providing greater benefits to illegal aliens instead of Americans

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