Libya – Who's Right and Who's Wrong?

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July 25, 2011, NATO bombs a food warehouse in Zlitan, Libya. The purpose of American, European and Arab sanctions or siege is to starve a people, a nation into submission. This is a contradiction of the psyops now being promoted by the UN in Somalia, calling it one of the worst famines ever. With Somalia, it is complete with the mass media suddenly and simultaneously blasting pictures of emaciated Somali children at you, as the US Joint Special Operations Command is bombing in Somalia, killing whoever it deems to be a terrorist. War triggers famines and peace brings prosperity. We saw this in Angola when Jonas Savimbi was being used like so-called dissidents of liberty and democracy are being used today. Years ago, corporate media used such pictures of skin and bones children in other areas of Africa promoting it as starvation when the truth was that the people had been struck by the wasting attributes of HIV/AIDS, a biological warfare weapon manufactured in 1969-70 by the US Army under Public Law 91-171 and entitled “Synthetic Biological Agent”. This is one reason the US Senate, the most powerful branch of the US government where Senators serve for six years before coming back up for re-election, refused for 40 years to ratify the UN Genocide Treaty. When the Libyan government indicated the food supply had become a target of NATO bombing, Western media and NATO, in concert, denied it and stated it only strike military targets. …………..

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