99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension -Up is Down, Down is Up, There Are or Are not Jobs

In the face of an eleventh week of first time unemployment filings of over 400,000, not one damn thing is being considered by our Congress, Senate, nor President to address the issue.  Instead the propaganda machine is flooding the airwaves with lies that have become so old and antiquated that watching them can only make us shake our heads in disgust.

After having to admit that the job situation in reality has never gotten one bit better, but is indeed getting worse every day, the propagandists are now saying that there are actually jobs everywhere to the extent that those unemployed are tripping over help wanted signs on the way to the unemployment office.  This is ridiculous to the point of being Orwellian.

One week it is “Job loss is out of control.  We do not see jobs rebounding this year.  We are saying 9.1% unemployment rate, but the truth is 15%.” Which is still a lie, the actual rate is around 30%. “There are 5 people for every one job available.”  Another lie as every time a job is advertised there are literally thousands of applications for every single one.

And then the next week it is “There are plenty of jobs.  Those goddamn lazy unemployed just don’t want to work.  Let’s make them work for food stamps and Medicaid.”

Of course the attack has been renewed on Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, Medicaid, and welfare as these trust funds (Social Security and Medicare) represent the last assets of the people that have not been privatized and robbed by the international corporate elite.

Steve Moore, a nasal retentive sleaze bag Wall Street mouthpiece, sleazes out from under a rock in between the reports of our economic disaster, to push for a furtherance of the transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the filthy scum bag rich of which he is a member.  I’ll tell you what, Stevie, we know what you are after, so just keep coming and see what you get.  If this little dirt bag ever knew how to speak a word of truth he would come out and say in simple terms exactly what he is after.

Stevie and those he represents are looking at $2 trillion in solvent assets in Social Security and Medicare and drooling and licking their chops.  These are accounts we the people have paid in to for us and they want them.  The sleazy treasonous insurgents who occupy our highest seats of power are happy to facilitate their sleazy corporate counterparts in stealing the accounts because, the fact is, this sleazy treasonous government owes Social Security and Medicare over a trillion dollars.  And they think they are not going to have to pay it back.

These sleazy dirt bags are also the ones coming forth and saying that the sleazy corporation Boeing should be allowed to move its operations to sleazy states who have driven down standard wages.  They have gone as far as to say that if the workers here in America do not acquiesce then Boeing might just start building those planes over in China where they are selling them.

You know what?  Get out.  Go.  You and Lockheed Martin have both built your businesses on US defense contracts using US technology developed and paid for with US tax dollars.  The working people of this country made your business, now you have the unmitigated gall to try to abuse us.  We made you and before this is over, we are going to break you.  I say we charge you each a trillion dollars for the technology we have given you over the years.

If you start plants overseas, no more defense contracts.  You see, you tripe, at the end of the game you are going to find that the American worker that you hold in such high contempt is holding all the aces.  We are going to get rid of all your lobbyists in our government, like John McCain.

We are sick of paying for you to live fat while we do without.  We are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution and then we are going to prosecute and punish each and every one of you.  And you can tell those traitors over at Caterpillar and Harley Davidson that they are included also.

I have read your own writings where you brag about how you own and control the United States government to the point that you set the regulations, which are only in place as a laughable smoke screen that attempts to hide the fact that you are stealing our natural resources hand over fist.  Be advised your written admissions are going to be used against you at your trials.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extension -Up is Down, Down is Up, There Are or Are not Jobs

    1. help needed,
      Have you not figured out yet that when anything is proposed as a right or a benefit to you its intent and result is the exact opposite? The right to work is the right to work at the wage the employer dictates. I do not like the idea of unions but the fact is there is probably about 200 people for every job left in this country. That is not available jobs, that is all the jobs. If we start cutting one another’s throats in saying that I will work that person’s job cheaper, after a couple of months the person whose job you took is going to come back and say “I will work even cheaper”. In fact if you look at it, this is why 30 million of us are unemployed, because someone in China or India will manufacture our resources cheaper.
      Do you think the corporations have a fair wage in mind that we are all going to be happy with? I don’t. I think their ultimate goal is to have us all as slaves. And even at that, to work us until we are old and then cull us through starvation.
      If you think the corporations are actually composed of decent people who want to do the right thing for the American worker and are just misunderstood, you are a damn fool. The fact is the real wealth is created via our raw resources and by God, we have a right to a fair cut of that wealth.
      The corporations are making record profits while people who have worked all their lives are going hungry in the streets. They have stolen our property to the tune of $28 trillion and are now coming after the rest. They are absolutely the enemy of every working man and woman in this country, public and private sector, union and non union alike. They intend to see us all made their slaves.
      Help needed, I enjoy your comments, but for God’s sake do not fall for this corporate line of bullshit. Boeing wants the cheapest labor it can force because it wants to make maximum profits and it is an intricate part of the international elite that wants to enslave us.

      1. Henry,
        I agree with just about everything you write. In this case it just pissed me off that a select group of lobbyist used their political strength to mussel our spineless leader to step in on their behalf. Additionally, for decades now, we in New England have lost jobs to the South due to climate-at least that’s what they said.?????????? And by the way, thank you for your kind comment.

      2. NC is a right to work state. I never even heard of that until I moved out here from CA in ’94. It’s more like these employers have the right to pay you whatever shitty wages they fell like paying.

  1. Those liars and those **#*. This is very typical of the new America to lie. They have taken over the media! They have taken over the freedom of America! They continue to make like all is okay while they continue to rape and eliminate the middleclass. Their doing a great job and guess what? You and I are letting them do it. You and I are the real pussies of this country because we do nothing more than complain in words! It’s time to make a change in this country! WE ARE MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!
    What I see is a greedy America! Unfortunately the people of America have blinders on and don’t see what’s going on in this country. Everybody is just trying to survive and caring about themselves. The America I knew gave a helping hand. This is the most selfish generation I’ve ever seen! These so called Wall Street scoundrels and many other crooked hearted individuals have taken over in every way. We the 99ers, we the once middle class of these America’s have been shot down and put to rest! We have to fight and restore the American way. If we don’t do it, no one else will! In other words the greedy scum bags are just raping us of everything! Do not stand by and take it! It’s time to make a stand and fight back!
    Remember stand up for yourselves, your children! Your America!

  2. this is starting to sound like a movie i remember planet of the apes there the apes and were the slaves were srewed i keep saying it war war war war it’s just going to get worse and there isn’t anything we can do get your damm hands off me you dirty ape

    1. brian s,
      I don’t know where everyone is. It does seem clicking quiet. click click
      Anyway, click, I’ve got to go turn the shrimp on the barbee click click and grab a ’26 port out of the wine cellar. I may be spoiling my servants, feeding them like this, but what the hell it’s only money. click click

  3. ted , you are so right on i could not agree more ,there are tough times ahead ,likely tougher than we may know at this point, but i agree with you and henry its time to fight for our rights ,i was told at church when i was a boy that greed is the root of all evel, boy grandpa knew what he was talking about ! Ron Paul 2012.

  4. Henry,
    As usual you are spot on! As for the attack on SS, Medicare, etc, did you see on the news this am they want to raise the Medicare age of eligibility to 67? WTH?? Of course, that is why I cannot get my SSD because they cant wait to get their filthy greedy hands on it! These are dark times and I fear are only going to get worse!

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