99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extensions – The Jobless Recovery Continues

Buzz words and campaign slogans seem to be the order of the day.  Some 99ers have been out of work for almost three years.  Most if not all have lost their homes, their cars, their bank accounts, and pensions.  Home foreclosures are slowing down but not because the people are buying homes again, but because the banks are deliberately slowing down the process in an attempt to portray the situation as better than it is.

New jobless claims continue to come in at over 400,000 per week and admittedly not even a third of that number in new jobs is being created, yet they try to tell us that we have only lost 1.2 million jobs this year.  I’m sorry propagandists, but this is a mathematical impossibility.  And it’s the simplest math, adding and subtracting.

When every attempt to lull us back into complacency fails, they pull out the catch all and say, “Well it is a jobless recovery.”

Well let’s just look at that with the simplest of logic.  What exactly caused this depression?  A bursting of the housing bubble.  Has that situation changed?  No, it is getting worse.  What caused that bubble to burst?  Derivatives fraud.  Is that situation improving?  No, it is getting worse.  The fact is there is still a thousand trillion dollars worth of bad derivatives floating around in the world system.  This outrageous amount not only represents the fact of the theft, but also more wealth than all the resources on this planet are worth.

And now, as QE2 is coming to a close, there is of course talk of QE3, which will further devalue our dollar to the point that we cannot afford to buy food.  Jobless recovery my arse.  I will give you the definition of a jobless recovery, a feast without food, a car without a motor, a plane without wings, a fraud and a lie.

Of course meanwhile the filthy rich continue to steal our natural resources hand over fist.  I think our enemies have to be amazed by now at just how much they have gotten away with, and have to be realizing that the situation is growing dangerous.  But they are infected with a sickness like the alcoholic, crack addict, and kleptomaniac.  They cannot stop and they do not care what harm they cause to others through their bad and illegal behavior.

In ending this article I’m going to address those who keep coming on the site and endorsing Michele Bachmann.  I tell you to give it up.  This woman is dumber than a red brick.  Without her handlers, she couldn’t make it to the bathroom.   She is 110% bought and paid for by the neo-cons, like the Koch Brothers who have hijacked the Tea Party name.

Be advised, those at the grass roots of the Tea Party are not going to be swayed by neo-con rhetoric being uttered by a fool.  The Tea Party is not going to decide this election but its grass roots membership, who are united as a part of the American people of the American race, are.

Ron Paul won the New Orleans Straw Poll, blowing out his nearest opponent.  Be advised, neo-cons, when you try to nullify Ron Paul and his message you are expounding on the fact that you put the preservation of your ill begotten wealth before our Constitution.  The only way a person like Michele Bachmann could be put forth as a candidate is through a massive infusion of corporate money, with an expectation of a future return.

Listen up neo-con, you are not the Tea Party and you are not going to buy this election.  What you are doing is setting the stage for your demise through retribution from those who have had enough of your insatiable gluttonous theft and jobless recovery.  The neo-cons make up only 20% of the top 10% and they have chosen the other side of the fence and are going to reap the whirlwind for their gluttony, betrayal, and wanton arrogance.

I think the New Orleans Straw Poll showed our detractors that their fiat dollars will no longer buy stupidity in the United States as the American people of the American race have suffered such deprivation as to cause their minds to be cleared and refreshed anew.  We are too old to be sent back to school for further dumbing down, so you better just get out of our way and try to make yourselves small, because when we take this country back we are going to be kicking ass and taking names, and every one of  us has a list.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Unemployment Extensions – The Jobless Recovery Continues

  1. Welcome to the new America!! I just got mail from Social Services, my general assistance check is going to be cut by $15.00! I can’t find a job, collect unemployment, and now welfare is cutting back. They want to kill us! I’m like an animal with it’s back to the wall. I’m going to come out swinging.

  2. Hr589 won’t pass… Crime rates will go up. People gotta do what they gotta do to Survive. Best believe it.

  3. We make our own whiskey and our own smokes to ain’t to many things these old boys can’t do.
    Along with a few thousand reloads. I just couldn’t seem to make that rhyme!

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