99ers HR 589 Unemployment Legislation Shot Down In Flames

HR 589 is shot down this morning.  Apparently the House Resolution violated a rule which says any legislation that changes existing law or creates new law cannot be added as an amendment.  Unbeknownst to us Barbara Lee tried to attach HR 589 to the Fiscal Year 2011 Continuing Budget Resolution, a stopgap measure that will continue to fund the federal government. 

The point of order was initiated by Congressman Denny Rehberg, a Republican from Montana.

The only way the bill can go forward now is through overwhelming support which would require republican support, which is not going to happen.  It is disturbing to find out that our greatest advocate Barbara Lee evidently either does not know the House rules or somehow thought she was exempt from them.

We at From the Trenches had to learn this news through another news site as we are not among the privileged who are informed as a course of action by inside sources.  However we did predict the fate of the legislation ahead of time. 

I think we had better strongly consider starting to work on the Easter Project.  Only through mass pressure from the outside are we going to accomplish anything.  We offered to apply that pressure but Barbara Lee declined and as we all know we were treated like outsiders and with disrespect when we tried to help push the legislation on our own.  Maybe the proponents of the 99ers will now see that they will never accomplish anything unless they break outside the status quo and the insider buddy buddy system and attack next time with a united 99er force, not only backing them, but participating in the process.

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  1. I cannot believe this what was she thinking every ounce of hope is over and we have nothing also because the idiots who let the House get over taken by Republicans they have ruined lives and people now have nothing. I can’t tell you how I feel as a American Citizen that will be left with nothing!!! Thank you Republicans!!!!!!!

    1. According to the “opencongress.org” website, the Bill, H.R. 589, had 66 co-sponsers. You would have thought that one of them would know about procedure when submitting a bill to the House. No wonder the ‘publicans shot it down. My God we need help from someone that knows what they’re doing. Our message is only as credible as our messenger. No wonder…… I can still hear them laughing at us and our cause…..

        1. Did you really think this bill was going to go anywhere?!?!? Congress doesn’t want to pass an unemployment extension. They have the power to do so at anytime but all they can come up with is bill after bill after bill. Our government will help every country except it’s own! GOD helps us because the people we the people trust to have turned their backs on us…….

    2. You don’t get it: the Dems don’t want this any more than the Reps. They could have passed it while they had control, they waited so they could blame the other side. You really think out of 66 congresscritters not a single one knew they were doing it wrong?

    3. I know how you feel. I am 63 and on the verge of losing my home because I hit 99 weeks. I have no family and nowhere to go. Our government has let us down so that the richest Americans can have a tax break. Hope you will be OK.


    5. Just wait until election time rolls around, and the Republicans try and convince the voters of how much they deserve elected, or re elected. There are so many 99ers who have been screwed by their so called leaders, that will vote Democrat, just to punish the leaders who abandoned them. Wish I could see their faces when the RUT ROH expression slowly appears on their smug mugs!!! We 99ers are called lazy, but I have worked since I was 14, and payed taxes and never took unemployment. I am 52 and have fallen between the cracks. To young to retire and to old for any employer to want to hire me. Maybe after all the republicans are voted out of their cushy offices, they will know how the 99ers feel. All we are asking for is 14 more weeks, to at least get us through the cold weather. The numbers of 99ers are growing in mass everyday. Start packing republicans, and democrats who have turned your back on the hard working class people who voted you into office. I am not sure of anything any longer, but I AM SURE YOU WILL LOSE YOUR JOBS CAME ELECTION TIME.WHEN YOU START CAMPAIGNING You will see!!!!!

      1. ok I SPELLED come wrong, because I don’t have vision insurance any longer and can’t see my key board that well.. I also want to be the person behind you in the grocery store, while you are spending your food stamps, because you were voted out of office. Also I ran out of room before I warned you that with every pretty I deserve to be elected commercial you put on TV, a rebuttal of your lack of concern for the 99ers, is going to pop up right after. The democrats are going to rip you to sheds, with your own ammunition. It is going to be gratifying to watch this. Very very gratifying.

  2. I rec’d my last EDD check last Feb. 3, 2011 after 99 weeks of being unemployed and diligently looking for another job. So I applied for welfare thinking that I just need a little bit of help until my SS benefits kick in about a year. Well, my application was disapproved. Reason – I pay mortgage on a house and have 2 cars. And yet illegal aliens all over this country are allowed welfare benefits, the more kids the more money. I used to love this country, as a matter of fact, served in the US Army for 9 years. Now I have zero income and will probably lose my house in the near future. It’s OK for this government to give other countries billions of dollars but no money for those suffering in this tough economic times. When are we going to start protesting in the streets fellow 99ers ? Peaceful means apparently is not working !

  3. This is a sad day indeed I exausted my benifits in december and still cant find employment i’ve tried mcdonalds popyes burger king sprint att verizon comcast along with a host of other place that say there hiring im out every day after i drop My kids of at school in the morning by public transportation. I now live in a homless shelter for familes with my two sons. I’m on the verge of doing something that I will regret for ever but I have been left with no other choice. No help from my goverment at all I’ve paid taxes since the first day I started working at age 17 im 25 now and I’m homeless. what else do I have to lose to hell with it all

    1. Thomas

      I know how you feel I have been out of work over 2 years now and I have a wife and 5 kids to feed, I still have a house to pay off with student loans I have to take out more money’s from the loans just to make end see each other.

      I hope and pray that things start to get better and soon.


    2. i feel the same way i dont know what to do anymore whats left jail or shelter i give up i cant live like this no more im on the verge of loosing everything i have


    1 hr 59 mins ago
    Help wanted — jobless need not apply
    By Zachary Roth
    Buzz up!6 votes ShareretweetEmailPrintBy Zachary Roth zachary Roth – 1 hr 59 mins ago

    In 2008, Michelle, a 53-year-old Illinois resident with 19 years experience in information technology, became another casualty of the Great Recession. More than a year later, after a long and fruitless job search, she finally heard from a headhunter who thought she sounded like a great fit for a post he was looking to fill.

    But when Michelle told him how long she had been out of work, the headhunter turned apologetic: His client, he said, wouldn’t accept people who had been unemployed for more than six months. Michelle would go on to stay jobless for so long that she ultimately exhausted all her unemployment benefits, and, for the first time in her life, was forced to apply for food stamps and welfare.

    Michelle’s tale was recounted at a recent Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) meeting devoted to the issue of hiring discrimination against the unemployed. As the commission found, Michelle’s experience is far from unique. No one officially tracks how many job openings explicitly bar the unemployed, but a several news reports since last summer have uncovered numerous online job postings that require candidates be employed during the application process. One such listing was posted by the cellphone giant Sony Ericsson–a move that the the company later called a “mistake.”

    Job-placement professionals say that over the last year, more and more employers have made it clear that they won’t consider job candidates who aren’t working. “A lot of our recruiters have had clients who have come across this,” Matt Deutsch of TopEchelon.com, which brings recruiters together to collaborate in finding jobs for candidates, told The Lookout, calling the practice “unfortunate.”

    With the number of Americans who have been out of work for six months or longer at a whopping 6.2 million, and 4.7 unemployed workers for every job opening, advocates for the jobless say this growing form of hiring discrimination creates another hurdle for the increasingly desperate ranks of the unemployed. “At a moment when we all should be doing whatever we can to open up job opportunities to the unemployed, it is profoundly disturbing that the trend of deliberately excluding the jobless from work opportunities is on the rise,” Christine Owens, who runs the National Employment Law Center, told the EEOC.

    Some experts say that discrimination against the jobless, as currently practiced, may violate civil-rights laws–a question that the commission is now considering. In itself, such discrimination isn’t illegal. (New Jersey is exploring legislation that would prohibit job ads telling the unemployed not to apply.) But it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of race or age. And African-Americans and older workers are disproportionately represented among the long-term unemployed–meaning they may be bearing the brunt of discrimination against the jobless.

    The EEOC declined to say whether it’s investigating specific cases of potential violations.

    Some employers have said they’re unwilling to hire unemployed workers because they believe that if a worker has once been let go, that’s a sign that he or she is probably not a great hire. “People who are currently employed … are the kind of people you want as opposed to people who get cut,” one recruiter told the Atlanta Journal Constitution in October.

    And as Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke has said, when people are out of work for a long time, their skills erode, which may understandably make them less attractive to employers.

    But Deutsch said that a bias against the jobless is also a time-saving device for companies that may themselves be making do with less, thanks to the downturn. “If you’ve got a huge stack of submissions, and you want to get through them quickly, [you can say] ‘OK, all the people who are not currently employed, forget them,’ ” Deutsch explained. “That’s gonna cut down on your workload.”

    However, aside from the damage that this practice does to unemployed candidates, employers who adopt it may be shooting themselves in the foot, since they’re probably screening out qualified applicants who were laid off through no fault of their own. “To think that that’s going to bring you all the qualified candidates you want to see is probably not the case,” Deutsch said.

    (A career center specialist in Oregon helps job seeker Paula Morgan, who has been unemployed for the last nine months, Jan. 7, 2011: Rick Bowmer/AP)

    Buzz up!6 votes ShareretweetEmailPrintTop Stories – The Lookout

    1. What is this land coming to where you have to have a job to get a job I have been without work over 2 years and 4 months now and it still does not look good I hope that once I get my BS that the job market will be better.

    2. “as opposed to people who get cut”

      Snort. Yeah, that my job was outsourced to someone in India with half the skills (but one quarter the price) definitely means I suck. Six months after I was laid off my former employer had to migrate to a new server system. My entire library of work — over 4 years worth — was up and running fine in 5 minutes, I’m told. What little the outsource bozos had been able to accomplish took a week to get back online.

      I have (no kidding) been on interviews and later learned that my former boss — he got cut, too — was interviewing for the same position.

  5. So basically if you have been out or work for over 6 months; there are in fact companies that will have you waste your time and money to come in for an interview for a job that they have no intention on hiring you for anyway???? I have been to several interviews and suspected that this was the case… Now I am sure that it was in fact the case….. Is it just me or does that sound kind of stupid??? If you already have a job; then you probably don’t need another job.. Unless you are trying to get a better job; and if that’s the case what if this job that only hired you because you already had a job is just a stepping stone on your way up the lader to a better job??? Won’t the company that hired you only because you already had a job still need to hire someone because you left for a better job???

    This makes no sense at all and completely contradicts the ideal that if you are willing to work hard you can succeed here in the land of the free and the home of the brave…. Is this the way of life we are trying to force on other countries??? Its no wonder they are marching in the streets and burning our flag…..

    1. Patrick, since my resume reflects that I was laid off from my last job in August of ’08, what Phil is saying, makes a lot of sense. I kind of suspected something like this might be going on, but I didn’t really want to believe it. First we all lose our jobs, through no fault of our own,due to the unbelievable stupidity and greed of the government and the corporate gangsters, but now we are being penalized by employers. This shit gets worse every day ! The name of this country should be changed to describe the aliens who are running it, to the Unbelievable Stupid Assholes.

  6. There was no way this was going to pass anyway, even of Lee followed the rules correctly. People who ran out of benefits have to move to where the jobs are. It’s always been that way throughout American history. You have to move to a state with a low unemployment rate. I know it sucks to pack up and leave but you gotta eat. I plan on moving to south dakota when my benefits run out

    1. It’s Obama fault and he admitted to it. It is a failed administration. He dumped a trillion dollars into the economy and still no jobs. The rich corporate fat cats took all the money. corruption at its finest

    2. I’m glad to hear you’re so well off that you have the money to just pack up and move, but you’re not a 99er. You’re still getting benefits. Real 99er’s are not. You need to change your tag. You haven’t earned it yet. Good luck in South Dakota, but you better hurry ’cause the jobs there aren’t going to last long !

  7. EEOC is suppose to protect against job discrimination. An Affirmation Action strategy for older workers and the unemployed. However, Obama is now channeling Bill Clinton and is focused on re-election.
    Without an absolute mirical we are going down.
    Where is Jesse Jackson and other civil rights groups???

  8. What I’m wondering why would she face an uphill battle to bring the unemployment bill to the house floor as a standalone? Heck she had to know about that rule. It’s just silly to think LEE didn’t know about this rule. She is playing her little games as well. From what I’ve heard from the REPUBLICAN is that a bill MUST BE PAID FOR so there is not addition to the debt and no EARMARKS. It’s all PUBLIC it’s not hard to GOOGLE the demands of the Republicans last year. They have said to have found the money for this extension. These monies that were found last Nov. and wasn’t used for the last extension (Dec 2010). Actually a REPBULICAN found the monies last Nov. 2010 that wasn’t used, so from my understanding they were looking to that for funds. So where is the problem for a REPUBLICAN to sign onto this bill? I do know DEMS and REPS go back on their word all the time. But this is what the REPUBLICANs used to get in office and if they don’t push this through. They will be viewed as liars by many. HA probably got into office and wanted to buy bigger homes and found out about that money. And said the heck with those people that got us into office. I don’t know…..but I’m not spend loads of time on the trust of Congress. All in all they should pass this on the house floor.

  9. Did anyone really expect Barbara Lee to competently write and champion this piece of legislation? This has nothing to do with her left wing politics. Very simply the woman is hopelessly inept and self absorbed. The only reason her foolishness is treated with formal respect in congress is her proven eagerness to exploit the gender and race cards.

    99ers you deserved better than that. Just add Barbara Lee to your list of people who let you down and move past it.

    1. Completely correct! Inept? No. Just insincere and typically stupid enough to believe we can’t see through the charade.


  10. let’s do it, to quote an old Rolling Stone song, ” the summer’s here and the the time is right for fighting in the streets, boy ” It’s coming, brothers and sisters, and being a recent ( along with my son ) homeless 99er, I’m ready.

  11. From the spelling errors looks like they rushed this out, but it’s at least not horrible news.

    2/17/2011 1:47 PM EST:
    In the early morning hours, Rep. Barbara Lee did attepmt to attach H.R.589 to the Fiscal Year 2011 Continuing Budget Resolution. This was disallowed (it should be noted that this metod is used and has succeeded without objection in past sessions of Congress).

    Does this mean that H.R.589 is dead… NO!

    This was but one of many methods that were considered and are being used to move H.R.589 along. The bill is still alive in Committee.

    H.R.589 is still building support, and it is imperative that you conmtinue to focus your efforts on those House Members that comprise The Rules Committee, The Ways and Means Committee, and Representatives Bohener and Cantor. It goes without saying that you should continue to reach out to your House Representative.

    We have again been asked to pass along the message that your appreciation for those already in support of H.R.589 is recognized, but there is no need to call and thank those already on board. It is preferred that you focus your attention and efforts upon those not yet in support of the bill.

    Rep. Lee and others in the House are still fighting hard to legislate H.R.589 and so should each of you. DO NOT become discouraged based upon rumor, opinion, or the words of those who do not have direct dialogue with those directly involved in this challenging process.

    Source: http://american99ersunion.yolasite.com/

  12. Don’t all amendments change existing law? Isn’t this the nature of an amendment? If this was the case then there would be no amendments. Looking over all of the first few amendments, they changed alot. I think that congressman Mr. Rehburg is wrong and only using complex legal jargon to try and justify his own political opinion.


    1. You can be sure that not only will they never experience anything of the kind they will also sleep well tonight and many nights to come. He who has the gold rules. Expect nothing but worse.

  14. Did anyone REALLY think H.R. 589 (or any other form of unemployment extension) was going to pass? Honestly? If you’re counting on the government to help you get ready for an interminable wait. You are all alone in this fight.

    Help yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Help Stop The Political Traitors In Congress & End Illegal Politics In The U.S

    We must organize & mobilize as a nation now… The U.S is on the path of being taken over by illegal immigrant and terrorist by 2011. Media black outs & internet censoring or site blocking in the U.S is already being tested and a bill is up for a vote. What’s next to be taken away, freedom of speech and the right to bear arms? Beware crooked businesses, politicians, and other trader illegal immigrant supports will push congress & Obama to vote to yes on an amnesty bill this year to allow the continued invasion of over 30 million illegal immigrants. Most of who are habitual lawbreakers, uneducated, criminals, terrorists, gang members, pedophiles, prostitutes, and drug users/dealers. Illegal Immigrant and supporters steal money, use violence, and make terrorist threats to people who oppose amnesty or want laws enforced. Defense budgets and military bases all over the country are closing down. Wake up U.S citizens!!! We do not need more illegal’s joining the military. We have the draft and Militia’s in law for emergency or invasion. Why are our military soldiers dispatched all over the world? Not to protect us, but to protect big corporations and the rich over seas. Your current lawmakers have sold us out to foreign nations, private investors and the poor south of our border. The plan is to replace us with illegal immigrants then leave legal U.S citizens broke, hungry and defenseless to be taken over by rich and poor foreigners with bad intension. Citizens born in the United States are the target of elimination and are slowly being pushed out of the workforce to be left broke and dry. Illegal immigrants in the U.S earn an average income of $30,000 per yr with no papers, elementary diploma, high school diploma, or college degree. This is our regional land and the citizens born of it have a physical & spiritual oath to preserve or defend it at all cost. A fact is illegal immigrants hate U.S citizens; many raise their kids to be lawbreakers, criminals and to support terrorism in the USA like there parents. This Dream Act and any for of amnesty is a breach of national security and must be stopped now. The people do not have to accept this treason or any new laws or legislation that supports foreigners before it’s own legal citizens. So if you prefer to keep living a lie and are too scared, lazy, blind to truth or have no will to defend the soil you were born on to help citizens & people in need… Then don’t follow us at http://usmoa.org/

    1. Demand from our govt., very well put, and very true. I definitely believe the govt. and the rich want to replace us with illegals. They can pay the illegals less, and they won’t bitch for fear of being deported. Govt. stupidity and corporate greed can be tolerated no longer. Our country’s going to Hell, and they couldn’t care less about real American citizens.

  16. I’m done. Just had the sheriffs dept at my rundown studio apartment. Eviction in 48 hours. No where to go!! I used to own a small house, have worked since I was 16…I’m now 48 as of today, happy birthday to me. I have never not worked until the recession hit—I manage hotels. Always paid my taxes, did my share of volunteer work in my community. I used to have a nice car, nice things, a 401k, a little bit of savings. I have sold everything–even my suits (saved one for an interview I hope to get one day). Cell phone is off the end of this month. This is my neighbors computer.
    How can a government totally disregard its people suffering!!!
    I’m scared to death!! Not sure if I have the fortitude to make it.
    I have medication left over from surgery a few years ago..might have to go there.

    1. Don’t you dare, Scott !! I’m in pretty much the same boat as you are, but I’m hangin’ tough. You gotta do the same, brother. We 99ers are gaining more momentum every day, and these assholes aren’t going to be able to ignore us much longer. I’ve gotten help from the Salvation Army and Christian agencies, who care about our plight, as opposed to the rich and the Govt. You need to check these resources out and flush the medication. God Bless.

      1. Hello Sam…this is Francis. I am Scotts neighbor. I’m sorry to say that
        Scott passed away this morning. He was using our computer for job searching and I found your kind words via the history. He was a great person with allot of dignity. I know that he apreciated your words. God bless.

        1. Dear God, I’m so sorry, Francis. I was trying to give Scott some encouragement, due to the tragic situation we are all in. I will pray for Scott.

  17. Finding out that the bill was not accepted is really disturbing. Im a homeless 99er age 57. Thank god my boys are grown and gone. I have been trying to do my part per phone calls and Emails but my phone is now gone. I was praying for this bill. Dont know whats next war with our own gov. like Egypt. Wow!!!

  18. You idiot morons. HR 589 was not struck down. The Budget Amendment that contained the same provisions for HR 589 was struck down. Why can’t the writers at this site get their facts straight instead of creating mass panic?

    1. kemcha,
      I said the only way this bill can go through is through overwhelming support, which it does not have and is unlikely to get. I told the truth and I will be telling it again in my article tomorrow.
      So you can cut the propaganda, the truth is going to be told.

  19. The Democrats do not want to extend additional unemployment to the 99ers because then our numbers will show up in the unemployment rate. It sickens me to think that they would rather people lose their homes than to admit the truth.

  20. American 99ers Union says to keep calling/faxing/emailing… (http://www.american99ersunion.com/) DON’T give up.

    PLEASE EMAIL your representative in the House to ask them to support this legislation, H.R.589. The more of us they hear from, the quicker they will move it forward. http://www.house.gov/

    ALSO, contact:

    House Speaker, John Boehner [OH-8]: http://www.speaker.gov/Contact/
    Phone:(202)225-6205, Fax:(202)225-0704

    House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor [VA-7]:
    Phone:(202)225-2815, Fax:(202)225-0011

    House Majority Whip, Kevin McCarthy [CA-22]:
    Phone:(202)225-2915, Fax:(202)225-2908

    It is also recommended that you contact your LOCAL newspapers.

    H.R.589: To amend title IV of the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for additional weeks of first-tier emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. 2/9/2011: Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

    The bill is currently in the Ways and Means Committee so email/phone/fax all of those listed below also.

    Committee on Ways and Means – Dave Camp, MI, Chairman

    Subcommittee on Human Resources
    Geoff Davis, KY, Chairman
    Adrian Smith, NE
    Erik Paulsen, MN
    Rick Berg, ND
    Tom Price, GA
    Diane Black, TN
    Charles Boustany, LA
    Lloyd Doggett, TX Ranking Member
    Jim McDermott, WA
    John Lewis, GA
    Joseph Crowley, NY

  21. I beg to differ Mr. Shivley that H.R. 589 is dead in the water. Rep Lee’s introduction on 2/17/2011 as an amendment attached to another Bill was only one of the methods she is using to get this Bill through the House. Let’s give her the 3 strikes you’re out rule before ending the game. The fact that it now has 61 co-sponsors shows it is gaining ground from where it was just a week ago. Remember, there is always strength in numbers and some Republicans may come on board due to their new found respect for the fortitude being used by their opponent (Dems).

    Also to state in your article that this Bill has no chance of passing and is somewhat of a hoax being played out by Rep Lee and her co-sponsors is a bit arrogant on your part since you are not totally in the “political loop” to make such sweeping statements as to the future of what will or will not happen from one day to the next (does Egypt come to mind). Unfortunately, I’ve notice on similar blogs that these writers will give the 99ers a ray of hope one day and then tear them down with disappointing summations the next. The 99ers have enough on their plates and should not be burden with the emotional roller coaster of information coming from the trenches or other sites who profess to be in their corner. Information should always be informative, not mind altering. Bottom line is either shoot straight from the hip or hang up your guns, partner.


    1. Ann Thomas,
      Well here is one from the hip. HR 589 currently has 67 sponsors and needs 283 to go forward. It is unfunded at the same time the Republicans are vowing to cut $100 billion from the budget. You’re right I am skeptical as I have been lied to too many times not to be. I am out of the loop as I will not discuss the 99ers’ business behind their backs and not tell them what went on in the discussions.
      As for your assertions that this site brings people up and then brings them down, in this day and time, the truth tends to do that. The 99ers need help. The best way to get that help is to stay completely informed and to be able to face the facts and react to them.
      If HR 589 does proceed to passing it will not be because the 99ers just sat around waiting on it. We will continue to question every action. And if the bill does by some miracle become law I will be happy to be the son of a bitch for you.
      As for you and your friends inside the loop, we are watching.

  22. It is sad that they bailed out the companies and gave the rich tax breaks and many hard worker are sent to poverty and some going homeless. Who voted for these republicans? Obama is doing nothing about it? He will never get another term.

  23. You 99 ers cannot give up keep calling this is not dead. It will be if people do not fight for it. keep calling your reps and e-mailing..They know what they are doing just go with the flow what have you got to loose. We are already broke and many homeless. Look at wisconsin the 99ers need to stand strong. If you do not stand up for something you will fall for everything..Stand up keep fighting. They even ran the reps out of state in wisconsin they were scared of the people..Time to fight is now. So keep calling and e-mailing and what ever gets this thing going…….

  24. Henry, Henry, Henry ~

    Here’s the latest truth:

    Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee Rep. Dave Camp has expressed full support for federal unemployment benefits so long as they are paid for.


    I agree. A little skepticism is needed in these trying times. Nobody owes us anything. Dashing all hope with a sharpened blade, however, does nothing more than hurt your fellow Americans.

    As I move forward — this 99er — awaiting the outcome of this bill, I will wait & see. It can go either way but it is not propoganda. Real people are really trying to help. And yes, it may just be the republicans in the end fighting tooth and nail but let’s not turn on ourselves.

    Please do your homework Henry before you get more hangups & ignored phone messages. Maybe people will appreciate your help!!

    For those that care about real advocacy and strength in numbers, please head over to http://www.dawu.forumotion.com and join the fight. We are more than 200 99ers strong & growing everyday. We’re formerly Unemployed-Friends and we’re doing our part to change this devastation our government has created. We have all the resources for faxing, emailing and calling critical decision makers.

    Please don’t believe everything you read on this site. It will shatter your spirit.

    Blessings ~ Angelika

    1. Angelika,
      The press release by Camp you mentioned is from June 29, 2010, but it does show in spite of what anyone says HR 589 is not going to be passed unless fully funded. And quite frankly the United States is in worse financial shape now than it was back in June of 2010.
      I first thought you had put up a new site that was trying to help people, but as you said, you have one thing we do not have, and that is money. In trying to pull 99ers off this site and bring them to yours with the message “send emails, make phone calls, and trust the government” you are pissing into the wind.
      You do not like “From the Trenches”, many of the weak do not as we are a no-nonsense, candy-ass-free-zone. Anyone reading this who wants a good bedtime story to put them back to sleep go on over to dawu.forumotion and get under the covers with them, but feel free to come on back when the growling of your stomach bring you back to consciousness.
      God bless the Republic.

  25. I think it is time to show this failing joke of a government that “WE THE PEOPLE” aren’t going to be taken as suckers anymore…..It IS time to march and protest and show them that this government is a complete joke. Obama has the right to make it all happen too but he was an accident like a child born not on purpose, best part of him ran down the leg! It’s time for ANARCHY….just like the Egyptians did and other countries are doing. The problem is that AMERICANS have no backbone and are more or less sissy’s and do nothing but talk about it……LETS ACT PEOPLE……revolt!

    1. John, It is not a lack of guts but rather a surplus of brains. We Americans are not going to destroy that which we have created in order to take care of a handfull of thieves. We will sweep the table clean using our militia and operating under the authority of our Constitution. And pity the anarchist that tries to make it otherwise.

  26. Scott passed. We found him this morning.
    We didnt know the level of his anxiety until we looked at the history on this computer and read his response and posting to this site. He was a very caring, very intelligent and funny person. I think he lost his sence of dignity,,,we are wondering what we could have done. I think the kind words from the people on this site helped him. He will be missed.

  27. my benifits exausted i use to be a steel worker and got laid off because of the economy my mother died my father moved to greece i got left with my younger brother and sister and my daughter witch i am on child suport for i am 24 years old an am bout to loose everything i dont know where to go who to turn to or whats going to happen i watch the news and they talk about everythingexcept for what we can do to survive i hope this government is happy that there giving billions to other countrys and have there own people in the street i wish everyone luck and may god be with all of us

  28. I agree totally…these people didn’t get in there positions being stupid. They knew this bill woundn’t pass under the guidelines of the government. This country is showing their true colors once again. Unfortunately there are people who can care less about the unemployed on both sides, democrates and republicans. Race plays a huge role in this as well. The majority of unemployed workers are African Americans. I honestly feel, if it was the other way around (which is not possible, yet), this bill would have been passed last year. Regardless of what race you are, we are all suffering and this recession has touched and will continue to touch all shades. There has been talk about how we are digging ourselves into a hole. We are already in a financial hole. China practically ownes this country. Not providing a exstension will hurt this country more if we don’t. However, there must be a clear plan! the unemployed should be considered for jobs before those who are employed and those who are not U.S citizens(im sorry to say). Employers need to be cornered into hiring the unemployed, not the employed. We have people coming to this country seeking a better life, but the lives that are already here and carries the name of this country are not being taken care of. Sometimes I question if blogging really makes a diffrence. I was amazed that Obama did not endure any debt during his presidential campaign, amazing. So if the brilliant minds behind him was able to be successful at that, whats so diffrent now. It appears that alot of these politicians can care less about the people on the bottom, and the down fall of their country. I really advise the republicans and democrates to stop with all the politics and focus strongly on the unemployed, because what happened in egypt is not impossible here in America. If I here that a group of people are protesting regarding this bill, im there. These blogs are not enough. Perhaps we need to shed a little blood first. It looks as if thats why they are holding out on passing this bill…how much control does our government really have over us? perhaps the bloggs need to stop and we need to take a trip to D.C…

  29. The Dilapidated Propaganda of the American Dream

    In order to understand our government, we must consider the powers that be. Being a 99’er, through no fault of my own, I and millions of working class American’s were displaced as the result of Corporate America’s outsourcing and downsizing. Nevertheless, Corporate America and affluent Americans, through Congress are still receiving tax incentives from “George Bush Tax Era”, complacent CEO’s, affluent Americans and politicians arbitrarily agree to third world labor wages and child labor in dilapidated factories.
    Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!!! My fellow 99er’s, and Americans who are living in poverty. Our Government via the Republicans has signed a proclamation to your DEATH!!! This common wealth practice often makes me wonder. The time is now for America to allocate its interests towards business loans to minorities, monetary policies for jobs that will a set of objectives orientated towards the growth and stability of the economy. With homeowner loans a 4%, it’s lowest since 2001 when it was 17%. Moreover, implementing new educational policies standards and procedures today America will undeniably diminish its high unemployment and mortality rate in rural urban cities. Moreover, our government has formally delivered its propaganda of the American dream. Of having “the white picket fence, home and car” through going to school and hard work. However, the 99er’s and millions of Americans living in poverty are the forsaken and forgotten. Our Government commanded the 99er’s and Americans living in poverty to march forward into despair because there are no jobs for us to bear.
    Congress recently excluded the 99er’s Tier 5 extension from the recent passage of the HR4213 bill, because of policies terminating unemployment benefits after receiving assistance from the United States Government after 99 weeks, during this unstable and uncertain economy. As a former working class citizens we were forced to leave behind the love ones we once cherished through separation or divorce. Family heirlooms treasures of what may have been. Because as a man you feel that you can no longer support their hearts.
    “A man without a Job” is like “A man that does not exist!!!” But let me say this! My fellow 99er’s, Americans living in poverty today. The way Republicans thinks today is, the 99er’s not important; “let the chips fall as they may” as they did with the 911 responders during their darkest hour. And now faced with increase and problematic ailments due to exposure while working at ground zero there is a growing level of intolerance in main stream America today.

    The Banks here on Wall Street are doing business as usual, reporting high earnings, high credit cards interest rates. Foreclosure’s for the month of November 2010 was 1.5 million!! National suicide casualties are going unrecognized due to heartless decisions not to report them; but recent media broadcasts and periodicals introduce their fate. I’m a true believer in GOD. But I often pray and wonder about myself and Americans living in poverty future in America today, the land of equality freedom and liberty.
    Again, Republicans you give the 99er’s and Americans living in poverty an executive order. As forgotten bewildered broken soldiers. We demand Congress to extend liberty and justice in the name of survival!!! Rescue the 99er’s from the depths of despair, suicide, homeless and wondering aimlessly in a barren jobless land because we need jobs. For it is your duty as men not leaders, to obey your OATH. To protect and serve your fellow citizen’s without discrimination or malice!!!
    I hereby beseech all 99er’s to converge on TBA 2011 in the name of survival not to wait as like peasants to your own execution. Remember your voice and vote counts. Let Washington hear us as well…..Send yours voices, thoughts, concerns and hearts. Yes We Will And Yes We CAN!!!!! Ask Yourself Why? And You Will Never Get An Answer!!

    US Copying Pending

  30. To Everyone, you speak for all of us 99ers!!! I just finished a very scary book, “Third World America” by Arianna Huffington….I agreed with most, but not all of her writings…but the way our Govt.has forsaken all of its citizens certainly rings true and the way the lobbyists are running everything…..I am 54 years old and I have worked since I was 14…all of the cards are stacked against me ever finding employment again…my age, credit history, no job for 2 years, etc, etc…. yet I was denied my SSD since they say I am not disabled and can still work. But they will give away all of our benefits to illegal aliens!!! This is just wrong!!

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