Italy’s Berlusconi Facing Sex Charges

Italy’s Premier, Silvio Berlusconi, evidently likes to party, which can tend to get you into trouble if you are not careful.  Berlusconi is at present facing charges that he had sex with an underage prostitute, a 17 year old Moroccan girl named Ruby.   

Nicole Minetti, the madam involved in the case, claims that the relationship amounted to no more than affection, though it is reported that Berlusconi got Ruby out of some trouble with the police a while back. 

Amid the allegations of from having sex with a minor to state sponsored orgies, Berlusconi is emphatically stating, “I did not have sex with that woman.”  Now where have I heard that before? Cigars anyone? 

It really does seem quite ridiculous in the big scope of things.

Although Ms. Minetti is sticking to her story it would seem there was some wire tapping going on, wherein Ms. Minetti was not only arranging for prostitutes to attend the state sponsored orgies, but was also participating as a topless dancer.

Berlusconi will be facing the charges in an Italian court in April.  Reportedly three women judges will be presiding over the hearings.  Uh oh.  Maybe Berlusconi can confuse the judges by making them define what is is. 

In examining all the facts will it be found that Berlusconi was arranging and participating in wild sex orgies?  And is that a crime?  In Italy?  Or is it just amore? 

It is kind of cool when I have a chance to have a little fun reporting on world events. 

To the people of Italy I say, considering conditions around the world, God bless you if this is your biggest problem and you could cut Berlusconi a little slack as being a world leader would seem to put one under a lot of pressure, and hey, he needs to unwind.  At least he isn’t running around the world giving your country away like our President is. 

To Berlusconi I say, what would Baby Jesus think?

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