99ers HR 589 – Unemployment Rate Fell to 9.1% – Anybody Still Need a Job?

117,000 new jobs were created in the private sector in July, the unemployment rate falls from 9.2% to 9.1%.  We are living in a world of pure propaganda wherein the truth has been completely discounted.  So how could the unemployment rate possibly have dropped considering the millions of new filings for unemployment this year?  Our so called government just did another one of their surveys and determined that 193,000 of us quit looking for work.

There is apparently some illusion that says that people who once made between $50,000 and $250,000 a year have decided to retire on a welfare check and food stamps.  I don’t know how it is where you live but here where I’m at, only illegal aliens get welfare checks.  If you can speak English you are automatically disqualified.

And tell me this.  Under the TANF/welfare program, the only people who can get a welfare check are those who are supposed to be actively seeking employment.  If this is the law doesn’t it follow that every person receiving a welfare check has to be considered as an unemployed member of the workforce?

Remember that 117,000 number represents new hires made by US based companies and does not mean that those 117,000 new hires were in the United States.  These people lie for a living.  Those bringing you this phony jobs report are the same people who keep books for all the other departments of this government.

You know, like the Pentagon who cannot tell us where two trillion of our tax dollars got away to, and literally every state and local municipality who have billions that are just missing.  And don’t forget the Federal Reserve with trillions of stimulus dollars that they refuse to account for, though it is common knowledge that this wealth went to bail out banks in foreign countries.

They pad the books in every instance and they are padding the books on unemployment.  There are approximately 32 million people out of work in this country and that number is going up every day as more of our jobs are being downsized and sent overseas.

What this jobs report tells me is that those in power have absolutely no intent of doing anything to address this issue.

Barry the Rat has come out and said he’s going to pay corporations to hire unemployed veterans.  In short he is going to buy them jobs with money their grandchildren are going to have to pay back.

As a part of the last so called stimulus it was found that our so called government was paying about $450,000 a year for a $50,000 a year job, which means corporations were getting  $400,000 and a year’s free labor for hiring an unemployed person.  And of course that is alright because the corporations deserve to have more.

On the other hand, if they would have just taken that $50,000 and gave it to that unemployed person, the screams of outrage would have echoed through the land.  $400,000 would have been saved, but that is not how we ignorant Americans of the slave mentality look at things.

You see it is dishonorable for a poor or middle class person to get anything without working for it, but if you want to give a corporation $400,000 and a subsidized laborer for a year, well hey, that is the right thing to do.  It is not dishonorable for the corporations to take money for doing absolutely nothing and the rest of us should accept their superiority and exclusive social standing.  And we do.  We worship them and wish we could be like them, a member of that elitist class that can accept free money with pride and dignity because it is only right that they be given more wealth, because they are the American royalty.

It’s time for a peasant uprising.  It’s time for us to quit judging ourselves using our enemies’ standard.  It’s time we start looking at the corporations for what they are and that is the ultimate welfare recipients, people who rake in billions for doing absolutely nothing and for absolutely no other reason than they happened to have fallen out of the vagina of an elitist.

Let us soldier on in support of Ron Paul, but be advised – the latest lie about the unemployment numbers should show nothing more to the American people of the American race other than there is going be worse times ahead.  I doubt there are any out there among the unemployed who are buying into this crap, but in the event there is, I tell you to print this article and tack it up on the wall with a note to come back and read it on Christmas.

We at From the Trenches told you six months ago that everything this treasonous government and these lying corporate economists were telling you was a lie.  And we have been proven right.  Now a new lying cycle has started and come December there will be no doubt that everything said by the mainstream media on this Friday in reference to the jobs picture looking up, is another bald faced lie.

This is not going to stop until we stop it by reinstating our Republic under our Constitution and taking our wealth back.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I will never understand why it is that illegals can not only remain here but they also get rewarded for doing so. “Thank you for illegally invading our land! Here, have some tax free property, a welfare check, and free education for your kids! You need medical care? Use any hospital emergency room you like free of charge!” I tell you it makes my blood boil! The cockroaches in Congress throw our money to these foreign thieves and stuff their pockets with trillions more. Mark my words, if Ron Paul is not elected as President in 2012, this country is done for.

  2. The 99ers America’s ‘Disappeared’. This week in the midst of the con-job of the sky is falling/ Debt Ceiling —more JOBS were outsourced by GE Jeff Immelt our JOBS CZAR in the White House. A 115 yr old X-Ray company. GE says it will invest billions in CHINA / with ho-hum the engineers – life long workers (Wis) kicked to the curb. Least we forget – GE closed the last lighting company a few month back (Virginia). Now all $$ Mercury bulbs will be made in China.

    The Chinese workers suffering ‘mercury poisoning’ so what!! Someone should tell Jeff that his job at the White House (he still works for GE) was to find JOBS for Americans. When you read various comments, about those out of work —it is shocking (propaganda) how mean spirited people are/ demanding that ‘these lazy ner’do wells take a job, any job, living high on the hog on unemployment etc.’ Politicians who work approx 90-110 days per year (get paid for full year) proclaim, that unemployment keeps people from looking for employment.

    A majority of them multi-millionaires/ cradle to grave career politicians. I would like Henry ( I’ll spread the word to hundreds) to explain just what happens to a man once his unemployment runs out. As a family what benefits or help are they eligible for? What about a single man? As I understand it a single man gets an approx $22.00 per week in food stamps!! And then there are things you can’t buy.

    A few politicians tried to live on this (experiment) last year. They couldn’t do it. As I understand it —after Clinton welfare was drastically cut and it now has life long limits plus the person has to belong to some workfare program –thus he/she can hardly be looking for work. I want to correct people on their thoughts that people are lounging back on welfare after unemployment. We just saw this guy Rep Weiner ( x-rayed photos) and Rep Wu both made to quit…so what. They will each realize ONE million in pension and life long health benefits.

    WHY do people get into politics and sell their souls to stay there ( serving corporate hucksters). Ex: Clinton’s last pay before he got to Foggy Bottom was $35,000, he’s now close to being a billionaire with global investments/ $250,000 per boring speech – books – deals etc. The President could not afford a rental car (cards maxed out) at the 2000 convention even though he and his wife were making approx $193,000 which greatly improved after he gave the ’04 Convention speech.

    His wife’s wages at Chicago University Hospital went up 263% to $316,000 (pretty good raise eh in these time). Her job (Axelrod did the PR) was to make sure the indigent, out of work – impoverished, did NOT use the University Hosp but were shipped out to distant Charity Hospitals/ clinics. This to save their bottom line. This sure wasn’t reported ( to hell with the poor) during campaign.

    The Obama’s are now multi-millionaires. How to explain (GOOGLE: President Obama’s Aunt lives in public housing, Boston) his Aunt ordered back to Kenya twice, not a citizen, given a SS # – handicapped housing, food stamps, stipend, back operation costing thousands. As the director of a homeless program I dealt with numerous veterans who could NOT get housing – living under bridges! Seniors waiting (if they didn’t die) for 8-10 years for the same handicapped housing.

    Hey even with one term they are set for life….$200,000 pension, hundreds of thousands for office etc expenses, hundreds of thousands to go out speaking, about blah blah blah. Nixon before he died cost us ten million. A: guy loses his job, he loses his health insurance – home/ car – etc. Washington hasn’t a clue – most of them Frat brothers.

    We pay 72% of their premium costs (life long). Free vision, prescriptions, dental. No waiting period ( 2 doz plans to choose from) no problem (entire family) with pre-existing conditions. You get sick out here in the real world the employer wants a doctor’s excuse ( cost in my area $91.00). Most don’t get paid. In Foggy Bottom for ex: Senator Kennedy received full pay for the two years he was sick. God bless her but Rep Gifford (shot) has also received the BEST more expensive treatment in the world and full pay —not so for the 13 others injured. Barbara Bush ( 86) received a heart valve replacement/ gastric operation – YOU would not get this . As Obama said (his health plan) when asked about a senior receiving a hip replacement operation that perhaps it would be more ‘cost effective’ to take aspirin —

    This is the health plan (Medicaid on steroids) that Washington thinks good enough for the masses not for them. Remember WE are their EMPLOYERS!! Also – they could care less about cost of gas because WE pay for their leased SUVs – Cadillac / and gas!! They never did explain to the people the DETAILS of the health bill ( over 2000 pages). – which they didn’t read. Here it is – it took me two weeks to weed through the double speak. Sausage Making

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