99ers HR 6556 Secret Press Release

Well 9:45 am Eastern Time has come and gone and nowhere in the mainstream media is there the smallest mention of Barbara Lee’s long awaited press conference.  I contacted Ms. Lee’s office this morning.  One of her receptionists told me that the big news release was indeed happening, but apparently there is nowhere in the media that we 99ers can go to view this earth shattering event.  Ms. Lee’s receptionist said that CNN was supposed to be on the scene but apparently, if they are, they are not reporting the event live. 

C-Span’s website at present has no information on the subject.

I contacted Bobby Scott’s office.  His receptionist would not even confirm that CNN was present at the press release.

I, like most 99ers, was glued to CNN awaiting the publicized event.  At 9:45 am Eastern Time the front story was a ten foot snow man in Canada.  I do not know at this time if there is going to be any mainstream reporting on this subject whatsoever, but it is evident that this life changing event did not even rate live coverage by CNN.

In a last ditch effort to get any kind of information, I contacted Speaker of the House Boehner’s office.  After being put on hold and listening to an instrumental rendition of the National Anthem, a receptionist put me through to the voice mail of a press agent, wherein I put forth the question, “Will Speaker of the House Boehner allow any unemployment legislation onto the House floor?”  I guess we will wait for that answer to come when somebody can get around to it.  Apparently his staff is very busy answering the questions of the rich who want to know when their next tax break is coming.

I will post more information as it becomes available.

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  1. Like you, I’ve been searching all morning for any mention of the “Big Press Conference.” Not a peep. Nothing. Unfortunately, I doubt that we will. I hope I’m wrong. Instead, we’ll probably be hearing soon about the bill introduced last week by Fla. R Senator Nancy Detert to “tighten eligibility, allowing employers to deny unemployment insurance for workers laid-off & shortening the amount of time people can receive much needed aid.” You are absolutely right. This is a war for out very survival.

  2. I knew it I have kept saying that we mean nothing to the Government and we really don’t even rank news media coverage we are doomed. While the President is holding a lunch today to talk about cuts and I’m sure health care screw the 99ers this is the end for us. We have fought and fought to be heard and helped and Congress and the President have nothing to say about it and don’t even care about it I just think now we are buried this was our last hope and the President and the Congress have not mentioned this at all. We voted for these people and they consider 99ers to be a small percentage of people so if they die off well that is good news to them lets put money into other Countries and rich people and forget about the many more then 1.4 million people who will lose everything and there lives. I have emailed the Speaker of the House 5 times and the President 5 times and our House Representative and Senate with nothing. The worst part out of all of this is that this was giving us some real hope and the let down will be the worst thing that could happen to us and I real hope that our lives are on the minds of Congress and the President when they start losing us 1 by 1. This is putting money into the economy that is also important its not like we are home having a party like some people think and say it would be to pay rent and to have food and gas to get around for interviews if you are lucky to get one. This has by far been the biggest dissapointment yet and will effect many, many people that the Government didn’t care about!!!

  3. WTF! how come there is only two videos all over the entire damn internet of this press conference, that looked more like a one on one interview. I seen more press when that cat got stuck in the building in NY! This was a press conference? what a JOKE! same joke as ONE NATION!@ Can anyone direct to me where I view the whole thing? ANNOYING.

    thank you,


    ps: email is trk387@gmail.com

    1. Hey you know where I can find the whole press conference? & what the fuck is with these math questions! As a US Senator I will STOP all this bullshit security crap with these websites! It is NOTHING but a HASSLE and it STEALS time from your lives. Not to mention it serves NO purpose what soever. If you can read you can do the security jumble, or maybe the internet is NOT for the illiterate? LOL.


      1. trk387-t,
        The securty question is to stop the flood of robotic spam as computers cannot yet do the math on the fly.

  4. Dylan, I’m broker than the day is long, a single Dad, and about to be homeless. It’s coming, brother, and it’s gonna get ugly.

  5. Imagine if they just started cutting some of the billions of foreign aid? Til they can justify sending so much money over seas, I will not accept that there is not money to take care of our own country, and bolster its own infrastructure. Our country needs plenty of work to update much needed necessities, that will create jobs that will make us a stronger nation. Until then, we are stuck in a vicious cycle of job loss, underemployment and consumer apathy. The very people that are losing it all because they are left behind are the very people who have been paying taxes so that they are protected against tyranny. We the people are becoming, we the serfs. Extend, maintain and prosper, that is what the mantra should be for our middle class. Extend the benefits, maintain our country and we all will prosper.

  6. I guess its time to take a page out of the egyptian handbook on “How to get a resolution”. aka…Revolution.

  7. Everything our government has done to us lately doesn’t come as a shock or a surprise……I filter everything I watch or read online….the only blogs I visit are this one and others where you hear the truth of whats happening in this country….If I hear one more time about famous actress stealing necklace, I will scream! That’s important news….I guess….Sam in NC…you are so right, its going to get ugly…Dylan, I know what you mean, work all your life to lose everything and no one cares….so very sad…..

  8. This country cares more about illegal immigrants.Than americans that have worked paid taxes and unemployment insurance. When do we start worrying about US Citizens?

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