99ers Watching HR 6556 Closely

The mainstream propagandists, in thinking they have eliminated the 99ers from reality, have now concentrated their efforts on attacking the labor unions in the individual states.  The states are in a lot of trouble, but one must ask how much of it has been caused by federal mandates.  The main focus in the demonization of the labor unions is in reference to salary increases and the states’ inability to pay retirement pensions in the long run. 

The filthy rich have milked the individual states just as surely as they have milked the United States and now that they have piled the wealth they are aggressively pushing for laws to protect what they have acquired.  You see the states have to continue to function and the money has to come from somewhere.  The rich man has no intent of giving back that which he has stolen and is trying to turn we the people against one another in determining who will replace the stolen monies.

Stuart Varney and Judge Napolitano of FOX News have been leading the charge to force the states to cut employees and pensions. 

I will make it clear.  I believe the national unions represent the front lines of socialism, however, as I contend to support the Constitution of the United States of America, I cannot ignore select portions because they lend advantage to ideas I oppose.  Article One, Section Ten in particular, states in part that the government shall pass no law impairing obligations of contract. 

Whether I believe there to be too many government employees and that their pensions are gluttonous is beside the point.  The fact is they have what they have via lawful contracts, and if we allow the government to start picking and choosing which lawful contracts will be enforced and which will not, we will be allowing a power grab with as far reaching effects as the Patriot Act.

The rich, in their frenzy to see who gets to steal the last remnants of our resources, need to dissolve long standing contracts, oh like the Constitutional contract between the people and their government.  This current power grab, I believe, is meant to set the precedents.

I wondered when Judge Napolitano came on the scene exactly what the propagandists were up to.  They started with Judge Judy pissing on people’s rights in prime time and portraying judges as something they are not.  Now they have an ex-federal district judge taking it to the next level.  Judges were never meant to be jurors, which is to say they were never supposed to decide the law in fact.  In our Constitution that duty is left to the jurors.  The court was never supposed to move unless put into motion by a citizen.  The judge’s only duty was to protect the rights of the litigants and make sure Constitutional procedures were followed in every action.

We have gone from this perfect idea to activist judges who not only decide our law but actually legislate it from the bench.  This is a blatant violation of the separation of powers and has gone on too long.  We the people wonder why we feel powerless.  Well the explanation is simple.  The mechanism for our enforcing our rights, the courts, has been taken over by the minions of the international corporate mafia.  This is something we will have to remedy in the future.

The press conference wherein Congresswoman Barbara Lee intends to announce the reintroduction of HR 6556 will be at 9:45 am Eastern time.  There has still been no indication that Lee has come up with a proposal to fund the bill without increasing the debt.  If this whole thing turns out to be nothing more than yet another flash in the pan which will be dismissed out of hand by John Boehner and company, we 99ers had better take a long hard look at who we have allied ourselves with. 

Lee, Scott, and Jackson seem to be among the weakest in Congress as they have not been able to keep the issue of the 99ers in the news.  It would seem that if they were truly advocating for us, all three would be holding press conferences at least once a week to keep the issue alive.  That is unless the entirety of their plan consists of bringing up a piece of legislation every six months, that they know does not stand a chance, in order to secure our votes in the next election, as they spend their political clout pushing legislation for amnesty for illegals and gay rights, which have more widespread backing.  I tell you if they try using us in this manner, we should make it our number one goal to see them voted out of office in the next election. 

The situation for us 99ers is growing more desperate every day, in fact for many of us it is coming down to the exercise of our final right, and that is the right to life.  As previously noted we no longer have the option of enforcing that right through the courts as they have been taken over and occupied by our enemies. 

This is a war, and every unemployed and working person in this country is under attack.  The sooner we realize that our enemies are trying to divide us in order to conquer us, the sooner we can unite and drive them into the sea. 

99ers watch HR 6556 closely, and if it turns out to be just another stalling tactic, we must identify it as such, dismiss it, and get right back up in the faces of those who are failing to represent us.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.





0 thoughts on “99ers Watching HR 6556 Closely

  1. trk387 YT advocate for the unemployed and 99’ers.

    Yo whats up baby! I watched EVERY network and nothing on this alleged press conference. Can you tell me if it was televised and what channel? peace t.


    I FEAR there is ONLY one way to get the US Govt to acknowledge us 99’ers YES I am a 99’er. Unfortunately and I am going to get slammed for this, WE THE PEOPLE need to grow a pair and PROTEST on the lawn of the whitehouse and capital! NO freaking show, or comedians, singers, just a STRAIGHT up PROTEST like back in the days of MLK, how many f-ing protests took place in DC (sorry) since I put it out there way back in June, One Nation FAIL, Al Sharpton FAIL, Restoring Sanity FAIL, and lets not forget Glenn Beck, ALL these people combines a definite million and not ONE mention of the UI! or the 99’ers! even One Nation with the king of the 99’ers Ed Schultz, in his speech, not ONE mention of the 99’ers! just some BS ” are you americans “! who the hell writes his material? lol.

    When the 99’ers are READY to set it off in DC, come find me and I will FIGHT with you!



  2. FYI: I am with you, Rosen is not the my taste either LOL. The ONLY reason he even acknowledge is he has a NAME a name is always good PR, it gives people something to relate to. I actually attempted to grow our own organization myself, solitaryfracture, and unsecuredfunds and 916edward back in the beginning of this mess and they refused 🙁 at least if we created a name we maybe acknowledged on the 99’ers website LOL.


    PS: I am with you on the fact that WE need to stop the BS and glory seeking and band together in unison not division. It is this division that is a part of NO tier V. You have unemployed fighting the unemployed. Think Egypt, when the lovers of its president where fighting the rebels. LOL. Its insane.

  3. nobody cares. zero media coverage. I’m making plans to move to Sioux Falls, SD. It has a 4.6% unemployment rate and I’ll be able to find a job as soon as I get there

    1. I hear that is the place to be! But keep in mind the winters there are BRUTAL, that is WHY the UI rate is so low, PLENTY of jobs, plenty of everything, because nobody want to live there. In fact if you have a depending on your career a company will give you a damn house to work and live there! 🙂 Good Luck…

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