99ers, No HR 589 as a Result of Bin Laden’s Death

Well 99ers, Congress reconvened yesterday, not that anyone noticed as every mainstream broadcast was inundated with “Bin Laden is dead.”  I don’t really see what the big deal is, everyone out there does realize that this is the ninth time he has been dead.  Yes you heard me correctly, nine times.  Back in April of 2002 Alex Jones interviewed one Steve Pieczenik who was Henry Kissinger’s right hand man.  Pieczenik said at that time that Osama Bin Laden was dead and that his body was being kept in deep freeze, waiting to be brought forth when it would be of great political advantage.  Well I guess that day came.

Obama was down in the polls and the great Nobel Peace Prize winner had just found himself responsible for the deaths of three little children in Libya.  All of this being reported as the Al Qaida in Libya were cheering in the streets for the murder of those three little children. 

I have nothing but sympathy for those who lost loved ones as a result of 9/11, but I am not going to pretend to be stupid just to keep from bruising someone’s feelings.  Was Osama Bin Laden responsible for 9/11?  Well only to the extent of his involvement as a CIA operative.

The international corporate mafia created Al Qaida from CIA assets and Muslim extremists.  They have used Al Qaida as a tool to accomplish terror and unrest around the planet.  9/11 was an orchestrated staged event designed to accommodate US invasions in the Middle East.  Saddam Hussein and the sovereign country of Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, yet suffered the most as a result of the lie. 

Remember in the end analyses Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction.  And those acting the part of the hijackers were all Saudi Nationals.  But you know what?  Bin Laden was not a good man and I will not miss him. 

So that being said, what has his death accomplished?  I mean he was the “mastermind.”   So with the mastermind eliminated I guess it is mission accomplished and we can bring our troops home now and use all that money being spent on the war in Afghanistan to help the 99ers, right? 

Wrong.  Of course we are now in more danger than we ever were and are expecting to be attacked by Al Qaida in retaliation for Bin Laden’s killing.  So I wonder who is going to mastermind this one, hence who will be the new boogie man.  And after we spend a trillion dollars to kill him, who next?

This is perpetual war for perpetual peace.  It is an oxymoron and it cannot be accomplished.  It is a fraud.  It is a diversion.  Let’s go back just a few days and remember where we were before this shit hit the wall.  15% unemployment, 8 million who have exhausted their unemployment, $4.00 per gallon gas, food prices up an average of 20 – 30%, a falling dollar, a $14 trillion debt, and a $1.4 trillion budget deficit. 

But hey, not to worry, Osama Bin Laden is dead and so is this country if we allow ourselves to be made victims of orchestrated distractions like this.  I mean at best we need to say, “Okay, Bin Laden is dead and hopefully he’ll stay that way this time, good job.  Now can we get back to business?  We 99ers are still out here and we still want our $26 trillion back and the thieves that took it, jailed.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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    1. Funny.
      I just sent CNN an email regarding the lack of media attention to the 99ers/unemployed, underemployed and homeless. Will send emails out again tomorrow to all the media outlets. Damn it they are gonna hear us!

  2. Excellent article!! Are Americans still really this gullible? The whole parade of cheerleaders brought back memories of the faux nationalism that was rampant after the 9/11 horror. Hey goomers – this isn’t a spectator sport!! After 18 criminals supposedly hijacked planes and flew them into buildings, we savagely responded by completely destroying 2 countries and imposing unimaginable horror on millions of innocent families who had already suffered for too long because of U.S. foreign policy (imperialism.) Unfortunately, the U.S., Israel and “Great” Britain would never have gotten their prize had the hijackers been hunted down and brought to justice as our legal system dictates. Using the military perfectly covered up the evidence just as was done when the rubble was quickly disposed of in NYC. In addition, the trillions of taxpayer funded “investments” have been extremely lucrative for those who knew where to invest, i.e., knew what firm would receive the contracts, but guess insider trading is legal in washington. Is it any wonder, that after numerous investigations, and repeated fraud, Blackwater (Xe) and Halliburton were “awarded” even more contracts? ADM, Cargill, Monsanto got to send “aid” too – our agricultural industrial complex. Bechtel got to rebuild and charge whatever it wanted. The former Arthur Anderson – now Accenture and BearingPoint received most of the consulting agreements – they have a remarkable reputation for honesty and integrity too. Congress “bought low” in these firms back in the 90s and they weren’t about to give up their lucrative investments – just as they can’t seem to give up their interest in BP. Let’s demand to open their portfolios, and perhaps we’ll see why there will be another boogie man created real soon to justify the impoverishment of U.S. taxpayers for the benefit of their “representatives” in Washington and investors worldwide who love the wealth that is derived from death and destruction – especially when the only participation their class provides is the vote to spend and the frequent visits with their investment managers. Anytime you hear anyone say Congress “doesn’t get anything done” ask them why we currently are $14 trillion in debt? Then ask them to ponder the banksters who do nothing but collect the interest from that debt. Now do you see why deficits don’t matter to those who don’t pay taxes – those who continually legislate more and more loopholes and subsidies to be sure that they don’t contribute anything to society? The same crew then has the brass ones to suggest that the poor don’t pay taxes!! Many today who are trying to survive on minimum wage jobs know that payroll taxes are very real…

  3. The Country is at a huge loss with brainwash, Henry is correct.. Is it just me or is there always something on the NEWS that takes the pie! everything but us Americans. Dont get me wrong I was glad Osama was dead back in the 90s…ummm oh thats right he’s dead again lost count, had to correct myself because the guy obviously has Nine life’s… Will they bring are troops back, ummm No! Are we at more danger because of this Yes! It seems to me out of all the presidents Obama is getting alot of love for this one, maybe his new presidential campaign strategy… The streets were full of nothing but people cheering and holding up Obama signs when the news broke.. Me and my wife were waiting for the key word, Lets get the troops back home and get the money were it belong’s…Then bammmmmmm!!! I woke up. I will say it again since I have not said it in “THIS” decade, I am glad Osama is Dead, but we the people need to stop being brainwashed and fight for our country back! Stick with a plan turn off the garbage on TV and let’s move forward. God Bless Everyone!

  4. hey its pathetic bin laden is dead whoopty do meanwhile i have no work no job no home and they just turned off my phone and nothing to eat for two days this is suppost to make things better the rumor was the navy seals shot him in the head 16 times and they bury him at sea which is against there religion the best part of it for those 3 million people didn’t get a burial they became ash on top of the buildings fuck these towel heads get them and all the mexicans out of this country and worry abought us im so sick of this liberal run bunch of douchbags we aqre all doomed

  5. Donald Trump for president 2012.
    Great leadership we can count on!
    1st thing on his agenda is to expand the white house ballroom using 200 million dollars of his own savings.
    This is what we all been wanting!

  6. The criminal George W. Bush needed to keep the boogieman Bin Laden alive to keep his “politics of fear” moving forward, that’s why the criminal George W. Bush let Bin Laden get away so many times.

  7. Thank you, Henry! Thank you for saying everything that you’ve said here. Why are people so damned dumb? Does anyone else remember the last ten years? We have watched this whole farce unfold from the beginning, and since we’ve been paying attention, we’re not going to be suckered into attending the ticker-tape parade for this so-called victory. As far as I can see, Obama is just another member of the Bush family. He hasn’t done ANYTHING to help Americans since he’s been in office, but he sure has helped his rich and powerful buddies. The proof is that us 99ers are still screaming at the top of our lungs for help, and he’s only waving his hand in front of his face, as if to swat an irritating little gnat.

  8. Breakfast where the news is read
    Television children fed

    Dr Steve Pieczenik

  9. Now it’s time to put some real pressure on president obama, no more excuses for the 99er’s…we will VOTE….remember this.

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