Discussions of Defense Spending Cuts Die with Bin Laden

Hey, did you hear?  We got Bin Laden.  Another old CIA asset bites the dust.  That is if he was actually alive to be killed in a mansion/compound where they say he has been living for the past three years.  Is that limburger cheese I smell?  I guess everyone had better shut their mouths in even uttering the words, “Cut defense spending.”  I mean hell, we got Bin Laden.  He is now no longer a threat to the people of the United States and at the low, low price of only $1 trillion.  Who could possibly complain?

Personally I am ecstatic as somehow 36 degrees feels warmer this morning and that bowl of oatmeal was more than enough to suffice until dinner.  Happy days are here again, Bin Laden is dead.  Just when I thought this propaganda blitz had been pushed to its maximum extreme, bam, it is double down. 

I can hear the conversations going on over the weekend. 

Obama says to Geithner, “God damn it, we have a problem.  Our propagandists overacted in presenting the phony birth certificate.  The polls are still falling.” 

And just then an aide pops into the room and says, “Barry, they screwed up the hit on Gaddafi, missed him completely, and killed three of his grandchildren.” 

Obama looks at Geithner and says, “Thank God it’s the weekend, but we only have two days.  We have got to do something and do it now.  We are in over our head, get out the red phone and call the old man.” 

The phone rings.  On the other end a voice says, “Dick here.  What are you doing calling me at this hour?”  Obama informs Cheney of the situation. 

Cheney says, “Now calm down, son.  Remember who you are talking to.  I always have an ace up my sleeve.  You are one of our top men and we are going to protect you.”  Cheney then directs Obama to put Plan Beta into action. 

Obama runs to the safe, takes out the file marked Plan Beta, and opening the cover he sees a picture of Bin Laden with one eye missing, below it an AP release saying, “Osama Bin Laden Killed in Pakistan.”  Just like that the situation is turned around from one of defeat to one of victory. And the American people eat it up like cotton candy.

Though I have my differences with Alex Jones it is an undeniable fact that we are fighting an information war that is on the verge of turning into a hot shooting war.  It is getting to be like a game of handball.  They serve the propaganda; it bounces off the wall, and comes at us.  We slam it back with the truth and it comes back at them.  And so it goes until one side misses the ball.  But the fact is we have the advantage in this game as serving up the truth is far faster and easier than orchestrating lies.

People of America; beware as the next thing coming at us may be another false flag attack orchestrated by the CIA and their Muslim plants in our country and around the world.  At this point they need a false flag as they need a new boogie man and a new ace up Cheney’s sleeve.  These people know no bounds and will kill without hesitation in attempting to keep the upper hand.  When the false flag comes we must identify it for what it is and refuse to accept it.

The mainstream propagandists are saying that the death of Bin Laden in no way marks the end of the War on Terror, nor even a scaling down.  In fact they are saying it is time to redouble our effort.  Redouble the wealth being put forth.  Can anyone say, “Invade Iran?”  Hold on to your hats people, this game is kicking into high gear.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Oh, you’re absolutely right about the false flag attack, Henry. It’s a’ comin’. They’ll probably use a suitcase nuke this time. You know, a little variety.

    1. Henry,

      I feel compelled to write these words to you:

      The apathy and ignorance of the incognizant public mass always leads to the same result. Of course there is nothing new here. Anyone who actually reads any works of quality even minimally knows that.

      What remains to be seen is just how far it will go this time. For a hint we have only to watch a Jerry Springer rerun.

      Considering that the “average” human being can’t even accept its own mortality it is not difficult to understand the ease with which tyranny has always been installed as well as that with which it is being reinstated before our very eyes and under our noses as its putrid stench is so easily nullified by the cheap perfume of the mass media.

      It is tempting to call for the “awakening” of the people but all are awake who will be and the rest will die in their sleep. Nevertheless what truly aware individual can resist this, the most divinely seductive of eternal temptations?

      Perhaps this natural anesthesia that lulls into perpetual slumber is, in its true nature, the force of evil itself. Who among us can truthfully say that he has lived his entire existence to date in full immunity and yet who among us of sound mind has not had the opportunity to listen to the clamoring bell of liberty? What deafness is it that roots itself in the human mind? Perhaps it is simply and only fear.

      Oh Courage! Do not forsake us!

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