99ers Seeking HR 589 Unemployment Extension Judge Napolitano Sentences You to Death

Just when I thought I had a clear conception of the extent of the contempt that the neo-con elite hold us in, I was truly taken aback.  Yesterday on Varney and Company, Stuart Varney, Charles Payne, and Andrew Napolitano were discussing the unemployed man from North Carolina who robbed a bank for one dollar so that he could be thrown in prison in order to get medical attention he needs.

Charles Payne said, “This is the only country that I know of, you know we talk about how uncaring we are, where people don’t have to work in this country.  You can go to jail, you can get three square meals, all the medical benefits you want, and unfortunately it feels like sometimes when people, right in the middle and they have a choice, the easier choice would be, let me get Social Security benefits, let me say I’m crazy, let me get welfare, than to try to tough it out.”

Charles Payne, you have to be one of the sleaziest lowdown sons of bitches I have ever seen in my life.  Do you know what else you get in prison besides three square meals and free health care?  You get beat, raped, and murdered.   And just what do you mean by “just tough it out rather than get welfare”?  Starve to death?  You are not saying that are you Charles, you pathetic puss ball.


Varney said, “Whose side are we on here?  The guy desperately needs medical attention.  And let’s suppose that is the truth.  He has no medical insurance.  How is he going to get the treatment he needs.”

Napolitano replied, “It shouldn’t be the taxpayers that pay for it.”  (No, we give their money to the billionaire bankers.)

Varney says, “Then who is going to pay for it?”

Napolitano answers, “No one.  He should prepare for himself.”

Varney asks, “So should he die in the street?”

To which Napolitano answers, “Better that he dies in the street than that you and I pay for it.”

All right people, it is as we’ve said it would be and straight from the lips of an ex-federal judge.  If you have your job taken away it should follow that you lose everything and be left to die.  Andrew Napolitano, you give new meaning to the word “sadist”.

You see Andrew Napolitano is among the rich elite.  He is an ex-public employee who retired with a fat pension and lifelong health care that he now wants to take away from others.

Somebody said on the comments section a few days ago that Ron Paul should choose Napolitano as his running mate.  I have said I do not believe there is any way Ron Paul can be defeated.  I stand corrected.  If he were to choose Napolitano as his running mate, I and every free man and woman in this country with a conscience would turn on him like a rattlesnake that has just been stepped on.

Varney, at the end of his broadcast, pushed himself up in front of the camera with a hateful look on his face in an attempt to vicariously get in the face of some union leader.

I’ll tell you what, Varney.  You think you’re a tough guy and you got a big pair?  Want to feel like a real man?  Go out in the street, find yourself an old school 99er, put that nasty look on your mask, and get up in his face.  But no, you’ll never do anything like that.

I’m going to tell you something else and you can pass it on to that fat ass tub of lard Charles Payne.  If I were you, I would stop attacking the public workers’ unions and I’ll tell you why.  That cop you’re expecting to hold your hand, while you are attempting to puff your chest out and act like you are a man in getting in the faces of other men, belongs to that public workers union.

Maybe you better take a long second to think about what might happen to you without a cop to be your balls.  Do not sit up in front of the cameras anymore and portray yourselves as tough guys.  You are laughable and every man out here knows you are a pack of punks that couldn’t whip the wind with a fist full of hammers.

God I cannot wait until the day of accounting comes after we have our Republic back under our Constitution.  We are going to take our time in making sure your punishment fits your crimes.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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    1. Dixon Rochet,
      Bullshit socialist. Four of those justices who came to that unanimous decision for the corporation and against the people were appointed by Clinton and Obama.
      We here on this site have broken free from the wanton stupidity of the false left-right paradigm. We know that there is not a dime’s worth of difference between the two and that they are both the bought and paid for lapdogs of the corporate elite. And most important, be advised, we are sick and tired of living with the decisions of stupid people who cannot seem to manage to get that red pill down their throat to counteract the koolaid they have been drinking all their lives. In short, to hell with the Demoscums and Republipiecesofshit. And to hell and to jail and on to the deportation barges with anyone who advocates for either.


    1. Ants have bigger balls than those bastards on Fox News. Tough guys ? I’d like to line ’em up and beat the shit out of those rich, self centered little pricks one at a time, then start all over again. They want to get in the face of a real pissed off man that’s tired of being shit on by the likes of people like them? Bring it on, bitch !

      1. i just need a piece of his hair or his clothing within 24hrs that he wore….i’ll do rest!!!!!let us see if he’ll be a BIG BAD MAN on t.v again

  3. i watch fox news all the time and the one time i don’t i read online the comments that nopolitano said .i am so dam mad that asshole has alot of nerve,he needs a good swift kick in the ass.we the people aren’t sitting on money like him ,we live week to week with what we have.asshole

  4. God forgive me he should drrop dead in street and he should be stepped over to die like a dog. No sorry I would not treat a dog like that and also his family should lose everything.

  5. Can’t believe these scum bags still have jobs! Amazing they weren’t dressed down by the FCC!

  6. Everyone that still has a TV needs to boycott Fox news. Hit them in the wallett,
    that is all they understand. They should fire this ignorant dickhead now. He doesn’t have
    a problem with tax payer money going to his bullshit causes. Off with his head!!

  7. JP, I agree with you completely. That propaganda filled channel and all the scum buckets that work for it oughta be shut down and deported.

  8. It is time to head to Washington, DC an tear the place to pieces, I am a 99er I lost everything, living with 2brothers now , turning us into illegal aliens, that is the way they have liuved for years. We Amnericans like our privacy, our own homes , but we cannot afford one anymore because of no jobs. WE need the HR589 so we can survive. They have been warned of civil unrest, it is coming soon,time to band togethter and take what we want, The crying is over its time to come and take what is mine. Their will be a severe price for every politician that has turned their backs on us Americans that need asst. It is our fucking money,$31 billion in a fund just for UI what is the problem? Well the goofball in charge of the ways and means commitee, is trying to steal it, and give it to the big corp. TIME FOR A REVOLUTION

    1. Yeah, Ed, my son and I lost our home and privacy a couple of months ago. I’m ready to fight to get it back, and punish all the rich, I could care less about my fellow countrymen and women, scumbags. I don’t know how long they think they can keep getting away with their treachery, but we all know they’re running out of time, fast !

      1. Clark ; I sympathize totally, I have sold about 39 grand worth of tools that i used to repair outboard motors with for about 1 tenth trying to keep house and sanity but it sucks when you live on 79 cent banquet pot pies and the humans ? that see on C Span haven’t a clue what it means to do ” without!”

        1. hey clark i keep saying it revolution were all fuckin done there going to take are social security away and cut medicare if that doesn’t say war i dont what does if we dont stop them there going to destroy all of us still homeless im adjusting but every night im getting angrier there waiting for us to start something think abought it they have spent billions of dollars on there martial law they want to implement it they already have the the prison camps ready lookup fema utube it’s for damm real i shit you not the more we all wait there getting stronger

          1. hey mark ive been telling people for two years now and they still look at me like im out of my mind i just hope the rest of the country wakes up

    2. ed i thought i was the only one with that thought im homeless and every where i look the illegals have nice cars the best phones and there buying up all the properties how the fuck does that happen and that’s the only language spanish i live in connecticut they have invaded my town get everything for free i feel like im in tijuana cant stand it i wonder where i can be an illegal alien and not be jailed or shot

  9. Come on guys. Clean the language up.
    Blurting the word “fuck” out is one thing. When you start using it every other word as a pronoun, verb, and adjective, it starts looking a little classless.

  10. Read these articles as a 99er and see if the upset you. Congress is taking away food and shelter from families and sponsoring Nascar and Pro Wrestling.



    I don’t know if everyone has seen the AARP’s new commerical. We are funding shrimp on treadmills, a pickle study and a cotton mill in Brazil. I’m sure there is more and I’m still trying to find them all. What are these people thinking? I feel that we as a country need to band together and demand this wreckless spending by our Government. This would decrease some of our deficit and help the unemployed. I agree with them spending money on curing cancer and other diseases, but these ones just pissed me off. (sorry for language) You know they are getting more then what it would cost to fund a tier 5.

    I think it’s time that we get with the ones that support the 99ers and ask them to help get people bused to DC.

    1. thanks for the comment and all i got to say to this war war war lets get the revolution rolling nascar and pro wrestling congresses shit all tarded if you ever seen the movie idiocracy this saids it all


  12. I am a 99er and my benefits exhausted in Nov. 2010. I have not had any income since then. I have sent 1000’s of resumes and signed up with all the temporaty agencies. They are so overwhelmed with applications that they don’t even want you calling them. They say “we’l call you”. The U.S. who is supposed to be constitionally runned by our government and we vote them in they are keeping us held like slaves, just because we need help ASAP to be able to pay for our bills, car/home insurance, real estate taxes and gas for our cars to try to get anywhere. President Obama comes in to see our Jeep site and makes a big deal about it. That was just a political campaign for him. What about the others that are unemployed for over 2 yrs or more. We do not have jobs here. There is 1 to 100 applying for the same position or more. Why do we have to suffer for the government screwing up everyday and giving other countries money and we are sitting not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Today there was 9,000 umemployment claims filed. When are the 99er’s going to get our share of the money we have worked for over 25 years? I want a job, but if I have to compete with 100 other people for the same job, it is not our fault. They keep saying “we are going to create jobs” they are so full of shit. Who is going to create 5 million jobs in one, two, three, etc. We need help now ASAP and our children are suffering. When is the President and Congress/Senate/Rep going to see it that this is real? We are still out here. If you all have any compassion to our country our so called great American Country you need to help the 99er’s. This was not our fault and the government is playing with our lives. We have not had any acknowledgment thru the media, only that the unemployment/foreclosures is not getting any better. What does that say? They just want to sweep us under the rug. Then you have the President and Mrs Obama and kids running around the earth with their little vacations. They all need to put this HR589 on their agenda as a priority until they can figure out however in hell they will get this money for us. It’s not our fault the deficit is up we did not create it. Maybe they should all take it out of their pockets, they have enough money for it. We are no longer the middle class we are the poor and homeless. Why not just print it out, that’s what they did to Wall Street, auto industries, other countries? Pass this legislation we are just going to put it back into the economy, since we need to pay out. The sooner we get it the sooner the we will make a difference. Please help us ASAP!!!!!

  13. I got Laid off at 56, N.c. state regulations would have dictated a different outcome but I was told I should consider myself lucky ( I guess lucky they didnt trump up some more crap and fire me) so I got laid off. Tha same state regulations would have paid for my insurance outright in a RIF Scenerio but the people I Worked for didnt want me to know that. They also didnt want me to know that State workers are Encouraged to go back to school to be eligible for promotions, and the state pays. (call em perks if you want but its one of the reasons state employees take less money in their check each month) Then our president signs a bill to make the organizations at least give us COBRA insurance for a time. I got none of the above. I took out student loans to pay for the further edcucation and Paid for the medical bills as best I could out of unemployment and selling personal belongings. I have been working since I was 15 and now im 58 so now I sit back and listen to some of the comments that these leaders make and I ask myself what, no I dearly do wish, there was some way to put the shoe on the other foot, to make these folks walk the path some of us have had to take through no fault of our own.

  14. They don’t care. They have demonstrated that over and over. It is all about making more money, hoarding everything, slashing any assistance programs, destroying the middle class, destroying Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security. Everything. You won’t see it covered in the media-they are doing it all silently and swiftly with the IPod Gen-Xers and the Baby Boomers and the rest oblivious as to what is happening. We only know because we lurk on-line hoping for some good news or a crum of support from our fellow 99ers.

    At this point I do not feel that I will ever have a job again at age 56 and over 2.5 years of unemployment. Lost it all. Still got creditors coming at me for more judgments. If they take my 13 year old car then I will have no place to live before it’s all over.

    This country is not great anymore. It is not the America I grew up in. It does not care for it’s citizens and it’s citizens are largely still living in delusion about what is really happening. I just try to get through one day at a time and usually am hungry and always am stressed and mostly hopeless.

  15. It is sad to know that individuals who have power think that this could not happen to them. If the people are drawing unemployment then they had to be working somewhere in order to be able to draw unemployment. Many of the congress leaders are making enough money to share with the umemployment program so many families and children can have a home to live in and food on their table. Not saying that we want to eat steak, too; but I mother always told me to be thankful for what you have, you never know who you may have to ask for help when things turn around. Somehow when an individual has power they do not remember when they did not have any. There are people who has just as much education as they do and does this make them better than everyone else. Just because an individual choses to help people and others chose to try to control others, does not mean that one day they won’t see their maker just like everyone else. Everyone does the same thing when they are born, they eat, drink, breathe and some day will nolonger exist. Remember the way you treat others, when they come to say their final good-bye is it because they really want to say good-by or is it because they really want to know that you are gone. Think about how you use your power, and put your shoes on the other foot and think what would you do in this situation. Maybe you will never have to eperience this situation that the people who voted for you will go through, but one day you will. Just because grass is greener on your side of the street does not mean it will always stay green. I don’t really believe in politics because when someone does the same things that I do and are born imperfect, I can’t see them being strong enough, and have the power to make things right, because there is someone over them and you have to do what you are told just like everyone else. So in my prayers I will pray for you and hope that you will remember the deeds that you have to answer for , and tell me if you have made the right decision for your State of voters, and your country, because you know that the Jesus stated in the scriptures; Matthew 22: 37-39; Jesus was asked what was the greatest commandents in the Law; and Jesus said unto them; “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandent. And the second is like unto it; You should love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandent hangs all the Law and the Prophets.” Since our legal system was based on Judeo-Christian priciples; one would think our lawmakers would follow suit, in dealing with our citizens.


    1. fws,
      You sound like a decent person but you need to understand these are the same people that gave radiation pills to the pregnant wives of service men back in the 40s and put black men infected with syphilis in sanitariums just to watch them die as an experiment.
      They have not only eaten of the fruit, they chopped down the tree and whittled it into a club to kill us with. They are beyond redemption. We must send them away, never to return.

  16. I know this: when (“if”) I ever get a job again, I will live frugally and put aside money to help others who are struggling. Most of us probably have experienced the hurt that comes from realizing that even friends and family around us turn a blind eye to our situtation. I think this happens more out of their fear of facing reality (it could one day be them) OR they cannot fathom that a person could really be hungry in America. I have only asked for help twice from a family member and then we somehow managed to pay her back. But even then, our saying we need money for groceries did not make an impression that led to an on-going offer for help.

    Most of us are not looking for a “hand out”, but a “hand up” to keep us afloat until we can manage for ourselves. One cannot look for work without food and a phone, at a minimum. Try convincing these slobs of that fact. They cannot begin to even comprehend how low we have sunk in order to survive. It is out of their realm of conceivability. That right there is part of the problem. “Denial” rules.

    Only in America can you get sick and lose everything you have (house, savings, car, job). Only in America can you lose your job and lose everything you have. In countries with socialized medicine or government support (UK, Canada, France, all over the world, ETC.) citizens get time to recuperate from surgery, get time to find a job, get support from THE TAXES THEY PAID INTO THE SYSTEM to shore them up until they can get back to work.

    If you don’t believe me, rent Michael Moore’s documentary film “Sicko”. It pretty much verifies what I have said.

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