99ers Seeking Unemployment Extension HR 589 -The Recession’s Over Again…Until Thursday

The stock market is back over 12,000.  The decline, recession, depression, and hard times are over.  That is at least until Thursday when the new weekly jobless claims come out.  This whole scenario is becoming quite laughable.  Last week the filthy rich sold their stock and bought up Euros because they knew, well they’ll say they did not know, but we all know they knew, that Greece was going to get a bailout this week which would cause the dollar to fall against the Euro.  Now they’ll buy back those very same stocks they sold last week for pennies on the dollar, inflating the price while devaluing their worth as their price in dollars climbs.

So what does this mean to us lowly 99ers and those still surviving in the middle class?  Inflation.  But all they want is just a little more.  You know; a few more dollars for our utility bills and a few more dollars at the grocery store.  And we shouldn’t complain as it makes us seem petty, maybe even a little bit greedy, when we do.  The fact is we should be overjoyed because the stock market is going up and don’t we all want to be on the winning team?

The rich elites’ total disregard for the consequences of their actions past their own bank accounts is becoming Marie Antoinette-ish.   “Let them eat cake.”  Of course old Marie was singing a different tune when she found her head staring up at her body out of a basket.  Which begs the question; are these elitists really that smart, or have they become so disconnected from reality that they actually believe that we look up to and worship them, and could in no way wish them any harm just because they are wallowing in gluttonous wealth, as we starve to death?

Prince Obama, of from wherever he’s froma, is in  Puerto Rico drumming up the Hispanic vote for the 2012 election, which is probably not a bad idea as he sure as hell isn’t going to get any votes here.  And of course the Puerto Ricans have nice golf courses and make a fine Pina Colada.  They also get every benefit our society has to offer and pay no taxes.

Hey rich corporations, why don’t you bugger off down to Puerto Rico where you don’t have to pay taxes?  Oh that’s right, why would you do that?  You don’t pay any taxes here anyway and as you are based in the United States we the people are forced to pay you to take our resources and further stuff your gluttonous guts with our nation’s wealth.

Well enjoy because it is all coming to an end soon.  The American people of the American race are already writing your final page in the history books wherein you will no longer exist when we reinstate our Republic under our Constitution and turn the page to a new of era of freedom, prosperity, and liberty.  So enjoy it while you can, you pathetic abortions of humanity.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers Seeking Unemployment Extension HR 589 -The Recession’s Over Again…Until Thursday

  1. oh let me guess another vacation god they really work hard dont they i have to feel sorry for any of you who voted for any of these assholes in the first place i haven’t voted in twenty years and i probably never vote unless jesse ventura runs there is a guy with strong values navy seal and a real human being who care abought his country and country men

  2. Our political system is a joke………I stopped voting as well…………same crap in the barrel just called differently from camp to camp………..but still crap…………

    1. and that’s all folks a bunch of crap is what it is never going to change we need a new political system put in place one that stands for strong values kind of what geoge washington and are forefathers intended

      1. brian s,
        Not like George Washington, but rather exactly like George Washington.
        We have a system of government that will provide us prosperity. It is called the Constitution and all we have to do is re-implement it and enforce its laws with zero tolerance. And I don’t mean our Constitution as interpreted by the international corporate insurgents that have been implanted in the Supreme Court. I mean our laws as interpreted by we the people.
        Remember the Supreme Court was put in place to judge the actions of government and we the people have always held the trump card through jury nullification. It is our ultimate power and when we get our courts back these treasonous insurgents are going to find out just how effective it is at eliminating them.

        1. hey henry good to hear from you happy you got your extension i hear you abought the constitution this group of silver spoon meglamaniacs have takin the constitution and are slowly takin everybody’s rights away you mayor blumberg telling people they cant smoke outside and if you get caught 50 dollar fine second hand smoke this is his reason your outdoors it goes up in the air cars give off more polution this guy hates cigarettes so he pushing his retoric on others the mexicans have used the constitution llike in utah they some organization helping these animals time there baby’s birth to the time they illegaly cross the border so they get to stay here i actually worked on a job with a brazillion kid he took a plane all the way to utah to get his illegal drivers licence f rom connecticut to utah in two days with a fake utah adress the foreighners have more rights to the constitutionthan i do or you they know all the in’s and out’s im just disgusted with this country as a whole

          1. brian s,
            It’s not that anyone has more access than anyone else. We in fact have a shadow government with a set agenda, which includes our destruction through the use of illegal aliens who are encouraged and helped to break our laws. They have in reality replaced our laws.
            Our Constitution guarantees us a system of English common law, which is public law for private purposes. They have taken over our judicial system and replaced our English common law with Roman civil law, which is private policy being enforced as public law – corporate merchant law.
            When the common law is reinstated through the enforcement of our Constitution, I for one am going to sue every son of a bitch that has committed a civil wrong against me through violations of my constitutionally guaranteed rights. And with the help of 12 of my peers sitting on a common law jury, I’m going to take everything they own. And oh yes, I have kept meticulous records that will no only punish them monetarily, but are also going to be used to punish them criminally.
            I have to believe Bloomberg would have made a good Nazi as old Adolf thought people shouldn’t be allowed to smoke also.
            All in all, you are absolutely correct. The situation as a whole stinks.

          2. your reply is right on coudn’t have said it better every where i go thats all i hear is spanish go to the social service office they have there own interpeter go on the bus all spanish there language has takin over when im told i have to speak spanish to have a job i looked at this guy are you kidding me and he said no why because that was 90 percent of the employees and there customers are mostly spanish amazing isn’t it we got that border down pat they should shoot them on site that’s my opinion cant stand the sight of them

          3. Henry:
            I’m starting to think your employed by the Obama administration. Just to keep this website moving. It’s all about bla.bla. but nothing in Washington is happening to make things happen for exhaustee unemployed wherever. It’s been over two years, and all we hear is bla,bla. NO reusults. Where are the results?

          4. Kate, your reply will be forthcoming and when it does, I hope you’re wearing an asbestos Hazmat jumpsuit. Tomorrow’s headlines ” Barry the Rat appoints Henry Shivley his new public relations manager .” Not. I hope you are kidding with that accusation, Kate

          5. Kate-Twin Cities, MN,
            If you and people like you would stop your bla bla bitching because someone else isn’t solving your problems for you and get off your dead asses and do just one quarter of what I have already done, we would have won this fight a long time ago.
            Of course I work for Obama and so do you and every other low life 99er out there. We’ve been made a bunch of fucking slaves and Obama has been placed as our master.
            By the way, what have you done for the cause?……lately?

  3. Brian S/Henry, I couldnt agree with you more….I am not sure where you live, but I live in the Chicagoland area and I hardly ever hear English spoken anymore….and because I happen to have a Spanish last name, I am asked if I am bilingual/hispanic.That in itself is an insult. I loudly protest I only speak English and I am an American. I was born and raised here. I loved my father (a true patriot) but I will be changing my name soon. I havent been able to find a job in over 2 years since I am not bilingual….but the corporate slave masters have their cheap labor pool…I visited Mexico once and I did not like it at all…Everywhere I go it seems that I am in a different country. It makes me angry and sick to my stomach.

    1. hey losing hope fast i like you it’s good to know that im not the only one with these thoughts i try not to be racist but cant help it ive been out of work for three years and every where i look they there there working but im not there buying up all the properties driving nice cars they have money now we have reversed roles they come here broke three years later they own a home im homeless as of the last month and my goverment wont help me they get all the benifits now loans ect you name it they tell me no later keep your head up dude

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