99ers, This Is War

Well we made it through Christmas so what lies ahead?  There will be that quiet lull between Christmas and New Years and then we start the whole thing over again.  Many states are facing a budget shortfall, which means they will be looking for bailouts from the federal government.  We need to remember that every state is in reality just another business, or in this case, failing business.  Like Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.

When the failing states (businesses) come for the bailouts we will see the same scenario.  You see states are too big to fail and if they are allowed to do so it could cost millions of jobs and a double dip recession. They will continue to use the same catch-all excuse until somebody either calls their bluff or the whole country is finally thrown into bankruptcy.

Or maybe they will just let some states fail as this would present a perfect scenario as all the job losses we are going to see in the next year can be blamed on the failure to bail out some states.  And when we say, “Well you bailed out these other states seemingly to no avail” to which they will reply, “Yes but we only lost 2 million jobs and it would have been 4 million jobs had there been no bailouts.”  Then you can have some people from the middle saying, “No, no, I believe the problem is the quantitative easing that is killing our dollar.”  And round and round we go and why aren’t we seeing recovery?  Well nobody knows.

Of course every day we are going to see thousands more 99ers joining our ranks.  As they are taken off the unemployment rolls their numbers will be deducted from the total allowing the mainstream propagandists to say, “Well the unemployment numbers are better than expected as we only lost 420,000 jobs last week and let’s face it, things could have been a lot worse.”

There is one thing that you will not see change.  And that is the record profits being realized by the corporations.  It took a lot of lying through a big propaganda push but the international corporate mafia has managed to get its agenda back on schedule.  I can see only one problem they are facing at present and that is they are not getting the unemployed rioting out in the streets.  Thus they have not been able to enact NORCOM and send them after our guns.  I believe this is something they desperately want to get accomplished as the thought of 300 million heavily armed citizens would have to weigh heavy on a traitor’s mind.

As for us 99ers, all we can do is continue to organize and work on strategies to bring our cause to the next level.  We should start working immediately in making sure that we never have to face another Christmas like the one we just went through, because if we do nothing, the next one is going to be twice as bad.  And I don’t know about you but as for me the prospect is unacceptable.  99ers we are in a war in which there is no retreat and surrender means death.


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