99ers Unemployment Extension HR 589 in Death Throes

HR 589 was swept aside using Clause 2 (c) of Rule XXI as the legislation would have created new unfunded law as an attachment.  I was the first to blame Barbara Lee for not knowing the rules but in all truth and fairness, I’m sure she did.  The fact is these rules are routinely waived for issues, oh like, defense expenditures.

Though the House Resolution 589 is not completely dead in the Ways and Means Committee it certainly must be considered to be in its death throes. The bill at present has 67 backers but would require 283 to bring it forward. 

Thursday’s jobs report showed 410,ooo new jobless claims indicating that all the talk about job recovery is just more lies.

Meanwhile President Soetoro is off to San Francisco for secret meetings with the heads of Apple, Google, and Facebook.  It would seem that the filthy rich in the Silicon Valley want their turn at the trough.  If any jobs are created as a result of this meeting they will be building circuit boards at minimum wage, half of which will be given back to the employer as a tax subsidy.   How do I know?  I’ve already seen it happen once under Reagan.  The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and wages are driven down for those working in the Silicon Valley.

Again we are paying for the airplane to fly him there and the Secret Service to protect him, however there is to be no public record as to what was said in the secret meetings.  When are we going to put a stop to this crap?

In a related story teachers in Wisconsin called in sick Thursday and then took to the streets to protest austerity measures being perpetrated against them by state Republicans.  The Democratic lawmakers on the other hand actually ran and hid to prevent a vote.  The police reportedly were looking for the Democrats and if found they were to be brought back and forced to vote. 

The teachers are calling the austerity measures a direct attack on the labor unions, which would fall right in line with every other measure being taken in the United States to drive down wages and our standard of living.  I think those teachers are being completely unreasonable in not wanting to help pay back the money the banksters stole.

FOX Business’s Stuart Varney is calling for the teachers to be fired.  I tell you people, this little Tory bastard is one of the worst enemies the working people of the United States have.

This is a war and our enemies, the rich, are making no bones about it.  I do not like the socialist idea of labor unions but I support those teachers out in the street 100%.  We the American people cannot allow these pompous rich scum bags to divide us in order to conquer us.  And it is coming down to the workers against the robber barons. 

The most disturbing part is there is not one national leader out there advocating the enforcement of our Constitution as an avenue for solving the jobs problem.  The socialist Democrats want to blame the Republicans for ignoring the jobs issue while the socialist Republicans are blaming the Democrats for the failure to gain jobs back through social programs. 

All we have to do is prosecute the thieving banksters under the law, get our money back, and prosperity will follow.

Chris Mathews did a piece on Wednesday outlining the theft perpetrated by the banksters and the fact that they have gotten away with it so far.  But being a commie little scum bag, he tried to place all the blame on the banksters, when it is our lawmakers and enforcers that have allowed, and are continuing to allow the theft to go on.

As 99ers I think we would be foolish to the extreme in contenting ourselves with writing emails designed to somehow sway the views of the Republican Party as they have made it clear that they intend to remain unwavering in their resolve. 

I believe at the very least we must go through with the Easter Project.  If we cannot manage large public protests we must resort to small public exhibitions.  If we cannot get a 99er hanging on a cross out in front of John Boehner’s church on Easter, then I’m afraid we just don’t want it bad enough yet.

Sooner or later we are all going to have to realize that if we want anything we are going to have to take it.

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  1. I agree – I have had enough – I’m tired of writing, pleading, e-mailing, begging these non caring heartless reps that WE voted into office. I will now lie, cheat, steal and whatever I need to do to get by. It doesn’t pay to be a 99er (which by the way I was employed for 28 years with the same company which went out of business so I lost my job through no fault of my own) when you have no support from these greedy lying politicians. I am not hispanic so I certainly don’t get any perks for being a minority (HAHAHAHA – that’s a freaking joke) so I have no choice now but to be dishonest – that’s hows these minorities are getting the benefits so I may as well join them

  2. I myself have lost it all as well. I certainly understand anyone’s motives for surviving and will be doing so myself. Our so called “capitalism” industry is severely broken by nothinh more than greed. CEO’s making 10 – 20 million dollars a year (and much more in the mass amount of cases), but to the point – “No one needs or derserves to make that much money”. They get there salaries from laying people off, paying less wages or making the ones left do more.

    Think about it?? A corporation should have a pay structure that is gradual flat slope, not a massive increasing slope. This developed from a class of greedy “Management/Boards” looking for ways to boost the bottom line because they didn’t have the talent to do it the ethical way. It caught on like wild fire and here we are today. CEO’s making millions and minimum wage or illegal workers at the bottom.

    Society has allowed this to happen and it has come back to bite us. It will result in us 99ers eventually being in revolt because we have no other choice. We will survive, but we will not be surpressed by Washington. We will account for about 5 million votes in 2012 and it may not sound like a lot, but it will be enough!!!

    I say to all 99ers to do what you have to do and vote all of them out in 2012!!!

    1. JW,
      I’m with you. We need to vote the incumbents out, Democrat or Republican, at every election. And the fact is there are 7 million 99ers and between 15 and 20 million long term unemployed in total. If we can just organize we can remove any politician at our discretion. Never give up.

    2. i say don’t even vote,no vote means they will have to get out from their soft seats and on to their feet and work harder for votes.

      here is what everyone on the hill should do,stop coming to work and stop cashing those big pay checks and find out how hard it is to pay your bills and to find out that
      no one is going to help you.

      lose your home,your car or truck and find out how hard it is to get around.
      here we go why don’t cap hill take a big cut in pay and pay use how really need it.

      1. Thomas Burchell,
        To the contrary, we must continue to vote incumbents out. When we stop voting they will cease to see our numbers as a threat.

    3. “The Greatest Generation”,Political and Corporate Greed and Corruption have helped to Destroy The Great Economy We Built and enjoyed for 5 Decades, we need to return to the Ideals of the Greatest Generation, whatever helps build a strong America Structurally and economically, so all Americans can enjoy a chance to”Work” for their Piece of the American Dream!!! We must Fight to end the corporate and Political greedy and corrupt practices that have destroyed the middle class backbone of this great nation. Americans once took pride in its companies with patriotic loyalty but that has ended, now all of our jobs go overseas and nothing is made here anymore anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!We must bring Americas great manufacturing industry back home, I know i would pay more if i had it, for better quality “American” made Products!!!!!!!!!!!!!That’s How I Was Raised With Patriotic Loyalty “Made In America”By “Americans” Its Not Separatism Its”Patriotism”!If they build it somewhere else,then let them sell it somewhere else(“corporate” and “consumer” loyalty/patriotism)keep America strong,”end outsourcing” . WE also need equal Trade agreements with other countries and better and stricter oversight and accountability with our banking industry.
      I Love My country and the Ideals in which it was founded on but today’s government is far from the visions of our forefathers,it certainly wasn’t to be controlled and monopolized by these self serving corrupt Politicians!Democrats and Republicans its either one or the other,slightly different priorities both corrupt, greedy and self serving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I Read some peoples comments and disagree,I believe not voting at all, not only makes our (working class Americans now unemployed threw no fault of their own ) issues irrelevant. WE must vote out ALL incumbents, WE must vote as a group,”The 99ers” maybe its even time for the independents to have the majority,House and Senate and maybe even the Presidency !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We must stop today’s Robber Barons From stealing our futures !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree with you on many things and appreciate the work you do, however, I dislike your comment President Soetoro in your story. I googled the name because I had no idea what you meant and found numerous websites that explain this was Obama’s original name and he had it changed. The websites also state he is Indonesian. Had I not researched it further I may have believed this but I found his family history and it clearly shows this was his step-father.
    I am a 99er and am just as frustrated and disgusted as everyone else but I support Obama and think he has done alot of good things since he became president and deserves more respect than that.

    1. Barry is in way over his academic head. I think that we are all proud to have elected a minority to the highest office and rightly so, however, today are country is more divided than ever and at a time when we need leadership like never before.

    2. Jenn, I Too Had High Hopes For Real Change But Have Been Left Very Disappointed! I Don’t Dislike President Obama as a Person Just Disappointed as a President Thus Far!

  4. Why is our country more divided now than when Bush was president? He started this mess and did whatever he pleased with no regard for our country and yet the people weren’t acting like this then. This has more to do with the underlying fact that there are many people in this country that are still racist and they are all showing their true colors because they can’t stand that Obama is our leader.

    1. Jen,
      I wouldn’t care if Obama was green and had two heads if he weren’t a liar. To try to call anyone who stands against him a racist is racist.
      The governor of Hawaii came out just a few weeks ago and said that Soetoro’s original birth certificate could not be found. I think that the question is a non citizen heading our government is more important than what color he is. In short if you have his original birth certificate, not to be confused with a government document saying it exists, please bring it forth.
      You see the biggest problem is if Obama was not born in this country, who knew. Furthermore he has attacked the United States while unconstitutionally serving as head of the United Nation’s Security Council in violation of Article 1, Section 9 (8) of the U.S. Constitution. He has also taken the side of the illegal aliens over the state of Arizona and has in fact conspired with Mexican attorneys to sue our country for their people.
      Even if he was born in Hawaii, he would still be a goddamn traitor.
      Who knows, maybe the reason he pushes for the cause of illegal aliens is because he is one himself.

    2. Jenn, I agree you cant get worse than bush,But I guess we set our hopes and expectations way too high,for real change,that’s why most of us are so DISAPPOINTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. We will Unite 99ers. We were all winners at one point before this crash so keep in mind, Winners never quit and quitters never win…!! RISE UP STAND UP GET UP… We must we are all we have… white, black, asian, spanish, jehova, christian, morman, catholic, big, small, male, female, gay, straight, old, young… we are all ONE…!! LETS RISE UP…we are all we have in this world… think about it.
    One World, One People, One Love

      1. Thats exactly what divides us is thinking that the rest of the world is not interconnected. Our orginal fathers of the constitution where not all religious people, they were esoteric thinkers and knew that we are all one people, thats why they left Europe because of the totalitarian rule. We call everyone else immigrants but if you do a family tree for the anglos of this country you will discover that they immigrated here, rapped, killed and took land that wasnt thiers in the first place. So to have double standards and talk about immigrants and who has rights to what is a condridiction of your ancestors who came here in the first place. Im not stirring up the pot here just stating the facts. I was born in Guam and my mother is white so does that make me any different then the rest of you? Open you minds eye and know the truth, if your feet touch the ground then you know that we are all kenetically interconnected. Believe it or not or just be prejudice and self centered. Cast the first stone if you think your orginal family didnt come here on a boat.

        1. Joey, Henry lives on an Indian Reservation. I don’t think he needs to be told about what the Anglos did to the Native Americans.

        2. Joey Duenas, Don’t be so quick to call me a racist. As a coincidence one of my first cousins’ mother is a native of Guam. He doesn’t think I am a racist. Not to mention the fact that some of the blood flowing through my veins came from those original Americans who were slaughtered.
          The bottom line is I am an American. This is my country. And the 4 billion foreigners wanting to immigrate here and take it from us cannot have it. We Americans have a distinct culture and no person from another country has a right to come here uninvited and take what they please. We have an immigration system which is how my European ancestors who settled the colonies got here.
          If you are an American I call you my brother. If you are anything else, I’ll have to ask you to leave.

          1. WE are a country of intelligent,proud,courageous, strong,and loyal Mutts,its part of what makes this country great!

        3. absolutely,but the land that we built this great, powerful and free society on, can no longer sustain our own population growth. weather or not we wish things to change, we must always be smart enough to be willing to realize that somethings sooner or later need to be reevaluated and must change, it is imperative for the survival of this great nation!!!!!

  6. Sorry I wasnt trying to call anyone a racist. I was trying to make the point that we are all one people, one species yet divided by all the variables. I do believe that we should close the boarders to the Mexican boarder because yes they do come here and use the welfare system and yes they do run up the medical costs because they dont pay thier share, but for those who are here make them start paying and if that means give them citenzship to do so then so be it… but they will have to go through the process of waiting like those who did do it legally. I will die for this country right this second, my son is in the Navey MP and my brother is a 5 time Iraq veteran and he is being deployed to Afganhistan next month. I support our trooops our country and our rights. Heres another version of the Pledge of Allegiance. “I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of facisim, and to the repugnance for which it stands, One nation under Fraud with liberty and justice for those who can Afford it.”

    1. Joey Duenas, No apologies necessary, but as for the illegals from down south, every single one of them should be made to serve time in jail and then be deported. Once they are back in Mexico, if they want to apply to legally immigrate to the United States, then I will wish them luck.
      I am held to a standard of zero tolerance when it comes to wearing a seat belt and to violate that law is just a traffic infraction.
      When someone comes into our country illegally, gets our welfare, and/or works our jobs he or she is not just taking from one of us, but rather all of us.
      Not to mention the fact that if I am caught illegally in Mexico I may or may not live through the experience, depending on how much money my family has to pay the Mexican government, hence the Mexican people. And you know what? I respect their right to secure their borders.
      You know what else? The Mexicans in Mexico hate our American guts just for being alive.

  7. The American Dream, America is built on ethnic diversity and a chance for citizenship and a chance to live free and prosper in a democratic society and i respect the very hard working Mexican people,But America can not sustain its own population growth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to keep our borders secure for many reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Native American Indians are the only ones who’s ancestors didn’t Immigrate here. but we have a great Nation here,a free society,with great Ideals!

  8. H.R. 589 IS NOT DEAD. If you supported the bill continue to do so. DO NOT GIVE UP cuz giving up wont get you paid and it will only give the detractors ammo to say 99ers are lazy and looking for handouts

  9. Ive been working on a sign tonight and decided instead of sitting here trying to gain support from Twitter, Facebook and these forums to get on the street corner and call all unemployed, 99er and middle class who will be targeted and get this part started. Wiscon and Egypt style. You have to pretend that internet and cell phones dont exist in order to get out on the streets to do something. Old school.. Like when we were kids our moms spanked us when we were late coming home, now they call the kids on a cell phone and warn them. Come one people this is the only way to really be heard and seen.

    1. Joey, I am with you about having a protest. I thought about putting up signs at the unemployment office to organize a march. I’m willing to do it. We have got to get on Facebook,Twitter,My-Space and every social network out there and PROTEST! ASSEMBLE! MARCH! MAKE NOISE! The government doesn’t care about our plight. We got to let them KNOW that we can NOT be abandoned like this!!! We have GOT to get our voice heard.

  10. Teachers DO NOT need a union. It is not required anymore, where at one time, long ago, it was. Unions should NOT exist for anyone. Why should anyone be guaranteed to be virtually immune to being fired? Teachers included. Jobs and pay should be based on performance, like any other job. Over-protecting anyone in any job with a Union keeps wages too high. Ever hear of a free market? If no one applies for a job that pays too low, then the employer must raise the wage offer. If people do take up a low pay job, that is a choice. Don’t like it? Don’t apply for the job. All business owners have the right to offer any salary they wish: YOU do not have to accept it which would put the employer in a position to raise the offer….unless the guy behind you is will to take the job.
    People who know they are lazy or want an easy life want a Union. Those who are honest and have a decent work ethic will never need a Union.

    1. Ron Z,
      You are pathetic in your ignorance. You must own your own business and have a burning desire for slave labor. I am not pro union but I am pro worker. This country cannot afford to lose one more job and union busting during a depression can only lead to a massive fall in our standard of living. You and your rich buddies will not turn us working people against one another using the issue of unions. We are coming after the money you stole from us and we are going to take it back.

  11. Help Stop The Political Traitors In Congress & End Illegal Politics In The U.S

    We must organize & mobilize as a nation now… The U.S is on the path of being taken over by illegal immigrant and terrorist by 2011. Media black outs & Internet censoring or site blocking in the U.S is already being tested and a bill is up for a vote. What’s next to be taken away, freedom of speech and the right to bear arms? Beware crooked businesses, politicians, and other trader illegal immigrant supports will push congress & Obama to vote to yes on an amnesty bill this year to allow the continued invasion of over 30 million illegal immigrants. Most of who are habitual lawbreakers, uneducated, criminals, terrorists, gang members, pedophiles, prostitutes, and drug users/dealers. Illegal Immigrant and supporters steal money, use violence, and make terrorist threats to people who oppose amnesty or want laws enforced. Defense budgets and military bases all over the country are closing down. Wake up U.S citizens!!! We do not need more illegal’s joining the military. We have the draft and Militia’s in law for emergency or invasion. Why are our military soldiers dispatched all over the world? Not to protect us, but to protect big corporations and the rich over seas. Your current lawmakers have sold us out to foreign nations, private investors and the poor south of our border. The plan is to replace us with illegal immigrants then leave legal U.S citizens broke, hungry and defenseless to be taken over by rich and poor foreigners with bad intension. Citizens born in the United States are the target of elimination and are slowly being pushed out of the workforce to be left broke and dry. Illegal immigrants in the U.S earn an average income of $30,000 per yr with no papers, elementary diploma, high school diploma, or college degree. This is our regional land and the citizens born of it have a physical & spiritual oath to preserve or defend it at all cost. A fact is illegal immigrants hate U.S citizens; many raise their kids to be lawbreakers, criminals and to support terrorism in the USA like there parents. This Dream Act and any for of amnesty is a breach of national security and must be stopped now. The people do not have to accept this treason or any new laws or legislation that supports foreigners before it’s own legal citizens. So if you prefer to keep living a lie and are too scared, lazy, blind to truth or have no will to defend the soil you were born on to help citizens & people in need… Then don’t follow us at http://usmoa.org/

  12. I am a 99er. I have worked for 25 yrs. in the building materials business for several companies. I worked my way up through the trenches until i got a management position at the company that let me go. I have never been fired or reprimanded in any way for all those years. The people who let me go told me i had a fantastic work ethic. The reason this exstension doesn’t pass is because our elected reps. are in bed with the corporations. I was a salary dump plain and simple,even though i worked 65hrs. a week . They made money with me. The people we elect are supposed to protect the people that elected them. To do that they need have some clue what the people need. They won’t look into these unfair labor practices because they need corporate money to get re-elected. This recession is just a scam. Corporations used it as an excuse to lower wages so they could line thier pockets. They want to force people to work for min. wage. The 99ers come off the books and unemployment numbers come down so Obama looks good. Some one in Congress needs to grow some stones and do whats right!!!!!! It’s not about getting re-elected it’ about representing the people. It’s about WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!! It’s not about your own interests, you work for us.


        1. And I Guess If Everybody Was Politically Literate And Not Easily Fooled And Brain-Washed, We Could Always Get Rid Of Them Sooner, In A Perfect Society !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. DEMS. And REPUBS. Corrupt Political Monopoly, Policies For Hire, The Longer They Are In Office The Power They Have!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Sorry, Correction To Above: DEMS. And REPUBS. Corrupt Political Monopoly, Policies And Legislation For Hire, The Longer They Are In Office The More Power They Have!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I went to an interview,today. I drove almost 70 miles and at my interview, I was informed of how many people that the employer was in the process of interviewing. They said that they will be interviewing applicants all week and that I’d know in the next week or so. I know what THAT means,it means basically that they didn’t pick you and that they are trying to be kind about it. I came back home from that interview and I felt like doing myself in. I got so depressed and discouraged. I thought about of all of the work that I did to my home and how I’d probably lose it,to foreclosure. I am thinking about looking into government housing,now. I just have to resign myself to the fact that our government doesn’t care about us. Are they REALLY going to let millions lose their sole source of income?

    1. Not to be repetitive but here is my full Rant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      “The Greatest Generation”,Political and Corporate Greed and Corruption have helped to Destroy The Great Economy We Built and enjoyed for 5 Decades, we need to return to the Ideals of the Greatest Generation, whatever helps build a strong America Structurally and economically, so all Americans can enjoy a chance to”Work” for their Piece of the American Dream!!! We must Fight to end the corporate and Political greedy and corrupt practices that have destroyed the middle class backbone of this great nation. Americans once took pride in its companies with patriotic loyalty but that has ended, now all of our jobs go overseas and nothing is made here anymore anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!We must bring Americas great manufacturing industry back home, I know i would pay more”if i had it”, for better quality “American” made Products!!That’s How I Was Raised With Patriotic Loyalty“Made In America” By “Americans” Its Not Separatism Its”Patriotism”!If they build it somewhere else,then let them sell it somewhere else(“corporate” and “consumer” loyalty/patriotism)keep America strong,”end outsourcing” . WE also need equal Trade agreements with other countries and better and stricter oversight and accountability with our banking industry. Also at some time in history either we or our ancestors were at one time immigrants seeking freedom and the American dream,but this great land in which we built this great democratic society,the most powerful free society in the world THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,Can no longer sustain our own population growth, sometimes laws and practices need to be reevaluated and out of necessity must change for the survival of own citizens,All good honest hard working immigrants should always retain their rights to apply for legal citizenship,but America can no longer afford to allow non-tax paying illegals to burden our system. We need real change,We need “all” unemployed through no fault of their own,To band together and exercise their “power” and vote out all incumbents Dems.& Repubs.end their monopoly,and self-servitude,maybe even look at 3rd party independents,more representatives than politicians like sen.Bernard sanders!
      I Love My country and the Ideals in which it was founded on,but today’s government is far from the visions of our forefathers,it certainly wasn’t to be controlled and monopolized by these self serving corrupt Politicians!
      Democrats and republicans “corrupt monopolized government” at Its best or worst depending who you are and how you look at it,Policies for Hire & Legislation For Sale.Our system of government gives us “the people”(the majority)not just the “wealthy”,but the needs and concerns of the many,not just the few with money & power,the power of the People is in their vote,so we should never leave our votes at home as some have suggested in the past,because when they cant count your vote,then neither you nor your interests and needs will count either,to our elected government representatives.
      Strength in numbers,next election lets let our voice(working class unemployed Americans) be heard through our Vote!We must save our middle class,from this Form of class genocide,the corp. wealth in America are motivated by greed not whats good for the country in which they live in and have built their fortunes.They are trying vanquish all the great middle class manufacturing etc. jobs over seas,they are training them for our jobs,its about profits over quality,and the poorer we get the more we add to the problem by shopping places like Walmart etc.and buying products that aren’t made here,there cheaper but not better,not quality American made products!!

  15. Were is the change that was going to happen to america.The only change I see is the rich get richer,the middleclass become poorer and gas price keep going up.Lets get off our ass and take america back.If we have to do what Egypts people did than so be it.The 99ers needed help and look what our goverment did ,not a thing.And more 99ers are comeing,what then.LETS FIRE ALL OF THEM AND START NEW.Lets vote in office the ones that will work for america.If we don’t america will be gone.

    1. Amen Mary, Our(99ers) Numbers keep growing unfortunately,but there is strength in numbers,they cant ignore us forever so hang in there and stay strong!!!! s

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