Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, More Protests

Violence continues to spread throughout the Middle East.  Some of the worst has been seen in the small country of Bahrain, once again a country headed by a dictator supported by the United States for the past 60 years.  Apparently the United States has a naval facility at the island nation of Bahrain where our 5th fleet is stationed, and we wonder why we’re broke.

It is reported that Bahrain’s riot police fired live rounds at protesters, some of which were said to be sleeping in a protester encampment set up in Manama, Bahrain.  Four have been killed and many more wounded.  Thousands are protesting the killings today.  It is beginning to look as though there may be more deaths.  It is reported that a doctor was killed and paramedics wounded when they tried to assist some of the victims. 

The riot police in Bahrain appear to be far more vicious than those in Egypt.  Bahrain is being described as an essential launching point for U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

I heard a report yesterday that said the world economy is improving.  I have to believe that the Middle East is being left out of the equation, as the core reason for the protests in the various countries is because of their failed economies.

Egyptians filled the streets in various cities in their country today to celebrate their victorious triumph one week ago, in which they achieved, well, nobody is really sure what they achieved, though their stock market remains closed until at least Monday.

In Libya the death toll is growing in the day after what is being dubbed “The Day of Rage,” a Libyan protest march.   The government says seven dead but others say it is much higher.

In Yemen the protests grow larger and more violent as a grenade exploded in crowd of 10,000.  Apparently the people in Yemen also want their government to resign.

So I guess the question is, “What will become of all these protests?”  Maybe a new Muslim state under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood? 

God protect the innocents.

0 thoughts on “Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, More Protests

  1. Rick,

    What will become of this indeed! Did you hear today of Iraq’s demand for one billion in damage restitution?

    Do you suppose there could be a connec….nah…that’s ridiculous! My mind runs off into paranoid fantasies sometimes when I am over tired. Nap time for the old guy. Maybe then I’ll take a nice bath and play with my rubber duckies. Then I’ll get out my Moby Grape albums and maybe a little Sinatra for dessert.

    Old people! Always trying to understand things that are just beyond their limited faculties.

    I’m sure everything is just… uh…ducky. No worries.

    1. I did not hear about Iraq’s demand for $1 billion in damages. I did hear that Hilary Clinton is in a hurry to get $150 million over to Egypt as soon as possible.

      I can’t believe it could all be for money, unless that money was being used to purchase power or maybe consolidate it…..No…they wouldn’t do that, would they?

      Hey wait a minute…..Where did you say you bought that rubber duckie?

      1. I found a case of them at goodwill when I was looking for a warmer jacket the other day. At 1.50 for 12 I just couldn’t resist. I actually got ’em down to 75 cents. Found a 100 dollar jacket brand new for 6 bucks. That’s really a pretty good place to shop. I have a friend whose a millionaire and he’s been telling me to shop there for years. Duh! THAT was a no brainer. Ah…but I was too cool for that…so who’s the idiot? Moi? Nah…couldn’t be.

        And no, Rick….it’s NOT just for the power and money! Don’t be silly! It’s for “justice, freedom, and the American way”!

        Did somebody fall asleep at the wheel? Hmmm…could that be uh…the American working class?

        1. Amendment….that would be the “American used to be working class”. Another mind lapse. Damn! I HATE it when that happens!

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