99ers Will Obama Advocate for HR 589 Unemployment Extension?

It’s just another miserable day in the lives of the 99ers.  President Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, during a news conference yesterday, when questioned in reference to his position on extending payroll tax extensions and unemployment insurance, said,

“I think both would be good for the economy.  A payroll tax cut is something that has put a thousand dollars in the pocket of the typical American family over the last six, seven months and has helped offset some of the rising costs in gasoline and food.  And I think that American consumers and American businesses would benefit from a continuation of that tax cut next year.

Unemployment insurance.  Obviously unemployment is still too high.  And there are a lot of folks out there who are doing everything they can to find a job, but the market is still tight out there.  And for us to make sure that they are able to stay in their homes, potentially, or they’re able to still support their families, I think is very important and contributes to the overall economy.”

So what does this mean to us 99ers who have all but given up hope on HR 589?  Well not a damn thing.  When Obama speaks of further unemployment extensions he is talking about Tiers 1 through 4, which not only have nothing to do with the 99ers, but which are being denied to the unemployed of the individual states using state manipulated unemployment numbers.

However it does serve to confuse, just like it did back in December when Tiers 1 through 4 were extended and the lie went out across the land that the 99ers had got further unemployment insurance benefits.

Representative Barbara Lee has indicated on Crew of 42 website that “the President said he’d push for unemployment benefits as part of the deal on the debt ceiling.

Again, the unemployment they are talking about has nothing to do with the 99ers.  However if it is passed it will be portrayed as yet another extension we have received.  Obama is not going to push in any way for HR 589 and this is why.

Even with hundreds of thousands of new 99ers being removed from the unemployment equation every week, with 400,000+ new jobless claims a week and considering the best manipulation of the numbers the liars in our government can manage, the unemployment rate is still going up.

There are 7 million receiving unemployment.  The fact is if HR 589 were enacted that number would have to go up from 7 to 17 million.  And the best lie they could tell then would have to put the unemployment rate at 20%.  Throw in the long term unemployed who are not even considered 99ers and you are going to have about 30 million people unemployed.  This number is in excess of those in Europe which have led to rioting.

If nothing else, look at it like this.  If Barry was our number one advocate, and was giving speeches every day pushing for HR 589, it would still be a dead issue as he has proven himself impotent as a president.  But then we have to realize that it is all just an act.  When the Democans and Republicrats go into their secret meetings, more than likely they are in reality plotting as a single unit for the furtherance of their united one world elitist goals.

Obama has committed high crimes and misdemeanors like a New Yorker racks up parking tickets.  But I’ll tell you what would get him impeached.  If he enacted HR 589 via an executive order the indictments would be filed the next day.

But again, all of this is irrelevant.  What we have in Washington DC is an insurgency designed to overthrow our Republic and eliminate our Constitution.  And we 99ers do not rate any consideration in the big scope of things.  But we will when we rise with our brothers and sisters making up the American people of the American race.

They will realize their folly, in ignoring and underestimating our strength, when we are throwing their sorry arses on the deportation barges bound for Somalia as we reinstate our Republic under our Constitution.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Henry,
    You’re absolutly right!!!!!
    I’ve said for a long time that HR589 will never happen. If it did………. they would have to show the true unemployment numbers and their asses would be voted out in a second. So if my fellow 99’ers are waiting for this to happen, they better come up with a different plan, because it’s not coming…………. PERIOD!

    1. Henry, You are right. Drafting Hr589 and asking for help after most of us payed high taxes was a total waist of time. Stronger measures are needed. If we had complained to the Japs after bombing Pearl Harbor- Where would it get is? We went after them. We won at the cost of lots of lives. We are at war now. A money war.

  2. I believe it is time that the 99ers march on Washington . Lets create a lot of problems for those who do not care about us. There are no jobs out there. I filled out over 300 applications. I got one interview where I was really qualified and never got the job. Why? The friends and relativities of the unemployed get the jobs. Even at $ 7.25 an hour. The gasoline companies really control our government. We or our government need to take over the oil companies. We really need to get nasty with Washington. I thought our president was for the people. I think not. He gets paid and so does Congress. We need jobs and unemployment for those looking for work no matter how long they are out of work. Our problem is we have been too nice. Nasty gets things done. If we march on Washington by the thousands, we will get what we should have. If we only complain we will get nothing.

  3. hey you not adding all the kids that got out of school and are not counted as unemployed !!!! take that 20% to 40% !!!!!!! we all need to do something ,every 10th lets make it ” DON’T SPEND A DIME DAY ” show what we can do to start. if that doesn’t do anything to Wall Street than we need to take our land back the hard way!!!!!!!!!!

  4. you are right about the cover up but didn’t say that the unemployment rate will keep going down as we 99ers drop off !!!!!!!!! they are all in on this plan to bring the USA down ,so they can have 1 market and 1 nation . we are one of the only nations still allowed to oun guns .we can still fight back .so they will need to take our guns away 1st. then watch what happens!!!!!

  5. Caz,
    You’re. right!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s all we have!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We are the only nation that still has the right to shoot back!
    If we loose that right we’re screwed!
    When the American Public finally wakes up. I have 15,000 rounds waiting. If they want my guns, I’ll give it to em, 1 shell at a time, at 300 – 500 yards.

  6. Google Attacks From the Trenches World Report
    From the Trenches is being censored by Google. We were threatened with censorship last week in reference to our attacks on the government and our support of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul. The treats came out of Chicago, Illinois, where it was announced about five months back that internet thugs working for Barack Obama would be attacking his political enemies on the net, using strong arm tactics.
    From the Trenches will be contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Whether the FBI will act in this matter is debatable as Obama is their boss. However we at From the Trenches will construct our own lawsuit to force Google into a federal court in an evidentiary hearing. Again, what affect this will have is unknown as our government has become corrupt throughout.
    From the Trenches is not the first news site to be attacked in such a manner. Infowars and Prison Planet, two of the largest internet news sites in the nation have been removed from Google News, supposedly because their content is opinion. If the mainstream media was examined using this same standard, it would be shown that there is only about five minutes of actual news reporting in a half hour segment. The rest is absolutely opinion and biased towards the owners of these corporate news sites.
    Google has become too big and has indeed become the government’s strong arm on the internet. Big sites like Infowars and Prison Planet can tell Google to piss off and still thrive via their momentum. Smaller sites like From the Trenches are stifled by Google’s deliberate actions. I think they are hell-bent on stopping anymore pro-patriot sites from reaching a level of prominence.
    Anyway, this is not only an attack on our online newspaper, but an attack on your right to diversified information. Google wants to control you through the information it ALLOWS you to see. As I stated earlier we will pursue every legal remedy. And goddamn Google for their treasonous actions. We shall add them to our list of international insurgents who will be punished. And for you at Google reading this, you cannot win because we will not stop and resistance is victory.
    God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia et.al., we the free thinking Americans of the American race will prevail.

  7. Keep the Spirit of the 99ERs and Homeless Alive!
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    Hobo Up
    Take a good friend
    Hobo Up
    This is not the end
    Hobo Up
    break a leg
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    Open roads are for the brave

    Copyright ©2009 CarlV Larson (Country Carl) and Scott A Robinson (Beau Robinson

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