RT: Alex Jones on Bohemian Grove

“Forget about Bilderberg. America hosts its own top-secret pow-wow every summer in the woods of California, and some of the past participants at the all-male Bohemian Grove party have included presidents, foreign royalty and Hollywood elite.

They are gathering right now for their two week adventure, and filmmaker Alex Jones says he once snuck his way onto the secret site.
“It is a 15 day retreat with music, alcohol, plays, ritualistic behavior,” says Jones, who released a documentary on Bohemian Grove in 2000.

Also, says Jones, male prostitutes are shipped in internationally to service the party goers.

“Richard Nixon told Harpers magazine,” says Jones, “that it is basically a gay meeting.”

He adds, however, that some of the attendees leave the smoke-filled cabins of the Bohemian Grove woods only to go into town where female prostitutes are flown to serve as entertainment.

Jones says, though, that it is more than just a party.

World leaders and CEOs come together for the two-week fest, where Jones says some of the biggest decisions in the world are ironed out, including the Star Wars SDI program and the atomic bomb.

“Why would these heavy hitters, the most powerful people in the world, travel and spend weeks together for just a party?” asks Jones. “It is a partying atmosphere where they try to . . . submit a consensus for an agenda.”

“It’s very pro-world government,” adds Jones, who says the rich and powerful network and try to come to agreement on a massive global agenda.” Source: RT News

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