8 thoughts on “A big liar audaciously tells a big lie

  1. “We only have some of the data “

    But we’re going to bullshit you anyways

    Where do these assholes come from anyways?

    1. Ha!! I’ve heard it told that they were incubated in the some of the earliest tv tubes of the forties. They absorbed every show for 60 years, then were hatched in the early 2000’s and set on a mission of madness. Like Space Odyssey’s Hal, they will be deactivated soon.



  2. Well didn’t she just wrap that turd in sparkles, glitter, rainbows, unicorns and cheesecake?

    AND it’s FREE for pregnant women!

    Quick, someone shoot her in the face and see if her claim about you being 100% completely effective against hospitalization and death.

    The gobsmacked actors’ responses in an effort to sell this tripe is maddening.

  3. Tell that to Tiffany Dover, MIA nurse from TN! Bitch, how much are they paying you.
    How well do you sleep at night? If your conscious will allow it.

  4. interesting nose she’s got there.. Oy!! you ain’t 100pct nothing ever! I guess if it doesn’t kill you in 12 days then you’ll just be cripple or retarded. there’s not a 100pct chance I make it home today! this is how stupid we’ve let it get.

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