2 thoughts on “A Field Guide to spotting Hillary Clinton’s Parkinson’s Disease Signs

  1. The whole issue with Hillary’s health may be miss direction.
    Her real health condition would not be allowed to be in the media from ANY source. I see two possibilities. It may be just to give Hillary free media publicity as in all publicity is good publicity. Or, Hillary has something much worse and all we see in all forms of media is to cover for that.

    If Hillary is so sick, why doesn’t she pull out and do what she can to enjoy her final days? If Hillary is so sick, she must have another reason to continue the race. She only has to survive one or two days after the inauguration to “legally” cover her corruption and let the VP run the Plantation. The VP (I forget his name and really do not care) may be the one really selected to run the Plantation by the Nobility class.

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