Enemy of the State’s Enema Target

tom_wheeler_fccThomas Edgar “Tom” Wheeler (born April 5, 1946)[1][2] is an American businessman and politician. He is the current and 31st Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and a member of the Democratic Party.

He was appointed by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in November 2013.[1] Prior to working at the FCC, Wheeler worked as a venture capitalist and lobbyist for the cable and wireless industry, whom the FCC is now responsible for regulating. Holding positions including President of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) and CEO of theCellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA).  

Preferred Method: Death by Throttling.

Strangling is compression of the neck that may lead to unconsciousness or death by causing an increasingly hypoxic state in the brain.[1]Fatal strangling typically occurs in cases of violence, accidents, and is one of two main ways that hanging may cause death (alongside breaking the victim’s neck).

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