0 thoughts on “A Long Struggle for the Long-Term Unemployed

  1. I said this on here months ago, and here it is. The REAL truth about how bad the unemployment problem is, wasn’t going to get reported by the mainstream media (ABC, NBC, and CBS ) until it was SO BAD, they couldn’t ignore it. I guess they can’t ignore it anymore, when the commentator compares our current situation with The Great Depression of the 1930’s

    1. Well, yes, Clark…but weren’t you as amazed as I to learn that “white collar workers” feel the same emotions as the despicable “blue collar” class?

      You know…those “uneducated” drones who build our buildings, bridges, roads and keep the water flowing to our plumbing and electricity through our grids, build and maintain all transportation machinery, collect our trash and haul it to some mysterious place called “away”, build our decks, clean our pools, grow our food, clean our gutters, maintain our houses, work in our factories, cook our food and serve it to us in our restaurants…..and on and on.

      It just appalls me to see what has happened to the “white collar” workers! Thank goodness someone has had the courage to reveal this atrocity!

      1. Oops! Forgot to mention how these “blue collar” people also translate the idiotic manuals created by the “White Collar” class into comprehensible language actually related to to the real world and make the required adjustments to transform these messes into functioning systems. Damn them all…let’s just turn these jobs over to people who couldn’t meet kindergarten English requirements.

        Sorry…I am old and get confused sontines.

        1. Brian, well put. I didn’t feel real sorry for that guy in the video. He HAS a suit, a place to wash it and put it on, he doesn’t look like he’s missing to many meals, and enough gas to go to the unemployment office and back everyday. Bein’ a ” white collar ” is a real bitch.

  2. They said the government said there are 6 million unemployed , I wonder what the real numbers are. I bet there are alot more people who are not in their count , that are unemployed.

    1. But…but…that would mean we can’t trust the information we’re getting…right? I mean…uh…like…that just couldn’t be could it? Ohhh…where is the NFL when I really need ’em? That’s ok…I’ll just watch 20 minutes of network news….same thing.

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