99ers HR 589 Supporters, Henry Addresses the 99ers Regarding an Unemployment Extension

Foreclosures in the U.S. continue on at a record rate.  Home equity is at its lowest point since 1947.  Weekly new jobless claims came in at 427,000.  A record deficit.  A record debt.  A country in the deepest depression it has experienced since its inception.  So what is the number one news story in the United States?  Anthony Weiner says he will not resign as more of his colleagues call for him to do so.

In case you have been living under a rock in Siberia and haven’t heard, I will let you in on what’s going on.  Congressman Anthony Weiner photo-texted a picture of his wiener to six women and then denied he did so.  I have to believe that the folks at CNN, NSNBC, and FOX are making sacrifices to the propaganda gods in thanks for Congressman Weiner’s indiscretions, as it is literally impossible to fill a 24 hour news cycle with a single story about a mother who may or may not have killed her child.

Though the Casey Anthony trial and the death of a child is certainly tragic, it is by no means unique in these morally corrupt United States.  You can always count on an over emphasis on a tragic every day event when the country is going to hell in a hand basket.

The institutionalized news system of the United States however, has passed its apex.  It is a dying entity being replaced by the internet.  The fact is who would have ever paid that five or ten cents for a national newspaper if they could have looked at the issues of interest from a local level with the push of a button.

The mainstream propaganda has become so mechanical that anyone who considers it as even slightly credible and within the realms of reality is a fool.  They will tell you Mitt Romney is within a few percentage points of Barack Obama in a hypothetical that discounts every other candidate and three fourths of the population.  This is meaningless nonsense nothing more than a sequence of sound bites designed to provoke a response in only the most moronic of minds.

Out on the streets the majority of the people discussing the 2012 election already have Ron Paul sitting in the White House.  The propagandists are failing and they know it, hence the third story making the news today.

Things are out of control in Syria and Yemen and something needs to be done.  However, to invade Syria like we invaded Libya would be a war in proxy with Iran.  The implications seem clear.  If the people are just going to refuse to remain stupefied within the false left-right paradigm and continue to demand the heads of the corporate elite who stole their $28 trillion, I guess they are going to have to get us into a real war starting in Iran and spreading into Pakistan.

Once the war is established we will be informed that “Oopsie daisy, our government made another boo-boo” and the fact is all those countries in the Middle East and North Africa, where we have been supporting the rebellions, are now actually under the control of the dreaded Al Qaida and in reality we are in a full scale war with all of the people of the Middle East, that is of course accept for our most important ally, Israel.

Pakistan has by itself a population of 170 million and they do have a nuclear arsenal.  This is where things are going to get out of hand, which will cause China and Russia to have a legitimate stake in getting in on the action.  Yes, I do believe that it is starting to look like the international corporate mafia’s only way out is to get a billion of us to kill one another in another war to end all wars.

For you 99ers out there who lose control of your bodily functions and curl up into the fetal position when I do not address you directly in my daily article, here you go.  President Obama did say he will be considering legislation for unemployment extensions like that he considered before the big tax cuts for the top 2% as a negotiating point in the upcoming debt ceiling debate.  It will of course provide no relief for the 99ers but is relevant to the issue of unemployment.

And of course it is insignificant in comparison to World War III in reference to potential effects on the average 99ers’ life.  But if it makes some of you feel good I guess I’ve done my service for the day.

We are united and as such we can only hope that we survive long enough to elect Ron Paul in 2012.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 Supporters, Henry Addresses the 99ers Regarding an Unemployment Extension

  1. 99ers…..MR.OBAMA cut the bull your return for 2012 will be back to where no one will remember you….99ers

  2. The banksters need a little more time to steal Syrian assets here in the U.S. before they commit our children to die over there to cover up their theft. Maybe a week or two before that happens. In the meantime, let’s all run to Wal-Mart and buy another I(diot) Pad Or Phone and turn it on to hear what the Kardashian Ho-Hoes have to say about the current state of affairs.

  3. Henry,

    This question is a serious one, no wise butt remark, just want to know, because I don’t. What is so much more different with this Ron Paul everyone is screaming about up against his tea party son Rand Paul? Which we all know Rand appears to not give a flying crap about the poor, the unemployed or middle classes. In your own words SELL me on him… Just an FYI Rand Paul is attempting have food stamp benefits cut in case you were not aware. Also I enjoy reading your pieces, you are an extremely talented and gifted writer.



    1. trk387,
      Ron Paul has been preaching the same message for the past 30 years without waver, while being ridiculed every inch of the way. Dr. Paul also provided free medical care to the poor as a young practicing physician. He is not trying to sell us on fairy tales but is rather giving us the cold hard facts. He, like myself, believes that if we destroy the Federal Reserve, thus the criminal fraud and theft it is facilitating, the recapture of our natural resources through a true free enterprise system will lead our nation back to prosperity.
      What I think a lot of people are failing to realize is that Dr. Paul is not saying he is going to fix everything for us. What he is saying is that he will, to the best of his ability, force the re-institution of our Republic under our Constitution. And I, being educated in the true powers of the Constitution, believe absolutely that I can provide for myself and my family a good life. All I need is the power the Constitution provides to me as a free sovereign citizen and I will level the playing field. And this holds true for every citizen.
      The only reason we are in the mess is because a few generations of citizens before us failed to enforce the Constitution. They did so because the international corporate mafia made sure they had easy lives and lulled them into believing that a government was actually going to take care of them and that said government could be trusted to do so. All they had to do was give the government a free hand.
      As we all know this scenario never works out. We have an individual responsibility but it is not what we have been sold. We are not just responsible to obey the law, but we are also responsible to enforce the law when those we have hired to do so, fail. We have been so negligent in our responsibility that we have allowed our enforcement mechanism, our Constitution, to be taken hostage.
      Dr. Paul can and will free the Constitution. After that it is up to us as in reality when our Constitution is functioning correctly we the people direct our president.
      As for Rand Paul I think he has been played for a sucker and I can no more hold his actions against father than the neo-cons hold his father’s actions against him.
      Hope this clears it up for you.

  4. Henry,

    I will have to read what you wrote several times before it sinks in, lol, but from my first time, it appears me and Mr. Paul believe in the same ideologies…

    Thank you for taking your time to write this, it is appreciated!



  5. Be careful y’all. Constitutionalists are now considered to be potential terrorists. The Military Commissions Act defines any persuasive argument against executive policy and orders to be an act of terrorism. Any real return to the Republic model must be constructed on a solid foundation of reasserted, individual state sovereignty and issuance of interest free Federal, Gold and Silver backed currency. Unfortunately, the central banksters have some very adept marksmen waiting in the wings to deal with any such threat to Chatham House.

    As this planet is designed to be one of martial commerce, there is very little chance that Earthlings will resort to common sense. Besides, they would not know what to do with the advent of global peace anyway. How really ignorant are humans? They actually think it’s OK to put more than one nuclear reactor within a hundred miles of each other in the earthquake capital of the planet, and to put massive spent fuel ponds above and around the reactor itself.

    Mother Nature was careful enough to place very frisky isotopes well away from each other in the strata of the planet. Homo S. decided to eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil geology. OOPS!!

    1. Wray Edwards,

      Well yeah…ok….maybe it wus a little dum to put those reacturs rite thier but at leest we compleetly ignord the possability of the soonammi! Do ya no how much muny we saved?

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