11 thoughts on “A mother’s wrath after her son collapses wearing a mask

  1. Wow, a real human being!! But sad that she only sees the admiralty courts as her help. But still, her anguish is palpable and I hope it reaches and touches many parents and gets them on-board with fighting these tyrants.

    Bless this mom for her passion and for having her instincts intact. May she find her way to The Trench.


    1. Agreed. If she changed “sue” to “shoot” and included the bar traitors on the receiving end she’d be on the right track.

  2. I hope she didn’t vote for Biden, because he wants a “mask mandate” more masks more of the time. I feel for her because I can not wear a mask myself–I get too short of breath. Hope she can sue.


    1. No one has the authority to mandate anything to the individual sovereign. Our Bill of Rights (the absolute and only Law we have) MANDATES due process. Look over here under the donate info and you can read the process yourself >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    1. Like I did with my daughter…and I was 40 when I birthed her! 80 degrees on “Veterans Day,” 1992, almost 1 pm. Paramedic hubby helped…

  3. Why did you wait until your son collapsed ? Love your message, but your alittle late…Your goddamned lucky hes still alive.

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