A Review of the Global Chessboard

While the Fascist Western nations continue to wage war, the Communist BRIC nations are quietly engaging in their own economic and financial world, free of the U.S. dollar and Western influence. During this time, not one of these BRIC countries has been actually under any physical attack. Even though they have been threatened, they have more or less been fenced off, yet at the same time, protected by the West. In addition to that, South America led by Brazil, for some reason, still has not been met with the same hostility from Western powers as the other BRIC countries. But it seems that with the current events happening now, just after the illegal immigrant invasion, South America is slowly coming in to play.  

Currently, the elite are trying to establish a new global currency in order to eliminate the US/Petro dollar. So they formed the BRIC nations. You would think that with centralized bankers bombing anyone who doesn’t follow their fiat currency that they would immediately go to war with these countries, but for reasons stated in the previous sentence, they are allowing it to continue and only make it “appear” that these countries are being threatened by the West. Hence, this is why they still have not been actually attacked. Once their global currency is put into motion as well as their control on trade, the economic system and the U.S. dollar will officially collapse, bringing in a new era and a new shift in control of the world.

It’s no coincidence that every time Western powers attack somewhere that they become more in debt, while the BRIC countries increase their global investment portfolios. While the West is exporting all their resources, the BRICs are stockpiling them. As the mainstream and alternative media outlets start to vilify Obama and the West, Putin and the BRICs are portrayed to be the heroes. To think that both Putin and Obama aren’t puppets coordinating with the same masters in this geopolitical overhaul is absolutely ridiculous.

Until recently, it seems that chaos has been happening all over the world except in South America, which is a big chunk of land with lots of trade resources. However, with the invasion of Central American countries into the US, that all is slowly changing. One might question, are they trying to make South America the new North America and North America the new South America? With the Southern border invasion and the U.S. government in occupation, the U.S. as we know it is quickly becoming the Banana Republic and is being destroyed from within.

Meanwhile, Russia and China have coincidentally come around and re-established ties with Cuba as well as create stronger trade policies with Central and South American countries in order to prop up their new BRIC currency. Once again, the West attacks (In the U.S. case, it attacks its own people), spending more and using up lots of resources, while the BRIC countries slither in underneath and take all of the spoils left behind like the Communist snakes that they are. It’s the same formula being used over and over again.

So without further adieu, let’s review the global chessboard.


During WWII, the elite were using two types of political models to pit one side of the world against the other in hopes of coming up with a synthesis and to destroy any free republic that was left. It became more of a test phase and since the people weren’t dumb down enough and America was still strong, Hitler with his warmongering campaign wasn’t able to conquer the West with Fascism and the somewhat free Western powers that defeated him were then able to put a wall on Communism for the time being.

Some fifty years later, the Berlin Wall was torn down and the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed among other things, thereby fully releasing both Communism and Fascism and putting them both in full swing for the next twenty or so years as the masses continue even to this day (although it is slowly changing) to be dumb down with their TV shows and social policies. In addition to that, we have Obama who is portrayed as the new Fascist Hitler while Putin is portrayed as the new Stalin. History is repeating itself and the elites are back where they left off in WWII, only this time, the setting has expanded on an entire worldwide scale and there is no more freedom and all republican forms of government have basically been abolished, meaning whichever side or government model wins, We the People of the world LOSE!

Furthermore, during WWII, the West has always been portrayed as the good guys, now it’s somewhat the East. It’s a complete shift in the geopolitical atmosphere. To think that this has all happened by accident and not by design is absolutely absurd. It is all a part of the elite’s plan for a New World Order and a One World Government.

So currently, we have Western Europe with the European Union falling apart and sinking deeper into debt by the day. Greece is bankrupt, with Portugal, Ireland and many others on the way. Now we have Ukraine as the central focus in the media to which all Western and Eastern Europe is focused on with it being basically the red line in the sand for both sides. Ukraine is in a state of civil war as the Zionists bankers want the country for themselves, while the people want to remain free from their control and are seeking assistance from Russia who is standing by the sidelines and waiting out the scenario. Russia is all too familiar with the Zionists control since the Bolshevik Revolution and the people want nothing to do with them, while Putin who is controlled opposition and who some say is a Zionist himself, is the political puppet playing both sides of the game.

Finally, in the past few days, we have a false flag incident in which a Malaysian plane supposedly veered off course and crashed, killing all onboard and in which the West is pointing fingers at Putin and Russia as the evil culprits with very little evidence to support their claims.


It’s ironic that during WWII, China was seen as the weak country and the Japanese empire was the aggressor. They controlled Taiwan, Korea, Southeast Asia and even invaded, plundered, raped and massacred hundreds of thousands of Chinese people in what was known as the Rape of Nanking. In addition to that, they allied themselves with Germany and Hitler. It wasn’t until Pearl Harbor that the U.S., who wanted to stay out of the war, was dragged by the Zionists to enter the war. After the Battle of Midway, the Japanese Empire eventually retreated and surrendered after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Today, we see the complete opposite happening. The Chinese Empire funded by the Zionist Jews is seen as the aggressor while Japan is seen as the weak country and whose land and people are on the verge of becoming extinct, no thanks to the radiation from Fukushima infecting everyone and everything and with no one to help them stop it from spreading. In addition to that, they are battling with China over a group of islands that they both claim territory to and seems to be the red line in the sand for whether a war will officially break out or not in that area. China calls them the Diaoyu islands, while Japan calls them the Senkaku Islands. These islands also supposedly contain rich minerals resources that neither country wants to give up. (See here, here, here, here, and here)  Furthermore, we have Vietnam and the Philippines with the help of the Zionist backed US government, trying to blockade the Chinese Navy from expanding their territory in the Southeast and South China Seas.

Finally, we have fat Lil’ Kim in North Korea, who is most likely paid off by the Zionists to constantly remind the world that him and his country still exist on the geopolitical radar by making tiresome empty threats whenever the Zionists need a distraction or an excuse to fire up their war rhetoric. Meanwhile, the North Korean people go on starving and are tortured if they don’t follow Dear Leader and give thanks to him for being in the world, while the people in South Korea are constantly standing by and waiting to go to war with them again, any time the fat, little thing decides to antagonize them by shooting a missile or firing a weapon into the air.


What can one say about the Middle East and Africa? It’s a complete mess as it should be, seeing as how it is at the epicenter of the current Zionist homeland.

In Northern Africa, Libya wanted to be free from the Zionist control and wanted their own currency, but with the Zionists and the help of the West, they were invaded and Gaddafi was murdered and a Zionist regime was put into place. Egypt also tried going against the Zionists and are now in a state of anarchy.

In regards to the rest of Africa, most of it is controlled by British and US forces who are using the corruption and poverty in the continent to turn its people into slaves in order to mine and steal their precious metals, minerals and other natural resources and exporting what we commonly refer to as “Blood Money”.

In the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan were invaded under false pretenses after the Zionist, 9/11 false flag plot occurred. Soon afterwards, Iraq itself also went into a state of anarchy after Saddam Hussein was ousted and murdered by a Zionist backed government that was inserted in Iraq shortly after the war ended.

Now Iraq is still in a state of anarchy years after the war had supposedly ended and has been invaded by a CIA backed Al-Qaeda offshoot known as ISIS who have plundered, massacred hundreds and stolen countless weapons from the Iraqi military that were for some reason left unprotected. So after controlling much of Iraq, they are expanding their influence into Syria, but for some reason, they say they are not expanding their invasion into Israel yet, despite the fact that they represent opposing views and are seen as basically enemies. Imagine that. One just might think that ISIS was really the Mossad in disguise.

Afghanistan is still being plundered and raided from time to time in order to maintain control of the poppy fields and the lithium that they have there that’s just waiting to be mined. The poppy fields are being used to finance the drug war and the war itself, while the lithium is being used to help power their batteries and military weapons. Otherwise, there is no reason why we should still be there whatsoever.

Pakistan was invaded when Obama and his Zionist masters decided to do the infamous false flag Osama Bin Laden raid without Pakistani’s authorization and supposedly two seal teams were destroyed during the raid where we are supposed to believe that Osama Bin Laden was shot dead and his body was thrown at the bottom of the ocean in adherence to some Muslim tradition. Furthermore, no proof has ever been presented and many believe that he died shortly after 9/11 from Leukemia and has been dead since late 2001. The Pakistanis are pissed off at the US for entering their country and airspace without authorization and still, like many other people around the world, are not buying the Osama Bin Laden story as their intelligence has never seen anyone even closely resembling him in that area and feel that they have been shunned by the world for harboring a terrorist that they didn’t know they had nor do they believe who was ever there in the first place.

Syria, Iran and Russia are allied with each other, yet each are currently in a position unable to really help each other as the Zionists have generated a wedge between these countries by manufacturing a crisis to keep Russia distracted near Ukraine, creating problems with Syria using the Syrian Rebels and ISIS, and leaving Iran somehow standing along the sides trying to figure out how to deal with Iraq and ISIS, while at the same time securing their own borders from invasion and helping Syria.

In addition to that, we have Hamas trying to bomb Israel because of their countless war crimes and in which the Palestinians near the Gaza Strip are being massacred with white phosphorus bombs by Israeli retaliatory attacks towards Hamas. Finally, Saudi Arabia is left wondering, what’s our role in all of this?

As far as the red line in the sand in the Middle East and Africa is concerned, it used to be Iran, but now with the ISIS campaign and confusion, it seems that no one really knows for sure.


Now with the exception of some past coverage of Venezuela and Hugo Chavez who died not too long ago, there has been very little news coverage of South America and, as I said earlier, is quite a big chunk of land to leave out in the coming World War, so you can bet your money something is going to develop and erupt in the not too distant future. After all, they can’t have a world war or New World Order if the entire world is not at war or in chaos at the same time now, can they?

Many people have wondered how they would get South America involved in it all. However, since this illegal immigrant invasion has started and the government calling these criminals refugees because of the harsh conditions in their home countries, you can expect the elite to take advantage of this crisis to expand it into South America.

As we speak, Russia is resuming talks with Cuba again as China is trying to create another Panama Canal as well as get Brazil and the rest of South America to use a Chinese Yuan back currency. Both Russia and China are creating their own trade routes, using their own currency and buying up South American resources, thus pushing the U.S. and the West out of the equation as well as causing further conflict with them. As they continue to expand their influence in South America, you can probably expect the elite to use Russia and China’s trade agenda to somehow try and falsely connect them to the corruption and “humanitarian crisis” in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. They will most likely start setting them up to blame them for their problems in their countries and in addition to that, since China is trying to compete with the US in creating their own Panama Canal, you can probably expect the Panama Canal to be the red line drawn in the sand in the not too distant future, that will be the starting point of the elite’s banker created war between North America and South America, thus creating their North American Union and South American Union.

So you just might expect to see a buildup of military forces and more intervention in and around Central and South America as the months go on.  In the meantime, the Zionists will use the mainstream media to continue their Hegelian financial war game of pitting their US/Petro currency against the BRIC currency.


The only country left out here that’s not been mentioned and is a part of the BRIC countries is India. How they fit into all of this, no one is entirely sure at this time. But with the largest population in the world, the outsourcing of jobs to there, as well as their close proximity to China and Pakistan, you can bet the elite will find a way to drag them in somehow.



 zone 1


 zone 2


 zone 3


 zone 4


Western Europe vs Eastern Europe – Ukraine

China vs Asia – Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands

Israel vs the Middle East and Africa – Iran?

North America vs South America – Possibly the Panama Canal?


As you can see the Zionists have their hands in every scenario and if you look at every major war throughout history, these psychopaths have created and financed every one of them. Also, they continually control the media and position themselves to be the innocent ones or the victims in every war. Furthermore, after causing chaos in one country or area in the world, they continually get kicked out of that country or simply find a way to weasel their way out of that country and into another one, where they create a problem for the people in and around the area of that new country of residence.

In WWI, they caused problems for the people of Germany and went to England for protection. It wasn’t long before WWII started that the people of Britain were anxious to get rid of the Zionists in their own country. So working together with the Zionists after WWII, the British Government made sure the Balfour Declaration was carried out so that the Zionists would finally be able to move to Palestine, where they would be out of their hair and into the Palestinians. It was believed that the Zionist Jews would return to their supposed homeland in hopes that they would work peacefully and live side by side with the Palestinians. However, as we have witnessed throughout history and even since they have arrived in Palestine, that was the last thing that the Zionists wanted and peace with the Palestinians was never allowed to happen. One may wonder where the Zionists will migrate to next after their latest war gets under way.

Lastly, we have also previously received word at the end of May of 2012, that the Rockefeller family which controls the Western Hemisphere and the Rothschild family which controls the Eastern Hemisphere have joined together to form an alliance (See here and here), which can only mean one thing, Hell on Earth!

From this, we can see who is funding the West and who is funding the East. They each controlled a side during WWI and WWII and now each controls a side for the coming World War that is about to happen.

As you can see, wherever the Zionists go, trouble is sure to follow. They deceive, manipulate and ruin the area that they are in and move on to the next area like locusts. This time, they have control of the Americas, Africa, Europe, Russia, China, Australia and the rest of Asia, and are trying to gain control of the Middle East. They will stop at nothing until they use the combined power of Fascism and Communism to create their synthesized world Zionist authoritarian government and army (aka UN) in which all resources will be controlled by them and all non-Zionist Jews will be nothing but slaves, cannon fodder and useless eaters.


Where is the current UN in all of this? It seems they are the mop up crew for any Western created crisis. Their final mop up will be after the final collapse and destruction of the U.S. (if we allow it to happen) and the complete disarmament and transfer of military forces around the world over to them as they follow the Zionists into a One World Order.


The world as we know it has ceased to exist and is now being turned upside down. What once was third world is now becoming the superpower and what once was the superpower is now becoming third world. If we in the U.S. and the people in Western Europe don’t wake up out of this funk that we are in and fight for our freedoms and most importantly our survival, all hope for the world will be lost. The moral rule of law is quickly vanishing from this world. We the people truly are the last bastion of freedom and hope for humanity.

Keep on fighting, everyone. Never give up. Death to the New World Order!


7 thoughts on “A Review of the Global Chessboard

  1. Excellent take on World affairs NC! Zionist control of World Banking and the U.S. Military has put them in a position to enslave the World through debt, and ruin the U.S. by involving us in proxy war after proxy war for Israel’s benefit. Dual citizen Israelis have infiltrated our Federal government using bribes and extortion in which they have wrapped their tentacles around every meaningful seat of power in our government. What this really means is traitors running the show and We the People have no representation at the Federal level. Zionism is humanity’s worst nightmare and, if it’s not too late already, must be dealt with in a brutal manner with no mercy just as the Zionists deliver to the Palestinians.

  2. Wow NC. Thorough and insightful. Well thought out, accurate and carefully examined. Another Trencher piece that can hopefully break down a complicated topic for recently awakened or fence-sitters. Thanks for all the hard work to all you guys who take the time to do so. Time is not only short but also very valuable. The richest man in the world can not buy even more second of time and that is what levels the playing field for all of us. These evil bastards will also meet an end someday is my only consolation sometimes!

  3. What a great article NC! Your article is very well written, illustrated and explains everything a person needs to know about what is really going on. The Zionist are beyond evil and must somehow be stopped.

  4. Thanks a lot everyone.

    “While the Fascist Western nations continue to wage war, the Communist BRIC nations are quietly engaging in their own economic and financial world, free of the U.S. dollar and Western influence.”

    Just so you know, I realize both Fascism and Communism are basically the same thing when it all comes down to it, but it seems like the West is usually identified as being a little more Fascist, while the BRICs are usually identified as being a little more Communist. At least that’s how the media generally portrays it.

  5. “The only country left out here that’s not been mentioned and is a part of the BRIC countries is India. How they fit into all of this, no one is entirely sure at this time. But with the largest population in the world,”

    China. China has the largest population. 1,363,950,000
    #2India= 1,236,344,631
    #3USA= 318,423,000

    Other than that great read.
    Thanks NC.

    1. Really? I thought it was reported in the news that India overshot China in population a few years ago? Damn! My bad.

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