A Time to Kill

Published on Jul 12, 2017 by Stefan Verstappen

The most controversial concept in the Way of the Warrior, the mental readiness to inflict violence. This will upset a lot of people, but I can only tell the truth that is, not the truth I wish it were.

The irony is that this readiness to fight, is the greatest deterrent to violence.

We still live in a jungle and the laws of the jungle still apply.
Readings from the book The Way of the Warrior.


One thought on “A Time to Kill

  1. Why would the author say this must upset some? Violence is the basic motivator of life. Everything else that sits on top, everything we have layered on top, is a false reality. This false reality has become an illusion to the majority of people. It is the illusion that keeps us enslaved. The rulers of this world very clearly understand violence and use it with impunity. It is the slaves who have been brain washed into having no stomach for force. We will never be free until we understand violence and it’s power. The ability to eliminate the physical presence of your enemies enables you to stop, not postpone nor delay, your enemies attempts to eliminate or abuse you. Nothing else can do that. Crying, whining and protesting won’t do that. Writing your congressmen won’t do that. Exposing the corruption won’t do that. Only killing will set you free.

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