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A Time to Kill

NC Renegade – by LT

I am a soldier.  I know what war looks like, what it sounds like, smells like, what it feels like in my soul.

I stand today in the twilight of my nation’s grace, looking into the darkness of impending war.

My sleep is troubled, knowing what awaits, yet the ignorant and the ‘true believers’ sleep easily in their delusions, and I am saddened by it.

Daily, I see the Blackhawk and Apache helicopters flying over my city, the military vehicles which appear so frequently now on our roads, often with ‘guns up’ in violation of Posse Comitatus, and I know why they prepare, that it is not far off.

Nightly I hear the report of gunfire near my home, the noise angry men make as they prepare to boil over.  These are not soldiers – they are but angry men.  And though I share their well-justified anger, I am cautious with them, for they are not disciplined, and they know not the face of war, nor the burdens it imposes upon mind, body, and soul.  Because of this, they are dangerous, and I am saddened by this – that dangerous men should roam the streets near my home, full of anger and the lust for vengeance.

All about me are the ceaseless murmurs of soulless politicians and media propagandists, who wear their agendas on their sleeves as a badge of superiority, and the boundless echoes of their contrived ‘message’ assaults me from all sides, even repeated from the mouths of dear friends, and I am saddened by it.

soldier-fighting-position-m240I bear witness to the fact that throughout my lifetime, the lifeblood of my republic has been drained away by greedy and self-serving men, from high to low, who contrive nought but deception against their neighbors and countrymen, and who fail to consider that their children and mine shall share the same fate, the same future, and I am saddened by it.

But I am a soldier, and I know what must be done; and so I shall put away my sadness and I shall harness up the bitter steed of war, and gird myself up for the battle; and I shall ride out to meet the enemies of Liberty; not in rage, not for anger sake or the hope of vengeance; but because I swore an oath before God, to jealously guard our Republic and its Constitution against all enemies; Him I shall not disappoint, for He is my Hope and my Trust.

Therefore, as much as my soul laments against the harsh truth before me, I make this declaration to my enemies who press me into this battle, that none shall be able to afterwards say “I did not know, you did not warn me”;

I do not care why you took that job with the government, or why you continue to hold it.  I only know that you have become Judas and sold yourself to an oppressive state – your government office buildings and vehicles are part of the battlefield, and as a soldier I shall act accordingly.

I do not care why, as a journalist, you choose to spin and corrupt the news, rather than report the plain truth and let the people judge for themselves.  I only know that you have violated the public trust in the most vile and seditious manner, and thus your homes, offices, studios, vehicles, and any other place you may find yourself are part of the battlefield, and as a soldier I shall act accordingly.

I do not care why you signed that union card.  I only know that you pay dues to a communist organization which conducts treasonous works against my Republic daily – and so your union hall and your work-sites are part of the battlefield, and as a soldier I shall act accordingly.

I do not care that you only voted for the traitor because you are elderly/disabled or otherwise dependent upon government largess.  Are you so ignorant and/or disinterested that you could not see through their propaganda, to the fact that your sustenance was assured either way?  What have you gained now that the public housing areas you live in, and the public facilities you depend on are part of the battlefield?  Though I am a soldier, I can afford you little protection, for you have placed yourselves on the battlefield.

sniper-fiftyI know that all of these places andall of these people are part of the battlefield ,not just because I am a soldier, and have experienced a few battlefields in my day; but also because our President declares that even our own homes are on the battlefield, whether we wish them to be or not, and I have no choice but to believe him; it’s not just that the NDAA passed – a battlefield is not defined by law; it’s the profound build-up of martial power and resources across my once-great nation which tells me a battle is being prepared here.  Over two billion rounds of ammunition procured by DHS and its sub-agencies in the past 18 months, plus machine guns in the tens of thousands, armored vehicles, combat aircraft, drones, and other implements of war being staged throughout our nation, our home – how do you explain that except as the preparation for battle?

Private-AI will fight not because I desire it, but because I cannot justify any other course of action – when the enemy attacks, you must fight – you must kill or you will die.

I smell you, my enemy; I can feel the ambush you have laid for me and my true countrymen, all about like a sticky spider’s web, yet we will not back down, and though you will kill some of us, you will not get us all before we have finished with you.

I stand here, ready, on the eve of battle, and I ask God why I have been brough to the threshold of this battlefield, about to be thrust in, when I though my soldiering days were through; and I am reminded that there is by His decree, a Time to Kill, as well as a Time to Die…  who am I to question why?

 Saddle up, boys, it’s time to ride out and meet them.

~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to Death!

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14 Responses to A Time to Kill

  1. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Americans:

    Allow me to distill down the noble words and sentiments expressed above:

    “You are only as useful as your willingness to fight!”

    You can have the worlds biggest Rifle, Handgun, hell, even Hand-Grenade collection for that matter,… but if you are not willing to use it when necessary,.. then those weapons, and the person who owns them are completely,.. irrelevant,.. and useless.

    In the Battle Of Thermopylae, King Leonidas of the 300 Spartans said it best when the confronted over 300,000 Persians,… “King Xerxes has plenty of men,.. but no soldiers.”

    I ask ALL Americans, Patriots & Veterans – Make up your mind NOW!, that when the time comes, you will NOT lay down your arms,.. you WILL fight any treasonous or gov’t force of tyranny,.. and you except that unshakable conviction into your heart,.. now.

    Find your courage,.. and screw it to that sticking place,… this country is about to go to war to defend our rights of freedom and liberty,.. again.

    John Dee – US Marine Fighting Tyranny – I solemnly pledge to protect myself, my family, my country and the US Constitution from the enemies that are within, and without our country, and are about to wage open war against us. So help me God.

  2. m_astera says:

    Labor union members are your enemies? I think you are a little confused, bro. That is the Koch brothers’ propaganda foisted on the tea party along with that moron from Alaska. The Koch brothers have a strong interest in keeping their private companies union-free.

    The enemies of freedom, prosperity, and the people of the USA are, in order:
    Cops, Judges, Prosecutors, Bankers and Politicians. Next in line is anyone who aids and abets the criminal activity of the above.If you can’t figure that out, you will be no help to the cause of freedom.

    • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:


      You miss the enitre point of his epistle, and focused in on an issue of little concern or merit,… its the lack of critical thinking skills like that that have permitted our predicement to materialize,.. however, to address it properly:

      Although labor unions started from a legitimate basis,.. they themselves have become instruments of communism and tyranny.

      (Read Upton Sinclairs: The Jungle)

      This does NOT mean that all unions are bad, or that members have evil intent,… but the same can be said about banks.

      Unions, like banks, force a cost upon non-members and citizens at large that are unwarranted, and abusive, if not out-right criminal in nature.

      Any institution that exerts control over people, money or geography always moves from universal good, to universal bad.

      Where any particular organization is in that transition, is always debatable.

      JD – US Marines

    • Lowtolerance says:

      No, JD, he said it, and it was ignorant as hell to say in this day and time. If this country is ever freed and the unions try to fill the power vacuum, we will deal with them then. As it stands now, keep your eye on the damn ball.

  3. Billy T says:

    Born beautiful. Made ugly.

    The lesson of materialism.

    I pray that the “battlefield” doesn’t consume you, like it has so many that have come before.

  4. Joe says:

    War is just what THEY want. It doesn’t matter who. Pro vs anti, left vs right, white vs non-white, .gov vs citizens.

    The ambush is when they sucker a small number of sufficiently “scary” but not sufficiently prepared people to shoot first or even just announce that they did, and then respond with overwhelming force to scare the rest into cooperating with their own downfall.

    • CXJ says:

      Nice try Joe but no banana. The government couldn’t blow out a candle and even if they could. I am in the fight. The big bad government relies on fear and millions are not afraid. Do you understand what that means?

      Obama was right on two accounts: Change and Forward.

      The Patriots have “Changed” from a passive force to an active force.

      The Patriots are advancing “Forward” to take back our liberties and restore the Republic.

      BO opened a huge can of “Whup Ass!” Big mistake! He not only has awakened the giant he now is facing a giant that is about to thump heads.

      Furthermore, we Americans know that its the Oligarchy who is driving this revolt and while it is true that they want us to fight each we Americans recognize its the Oligarchy that is the true insurgent and demon. We will give them what they want, but in return they shall give us what we want. Good day

      • US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

        Hi CJX,


        But lets be fair here, and NOT under-estimate the initial success the gov’t stooges will have.

        If we over-estimate the gov’ts ability, no problem,… w ewin that much easier each time,.. but if we make the unforgivable mistake of under-estimating,.. good people die,.. therefore,.. don’t under-estimate,.. expect, and prepare for the worst,.. always.

        They will have success at first, but as word spreads, it will not take long for the open ambushes and confrontations to start, and the body count quickly catches up.

        Give em hell when the time CXJ!

        JD – US Marines – We have not yet begun to fight!

  5. mothman777 says:

    The US government were Jewish Communist traitors long before this, in allowing the Judaic Noahide Laws to become law in 1991 through George Bush Sr., and to remain law in the USA till today. These laws allow any US emergency administration to kill any or all non-Jews in the event of the constitution being suspended, and guillotines are installed on military bases already across the USA in readiness to carry out this Talmudic edict.

    Weapons confiscation that the Jewish US administration now plans just makes this genocide of all Gentiles much easier for them, and what is planned is much more brutal a slaughter than what took place in Russia under Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin.

    The Jews alone are responsible for this, and the Noahide Laws are the total proof of their murderous intent against the rest of Gentile humanity worldwide. The Jews have been using the US to do their dirty work for very many years.

    If you don’t think real Jews could do this, and that someone is using the Jewish name as a cover for their own criminal actions, posing as Zionists, and ‘Ashkenazim’, like some unwitting dupes are currently saying, see the film ‘911missinglinks’, and see the words of Brother Nathaniel Kapner for proof that Zionists are Jews, and see the proof from the genetic studies done by Dr Karl Skorecki that Ashkenazim Jews in Israel and elsewhere really are real Jews.

    The Talmud states “Even the best of Gentiles should all be killed”. And the Jews mean to do just that, just as the 4,000 Jews of all different denominations, Jews and so-called ‘fake’ Ashkenazim Jews, Zionist and non-Zionist, practicing and non-practicing, theist and atheist, all kept their mouths shut on 9/11 and still do today, just like a military unit would, leaving all their Gentile workmates of many years standing to be vapourized or burned to death, and you can expect all other Jews in the US to stand as one today as well, just as those 4,000 did, as one terrorist group willing to act as one, on the instant, just as they did on 9/11, to kill all Gentiles, using any in the US armed forces willing to remain under control of Jewish politicians and Jewish senior officers.

    The Jewish religion demands a world inhabited only by Jews, and that is what is coming unless you resist now, and get the present government out. That is what the Noahide Laws are about for heaven’s sake, yet people continue to argue over over comparatively minor issues, whilst death itself is being planned for them, genocide no less. Keep your guns. Don’t let anyone take you to any guillotine! But right now, see what legal and lawful means are available to remove the present government from office. Put some Gentile patriots in office in place of the treasonous and traitorous Jews who are presently in office. If you think Jews are not relevant to this issue, and leave any in power, they will kill you, simple as, just like their religion tells them to. They have only one loyalty, that is to Israel, and we can interpret Israel to mean the worldwide Jewish people also, a well as the worldwide Jewish state to come, in which no Gentiles are intended to exist.

    Think about the means the Jews have to accomplish this, Bill Gates’ genocidal vaccination program intended to reduce the world population by 1 billion people, no less, he himself stated, and the Jewish GMO program to sterilize and kill. Think about the Samson Option, and all the nukes all their proxy governments hold in the US, UK, and France; they can waste the world right now and not blink an eyelid. But you can stop them if you get Jews out of office.

    If you think I exagerrate, or that not all Jews are bad, or that only ‘fake’ Ashkenazim Jews would do such a thing, and that the Jews you know are really great people, as you have known them for years, they will kill you all the easier. The Jewish religion states that all gentiles are non-living, demonic souls, that belong only in eternal hell, as they are all totally irredeemable, and pure evil, being part of Satan’s creation, whereas the Jews consider themselves to be the creation of God, eternally pure and sinless. They see their duty only as being to kill you and send you straight to hell, after giving you a good dose of hell even in this life, just to send you straight in that direction.

    They are NOT going to convert you, as Gentile souls are what they are for all eternity according to Torah and Talmud and current rabbinical thinking, they are just going to take your heads off with guillotines, and if you argue with their DHS officers that are still loyal to them, you will get a hollow point dum dum bullet to execute you, NKVD style. So get the Jews out of office and out of the country NOW.

    See ‘Mothman777’s Blog’ for some very interesting facts.

    Whatever you do, make sure all Jews lose their citizenship and are removed from all positions of influence and power in the US. Also, the US must completely separate from the UK, the UK being the secret Judaic masonic Freemasonic controllers of the US with the Chabad Lubavitcher Jews especially, using the US as proxies to do all their Jewish NWO empire-building without getting their hands dirty, using their company, the ‘United States of America’, owned by the Jewish British ‘royal family’.

    From John Friend’s Blog on America’s Founding Fathers: “Jonathan Williams recorded in his LEGIONS OF SATAN, 1781, that Cornwallis revealed to Washington that “a holy war will now begin on America, and when it is ended America will be supposedly the citadel of freedom, but her millions will unknowingly be loyal subjects to the Crown.” Cornwallis went on to explain what would seem to be a self contradiction: “Your churches will be used to teach the Jew’s religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry.”

  6. Eomer says:

    I live and grew up in the rust belt. My father, my uncle and my grandfather all worked in the steel mills and they were all in the unions. In fact, at one point my grandfather was a union rep. Yes, the unions at a time, played a very important role in protecting the rights and wages of the workers. But after so long the unions became corrupt and greedy like most organizations, companies, countries or collectives that gain some sort of power or control. I’ve heard many stories about things the unions did that were wrong, deceitful and very wasteful. Im not gonna lay all of the blame of the demise of the steel industry on the unions, but they definitely played a role in it. Now, with the combination of unions with government jobs, we live in a country where people vote solely on the idea of keeping their source of income regardless of whatever collateral damage (i.e. totalitarianism, authoritarianism, tyranical oversized govt) may come along with it. I believe the people should follow the idea of Thomas Jefferson in which he said it would be healthy for the people to revolt every 20 years. If we would go into the govt and unions every so many years (less than 20 would be better) and clean house and get rid of the greedy criminals, this would be a much better country.

  7. Robert says:

    Powerful words Bud.

  8. Thomas Rice says:

    They may get my guns, but they better hide all the gasoline, deisel fuel and matches as well cause paybacks going to be a bitch

  9. Robert says:

    “The Polish people started to resist the oppression of the Russian secret Police and Polish security forces going out to make mass arrest of activist in the Solidarity movement. There is one quote in the book Gulag Archipelago that changed everything. The quote is:
    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they ARRESTED A QUARTER OF THE ENTIRE CITY, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, PALING WITH TERROR at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, THE CURSED MACHINE WOULD HAVE GROUND TO A HALT! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – WE HAD NO AWARENESS OF THE REAL SITUATION…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
    America is becoming aware!!!

  10. PJ London says:

    If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, and which against the usurpations of the national rulers, may be exerted with infinitely better prospect of success than against those of the rulers of an individual state. In a single state, if the persons intrusted with supreme power become usurpers, the different parcels, subdivisions, or districts of which it consists, having no distinct government in each, can take no regular measures for defense. The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair.
    Alexander Hamilton
    To disarm the people is the best and most effective way to enslave them.
    — George Mason

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