A tiny home that appears much larger than it actually is

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You won’t necessarily sacrifice comfort by living in a tiny house,  at least not according to work-at-home husband and wife team Andrew and Gabriella Morrison. They live in a 221 square foot home, which is dubbed hOMe. The tiny hose is designed in a way that maximizes each part of the living space, giving the appearance of being a much larger house than it is. The home greatly resembles a shipping container from the outside due to its shape, and is only 8 feet and 6 inches wide.  

The tiny home is built on a trailer chassis, meaning that the owners could bypass several building codes and regulations, such as minimum building sizes or even minimum room sizes, which make building tiny houses so difficult. In designing and building their house they sacrificed none of the comforts found in a larger home. The tiny home contains a home office, a large living area, a spacious bedroom, and a fully equipped bathroom and kitchen.

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To make the most of the available space, they placed the kitchen at one end of the rectangular structure and the bathroom at the other, which enabled them to use the full width of the trailer. The kitchen is equipped with a five burner range, an 18 cubic foot fridge and lots of cabinet space. The bathroom is equipped with a Sun-Mar composting toilet, but is still spacious enough for comfortable bathing.

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The living area contains a built-in sofa, and a counter that doubles as a dining table and home office space. One of the more innovative features of the home is the storage stair, which leads up to the large loft bedroom, and into which storage shelves are built. They opted for a staircase rather than a ladder, which is the more conventional choice for tiny houses, because they plan to live in their hOMe for a long time, and ladders are difficult to navigate for the elderly. The tiny house also features a second loft area, which rests over the bathroom and is accessible via a ladder. To minimize the amount of storage space they needed, Gabriella and Andrew have made their office completely paperless by using Evernote and a Scansnap scanner to keep all their files in the cloud rather then in filing cabinets.

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Their tiny house is also completely off-the-grid, so they are not tied down to any utility bills or systems. In other words, the tiny hOMe offers them total freedom, which was one of the key reasons they decided to build it.

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12 thoughts on “A tiny home that appears much larger than it actually is

  1. As these are nice and I can understand why people are flocking to them, there is a cost factor. I have a 27 ft bunkhouse trailer that has 216 sqft and only cost seven thousand. I have looked at prices for these and they can run from 10,000 to above 25,000. The off the grid part of it I’m not sure of because of the refrigerator.

    1. they are pretty cool little houses, but mine is on wheels and I can tow it behind my truck. I just wish that I could use it more. I guess when the economy tanks, we can live in it. 🙂

    2. REDHORSE, how did you find a bunk house for 7000? We bought a 35 foot lacrosse, but we didn’t come close to that price.

    3. you don’t need a refrigerator 6 months out of the year if you live in a state with winter. A propane refrigerator uses a 20 pound tank every 33 days. So that is about $18 bucks a month for 6 months. A bag of ice is a dollar a day as well. So a cooler is just as good. It really boils down to what you think you want, or what you know you need.

  2. Soft selling the idea of Agenda 21. You like this? Then you will be ok with them stacked into great big complexes in limited locations around the Nation (North America), beside major hubs on the main corridor routes..

      1. Absolutely, i could easily spen a fantastic summer in one of those.
        Where i grew up, there were still men woking for farmers that had been hired at the farms they were working at during the great depression.
        The farmers had built them these tiny one room houses which they lived in untill they died. These “little homes” remind me of them.

        What i am talking about is tiny appartments where they are going to move people who are displaced when they depopulate the new “wildlands” as in Agenda 21. Michael Bloomberg (yep) did a beta test in NYC, and here is the link to an article from Bloomberg news:

        1. GeorgeW,
          Yeah I saw that article a while back. They are starting to do that crap here where I am as well. They actually have a developer building tiny apartments down town that came on the local news and made this statement: “You don’t need much of a kitchen, you can just go eat at all of the restaurants down here”. I bet his house isn’t agenda 21 sized.

      2. Bulldog
        We kinda fell into the deal through a friend and we just couldn’t pass it up. It’s a 2005 Jayco 27 foot bunkhouse. I know because at the time they were going for ten to twelve.

        1. Not bad. Our first was a Jayco Octane, toy hauler. Built in generator, fuel tank, 112 gallons of water. We got the new one in 2012. It isn’t a toy hauler, but it has two slides and is a lot more comfortable. We looked at fifth wheels, but they are too expensive and you lose your truck bed and I still have to haul a generator when we dry camp. I am stuck with at least an F250 now though. It aint light.

          1. That’s my problem is I have a Titan and so I’m limited on what I can haul. My goal is to get a garage model toy hauler but I’ll need something to haul it with. I’m looking at getting a duce and a half as they are a lot cheaper than a truck to haul it with.

          2. I had a Titan, You don’t pass too many gas stations with those things.I was getting 6-7 mpg towing my Octane. They are tough, but I had quite a few white knuckle rides towing my Octane. Fully loaded with three ATVs and fuel and water, it hit 9100 lbs. I traded it for a 05 F250.
            Now when we go ride, Missy has to tow a trailer with the ATVs on it. It is legal to add a trailer to a camper here, but I don’t know if I like the idea.

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