A Very Interesting Conversation With Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson, Who Says The Holocaust Is A Hoax & 9/11 Was An Inside Job

Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill

You may be familiar with Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson, who is known for getting arrested and criminally charged in Europe a few years ago for saying that the holocaust is a hoax. He has also said that 9/11 was an inside job and that the Boston Bombing was another false flag.

UPDATE 1/8/16 6:30PM Pacific Time: It turns out that Richard Williamson has been excommunicated once again, from the Catholic Church, so it is incorrect and inaccurate to refer to him as a Catholic Bishop or even a Catholic for that matter. This is very sad news for me. Here is some history on the matter. Please understand that Williamson’s political opinions, and his stance on the holohoax, 9/11, the police state, etc., which I completely agree with, have nothing whatsoever to do with his excommunication from the Catholic church.  

The reason that he was excommunicated in 2015 was that Williamson ‘ordained’ a bishop without the permission of the Pope, in March 2015, which incurs automatic excommunication for both of them. The interesting part is that in his weekly columns, Williamson always emphasizes that he respects the authority of the Pope and stresses that he is NOT a ‘sedevacantist,’ (which means “empty [Papal] seat”. This is what Mel Gibson believes, that the church has been corrupted and that there is no valid Pope. Williamson does not hold this view. He has written several columns on this specific issue.

Traditionalists such as Williamson, Gibson and others of their ilk are very unhappy with the changes in the church, the ‘modernism’ and ‘liberalism’ made as a result of Vatican II. (Which I should note occurred before I was born.) There are however many traditional Catholics who are still in union with the church. Some traditional type Catholics prefer attending Latin Mass, which the church approves of and has actually seen a resurgence in recent years. [See more at the LibertyFight.com Catholicism Archives here.]

On 1/25/2009 I wrote on Richard Williamson’s status in the Catholic church: “Last month I sent out an email regarding Bishop Richard Williamson and the video that was circulating titled ‘CATHOLIC CHURCH-911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB’. Williamson had made a very eloquent speech outlining how 9/11 was an inside job. I applauded his speech , and as much as I’d have loved to hear a Catholic Bishop to state the truth as Williamson did, I had to point out that Williamson had been excommunicated some years ago and was not in union with the Catholic church. This has now changed! Pope Benedict XVI has reinstated Bishop Richard Williamson as of yesterday and it is making news today primarily because of Williamson’s comments regarding the number of Jews killed in gas chambers during WWII. Here is Pope Benedict XVI statement on this matter, issued on 3-10-09: LETTER OF HIS HOLINESS POPE BENEDICT XVI TO THE BISHOPS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH CONCERNING THE REMISSION OF THE EXCOMMUNICATION OF THE FOUR BISHOPS CONSECRATED BY ARCHBISHOP LEFEBVRE. Full text of that letter is here.]

However, Catholic News Agency reported on March 19, 2015: Automatic excommunication for bishop over illicit ordination

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mar 19, 2015 / 02:24 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- After having his previous excommunication lifted in 2009, Bishop Richard Williamson has again incurred the canonical penalty upon illicitly ordaining another priest as bishop on March 19. Bishop Williamson was one of four priests who were consecrated bishops without pontifical mandate by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1988; all five incurred a ‘latae sententiae’, or automatic, excommunication, which was removed by Benedict XVI in 2009. Archbishop Lefebvre was founder of the Society of St. Pius X, which he established in 1970 to form priests, as a response to what he described as errors that had crept into the Church following the Second Vatican Council. Even while remitting the excommunications of the Society’s bishops, Benedict XVI noted that “doctrinal questions obviously remain and until they are clarified the Society has no canonical status in the Church and its ministers cannot legitimately exercise any ministry.”Bishop Williamson was expelled from the Society of St. Pius X in 2012, and the man he ordained, now-Bishop Jean-Michel Faure, was expelled in 2014, “because of their violent criticisms of any relations with the Roman authorities,” the Society stated. Both men incur automatic excommunication as a result of the illicit consecration, which was performed at the Monastery of the Holy Cross in Nova Friburgo, a city in Brazil’s state of Rio de Janeiro.

Bishop Edney Gouvea Mattoso of Nova Friburgo, the local ordinary, stated that he learned of the consecration “with great sadness,” adding that the “unlawful episcopal ordination at issue is a disobedience to the Pope in a most grave matter, a topic of the utmost importance to the unity of the Church, the ordination of bishops, through which apostolic succession is perpetuated.”

“An unlawful act such as this leads to a practical rejection of the primacy of the Roman Pontiff, even constituting a schismatic act, with the penalty of automatic excommunication envisaged by the Code of Canon Law.” According to canon 1382, both “A bishop who consecrates some one a bishop without a pontifical mandate and the person who receives the consecration from him incur a latae sententiae excommunication reserved to the Apostolic See.” Bishop Gouvea continued his statement, saying that “as Bishop of Nova Friburgo, it befits me to exhort all the Catholic faithful to fulfil the grave duty of remaining united to the Pope in the unity of the Catholic Church, and to not support by any means the unlawful episcopal ordination and the consequences which will result.”


Below is an in-depth one-hour and 20 minute interview of Richard Williamson by Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom. Please note that this interview took place before Williamson’s second excommunication. The interview was conducted in 2010 but has not seemed to receive wide viewership.

Note that towards the end of the interview Williamson affirms that “the Catholic Church will last until the end of the world. Our Lord said so, so there’s no doubt about that.”

“What we’re seeing is the end of Christianity. Vatican II was like the end of the Catholic church. Now the Catholic Church will last until the end of the world. Our Lord said so, so there’s no doubt about that, but the Catholic Church took a real heavy blow with Vatican II. And the result is the almost complete paralysis of the Catholic Church.”

Also, below that is more info on him, including links to the LibertyFight.com Richard Williamson archives.

Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom’s websites are TerrorOnTheTube.co.uk and WhatReallyHappened.info. You can listen to a great interview with Dr. Kollerstrom on Red Ice Radio from 2015 here.

Also be sure to check out our archive on Fr. Charles Edward Coughlin, (October 25, 1891 – October 27, 1979). He was a brilliant and controversial Catholic priest who told the truth like no other during the time when he had one of the most popular radio shows in America during the 1920’s and 30’s. I feature a lot of his work in the Father Charles E. Coughlin Archives.

Vatican II Chess_A_Good_Bishop with Nick Kollerstrom 2010

ALSO BE SURE TO SEE: [You can click on the article links for much more info on each topic, or merely watch the short videos below. The entire Bishop Williamson archives can be found here.

Bishop Richard WIlliamson: “Not One Jew Killed By Gas Chambers. It Was All Lies Lies Lies.”

Pope Benedict Welcomes Back Bishop Who Says ‘9/11 Was An Inside Job’ 1/25/09
“…I mention this in sermons. Why do I keep mentioning this in sermons? Because TRUTH is at stake. Because if the towers were pulled down by two aeroplanes, then the party is virtually in control. The party has got control of people’s minds, the party can push through all kinds of lies in its media, and if the people swallow the lies, they will be enslaved. Our Lord said, ‘The truth will make you free,’ the corollary of which is ‘Lies will enslave you.’ At the moment, the whole world is being told lies by these media, by the government, by the politicians, by the universities, by the teachers, and worst of all, alas, by the cardinals and the highest authorities in the Church. We are being enslaved by lies, and the most outstanding global lie of recent times to enslave the minds of all of us, or to deceive the minds of all of us, and thereby to enslave us by making us all believe that the police state is a good thing and a necessary thing. And that is why the police state has advanced in leaps and bounds as it has. The greatest example is 911. And that is a classic example of an enslaving lie.”

Bishop Richard Williamson: “Boston Bombing Was Another False Flag, Only The People Waking Up Could Possibly Save America.” 5/14/13
In an extremely rare and exclusive radio interview with Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Roman Catholic Traditionalist Bishop has opened up about the controversy surrounding his holocaust comments and other issues. “Holocaustianity is being almost designed to replace Christianity,” Williamson explains to Barrett, “and it’s been very cleverly done.” Asked if wars and domination is the ultimate goal of the new world order, Williamson explains “the bottom line is deeper, establishing a total world view altering peoples minds; shaping peoples minds, I think is the bottom line; shaping peoples minds in view of a new world order… And one of the fruits is the possibility of attacking whichever nation one wants to attack…”

“…I think it’s religious, make no mistake, religion is deeper than politics, religion governs politics … What we’re seeing is the end of Christianity. Vatican II was like the end of the Catholic church. Now the Catholic Church will last until the end of the world. Our lord said so, so there’s no doubt about that, but the Catholic Church took a real heavy blow with Vatican II. And the result is the almost complete paralysis of the Catholic Church – and the great vacuume all ready to be filled by Communism, by Globalism, by Holocaustianity – all of these substitutes come in and the substitutes are coordinated and lined up together, to bring on the anti-christ – and the total elimination of every last trace of Christ and of Christianity on earth. And the purpose of that is to send every single – immortal soul without exception down to hell… So the dimension is truly religious. And you can’t understand, you can’t understand in-depth today’s politics or today’s political scene. You can never understand it in depth politics, unless you grasp the religious dimension.”


10 thoughts on “A Very Interesting Conversation With Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson, Who Says The Holocaust Is A Hoax & 9/11 Was An Inside Job

  1. “What we’re seeing is the end of Christianity. Vatican II was like the end of the Catholic church. Now the Catholic Church will last until the end of the world. Our lord said so, so there’s no doubt about that, but the Catholic Church took a real heavy blow with Vatican II. And the result is the almost complete paralysis of the Catholic Church…”

    Had you done HALF the research (you apparently did on the Holohoax and 9/11) on your own church, would not be espousing such blatant lies. The Catholic church has NEVER been a true Christian church, and you should leave that Satanic institution.

    Find yourself a nice NON 501(c)(3) church.

    And DON’T call the stinking jews “God’s Chosen”.

    1. Firstly: B. Williamson (+W), who graduated from Oxford University, highest in his class, who is fluent in over 15 languages, then attended six years in a traditional seminary in Switzerland, whose erudite scholarship and knowledge of all religions and their history’s, with a immensely impressive background in academic accomplishments, certainly would make one like yourself to feel and look like an ignorant fool in the lack of your “real research” compared to his knowledge, believe me.

      Secondly: “Wherever Christ is, there is the Catholic Church” St. Ignatius of Antioch, disciple of St. Polycarp and the Apostle St. John. – 106 A.D.

      You seem to call Christ a liar – when he promised “the gates of hell shall not prevail against thee until the consummation of the ages”. Christ didn’t say the Church would not be “tried” or undergo the attacks of Satan, but that in the last moments He would intervene and save it from defeat, which is the promise of Indefectability.

      The Catholic Church was for near 1500 years the only Christian Church until the Protestant Deformation and the rejection of both God and His Church.

      But, here we don’t have time for a detailed history lesion, which you are sorely in need of, rather lets concentrate on today.

      You might look up St. Nilus – 5th century, who warned that in the “20th. century” the Church would be filled with heresies and the world lost in moral chaos. Dozens of other saints through history, St. Hildegard/13th. c. – Venerable Marianna de Jesus Torres/17th. c. – Blessed Elizabeth Mora/17th. cen. – Blessed Catherine Emmerich/18th. c. – and many others have specifically warned centuries ago that in the “20th. c.” the Catholic Church would face its most serious and most intense assault from the devil but will in the end raise victorious greater than in all of history.

      All what is happening in the Church, Vatican II and all its destruction will soon come to an end, its all in prophecy from the saint, much even in detail of first the coming WW3 and what happens during and after.

      And, as all the “Fathers, Doctors, Saints” have taught, “Outside the One Holy Catholic Roman Apostolic Church there is no salvation”. de fide – of the faith – infallibly declared three times in history.

      Finally you might search and read: “The Plot Against the Church” published in 1962 by twelve Vatican Theologian/Historians, under the pen name of “Maurice Pinay”. While studying the Vatican Archives, of their tens of thousands of volumes of documents dating back nearly to the time of Christ, of which you are familiar with none of them, discovered the largest conspiracy in history against God and His Church. Here we see how the Jews infiltrated not only the Catholic Church, have become Cardinals, Bishops and Prelates, but even have become Protestant Bishops, Pagan Priests, Islamic Clerics, all t undermine and towards a One World Satanic Judeo/Freemasonic Dictatorship. Its all avail. on the net to read in whole – free.

      But let me say this:

      All these mystics, saints, stigmatic’s etc, have warned of what is about to happen, that God is going to let our enemies punish us severely and when all seems lost, when both the world and Church seem doomed, then, and only then, when His justice has been appeased, He will intervene and turn the tide, so to speak.

      The hierarchy of the Church and all its infiltrators (Plot Against the Church) have abandoned near 2000 years of true faith and doctrine to create a new god made of our own passions, desires and lusts, but God will not have it and He will, as the saints warn, shortly visit the most severe chastisement on this world it has ever seen.

      You might ponder from the negative: All the satanic cults, Judaism, Islam, Paganism, Witchcraft, Demonology, all these specifically point out their most hated enemy is the Holy Roman Catholic Church, which only temporarily is undergoing a great trial and tribulation foretold for centuries. What is coming – read these which are just two of hundreds.

      – WW3 prophecies and Visions from Central Europe
      – The prophecies of Blessed Elena Aiello

      There are over 500 incorrupt bodies of saints in the world, including much more like the Virgin Stole of Guadalupe. When they exumed the body of Ven. Marriana de Jesus Torres in 1917, who had been buried near three centuries – when they opened her simple wooden coffin, came out the strong odor of Jasmine and Roses and her body was “completely uncorrupt” like she was buried yesterday.

      In 1968, they discovered directly under the Vatican in the Catacombs, the coffin of St. Peter, and all over his coffin and walls were two symbols, the fish (for the Eucharist) and the letter M everywhere for Mary.

      There have been so many real miracles in the Catholic Church that anyone who has a real intent on seeing and realizing the truth, sees that the Catholic Church is the Church of God

      Christ was both God and Man, the Hypostatic Union, as the Church is both the Body of Christ and Human. The human part is and has been the most assaulted by Satan from the beginning.

      And when someone is “really possessed” they don’t call anyone but a Catholic priest, and only one that is a trained exorcist to banish the demons, for that power resides only in the Priesthood of the Catholic Church, as any Satanist will tell you.

      And what is considered the most “holy element” to both Satanists and Catholics, but the Holy Eucharist, which is why Satanists have a “Black Mass” to commit sacrilege against what is most holy.17

      1. “But, here we don’t have time for a detailed history lesion, which you are sorely in need of…”


        You’re an idiot, Jarhead, and I’ll prove it to you. Watch this ENTIRE video, THEN tell me what a wonderful institution the Catholic church is. The church has ALWAYS PERSECUTED AND MURDERED TRUE CHRISTIANS!!! GET A CLUE!!!
        You defend a so-called church THAT ENCOURAGES PEDOPHILES, AND ALWAYS HAS! What kind of sick bast@rd ARE YOU???

        I know FAR more than you apparently do about that POS church. I’ve done nearly as much research on the church AND the jews alone as I have on the rest of the NWO’s agenda, so don’t come up here and try to push that anti-Christian church on me as being legitimate. You need to do some SERIOUS research, not just buy into that bullsh#t that that Satan’s minion (the Poop) is peddling.

        Again, you’re an idiot for believing their lies & propaganda. I make no apology for my opinion.



  2. I was denied permission to edit my last comment , “spell check” . WTF have the Zionist douche bags infiltrated the comment section?

  3. Update : An interesting conversation with alcoholic Bishop Richard Williamson. Who says the homocaust was a hoax. And 911 was an inside handjob.

  4. “…but the Catholic Church took a real heavy blow with Vatican II. And the result is the almost complete paralysis of the Catholic Church.”

    “….are very unhappy with the changes in the church, the ‘modernism’ and ‘liberalism’ made as a result of Vatican II.”

    Vatican II was the second Jewish assault on the Catholic church. Martin Luther performed the first. The papal election of October, 1957, was when they installed the first Jewish pope. (if you look at the details of that election, you’ll find out that a pope was selected, then the vote was changed, and a different pope was installed) Shortly afterward, the changes to the church known as “Vatican II” were announced.

    It’s just their usual tactic of infiltration and subversion to make an institution “more Jewish” by degrees (increments). The “modernism and liberalism” they applied to the Catholic church are the same modernism and liberalism they’re applying to this country, and our government. Once the “liberalism” (loose definition, or flexibility of traditions and practices) is accepted anywhere, all the rules can be slowly, but continually bent by small degrees until the Jews get everything they want. Any quick changes incite rebellion. The Jews have learned to move slowly to avoid conflict, but they never stop moving completely. (that’s why we’re in an endless fight for our second article rights, which were never questioned by anyone but the Jews)

    “This is what Mel Gibson believes, that the church has been corrupted and that there is no valid Pope.

    Well once you have a people’s court with credible witnesses declaring the Pope guilty of sacrificing babies to Satan, I’d say there’s good reason to question the validity of the pope.

    Mel Gibson’s father was a historical revisionist. That’s why he’s clued into the truth.

  5. heard this from a church leader of a small church now that the probation dept has been shut down probation is now in the business of drug rehabs and they control all the money for it in this area leaving the churches to scrape where ever they can

  6. What a pompous ass . god knows the true deniers are those who worship the all power ful destructive . evil. lie of the holocaust.

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