The Accidental Journalist: Part VI — ‘Stuffformike’

Medium – by Trish the Dish

Last week brought the most explosive developments in the Seth Rich case yet. In a remarkable act of courage, a ‘White Hat’ (@W4BB17) came forward with a thumb drive purportedly containing the documents that seemed to have already gotten so many killed, including Seth Rich. A member of Cicada 3301, an intellectual organization that posts complex puzzles on social media to recruit codebreakers, @W4BB17 had been searching for someone to expose the files he held for nearly a year and had finally gotten his chance. So he took it.  

Given the serious risk associated with handling the contents, they were uploaded immediately to Google Drive and shared far and wide to help ensure those involved in the disclosure would have their best shot at surviving it. Shortly thereafter, Jason Goodman became the first self-identified whistleblower to submit documents to Wikileaks. And within minutes, Webb and Goodman had an NGP VAN expert on the line who was able to verify that the thumb drive did, in fact, contain the data @W4BB17 described. Within twenty-four hours, Webb’s field of analysts had identified additional documents that reveal corruption the public already knew existed but had never been able to prove. Until now.

Much confusion and drama ensued the following day after another individual unrelated to the investigation created a different compressed version of the thumb drive contents which he urged the public to use — one which redirected those attempting to access it to Megaupload. However, no disclosure was made as to the different compression method or that it was, in fact, a different file from the original. The move left the field in disarray, costing Webb’s researchers valuable time in evaluating the contents, and putting those who brought them forward at even greater risk of serious harm.

After clarifying with the public that they were two different files, not of the same origin, Jason Goodman tested out the compression method for himself in an effort to resolve the confusion with help from the field analysts.

With the confusion over the second file finally resolved, field researchers located a trove of information in a folder named ‘Stuffformike,’ including a Power Point presentation on rigging an election through voter suppression and gerrymandering. One NGP VAN expert identified a software program called ‘Cross Check’ that was used to cancel votes of Bernie Sanders supporters by introducing false voters with similar names in nearby districts, then the software would nullify the voter most likely to cast a ballot for Bernie. Still further into the research, another analyst discovered a file that contained payment terms for Clinton’s speaking engagements which directs monies to be paid to the Harry Walker Agency (a ‘who’s who’ for scheduling speaker engagements) which would then be disbursed to the Clinton Foundation — a practice that is technically known as money laundering.

Additional developments last week were that two FOIA requests by Scott Taylor of ABC7 that are related to Seth Rich’s murder were denied. The FOIA’s were seeking video from police body cameras as well as hospital and surveillance cameras in the area. The other request was for the Chief Medical Examiner autopsy report.

Meanwhile, in yet another explosive development, George fingered Alpha Jalloh as the individual who arranged Seth Rich’s murder. Jalloh had been previously arrested in New Jersey for car theft and Webb believes he was subsequently recruited to kill Seth.

Last, but not least, Webb exposed a student of the NY Film Academy who, despite being an ISI operative on the Interpol watch list and beating his girlfriend Alison Noni within an inch of her life, was given a U.S. passport. Somewhat marginal as an institution of higher learning, the school boasts campuses in Miami, Los Angeles, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, among other high-rent locations but has since been outed by Webb as an entry point for thousands of immigrants with terrorist ties brought into the United States to serve as operatives in the spy ring. Murdered Miami Federal prosecutor Beranton Whisenant, Jr. was responsible for prosecuting just this type of visa and immigration fraud. He also happened to live in the Miami District where the DNC fraud lawsuit is currently awaiting judgement on Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss — which also happens to be the same District represented by Debbie Wasserman Schultz in U.S. Congress. Wasserman Schultz is a named defendant in that case.

Recall that Wasserman Schultz is the person responsible for initially hiring the Awan brothers into their Congressional IT roles in 2005. Since that time, police and news reports indicate the brothers set up a massive spying and extortion ring using doped Blackberries to automatically upload emails and notes to a central server, capturing the information used to blackmail the individuals using those devices. Anthony Weiner, another member of U.S. Congress, played the role of ‘trusted source’ for distributing the devices to targets of the extortion. However, in February 2017, the brothers became suspects in a Congressional hacking investigation as well as a subsequent series of office-breakins whereby computer equipment was stolen. Luke Rosiak has since reported that the Awans are believed to have fled back to Pakistan. Here is a refresher :

The events of the past week drove a significant escalation in exposing D.C. corruption, at long last. The data on the thumb drive produced by @W4BB17 is the most damning evidence exposed thus far, according to the initial analysis of Webb’s field of skilled researchers who are the engine behind his investigation. No independent news agency could access the depth and breadth of subject matter expertise and technical analysis at Webb’s disposal in the old journalistic paradigm, and it is precisely that immediate access propelling the investigation forward in the face of relentless attacks and disinformation. In addition to the expertise, the sheer number of analysts in the field makes sifting through thousands of documents within days possible in a context where delays increase the risk to publishers of sensitive data.

Despite a continuing lack of mainstream network coverage, followers of Webb’s investigation will clearly not be deterred and with every obstacle the Establishment throws up, comes a proportional increase in resolve among a populace bound and determined to see justice once and for all. It is precisely their commitment that keeps Webb and his associates alive, and prevents the investigation from getting disrupted. The paradigm has shifted, and the public is firmly in the driver’s seat.

It’s now or never.


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