Agency to consider federal ban of gas stoves over health hazards

MSN – Washington Examiner

A federal agency will weigh plans to regulate and even ban natural gas stoves in the U.S., a top official said, over research showing a link between harmful air pollutants and the popular household appliances.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. said in an interview published Monday his agency plans to take action to address the pollutants, which have been linked to asthma and other respiratory issues.

“Any option is on the table,” he told Bloomberg, describing the pollutants as a “hidden hazard.”

“Products that can’t be made safe can be banned,” he said.

The agency has already issued a request for information seeking public data on hazards associated with the natural gas stoves and input for proposed solutions, a spokesperson for the agency told the Washington Examiner.

The request for information “is the first step in what could be a long journey toward regulating gas stoves,” Trumka, a Biden appointee and a former Democratic congressional staffer as well as the son of Richard Trumka, the late former top labor official, told reporters in December.

34 thoughts on “Agency to consider federal ban of gas stoves over health hazards

      1. The big difference between natural gas and propane is psi.
        Natural gas is low pressure
        Propane is high.
        I have an old stove oven that all I did was add a regulator.
        Now it’s propane.

          1. I wasn’t in the gas business.
            I had the honor of growing up around old timers who knew some stuff. The rest is from trial and error.
            I’m smiling because I didn’t lose important body parts 🙂

  1. Do what your unlawful ass has to do.
    But remember, it hurts whole bunches to be beat about the head and neck with a two inch by two foot piece of firewood.

  2. Ive noticed there has been no option offered to replace gas. It cant be electric stoves because then people would have to choose between charging their p.o.s. Electric vehicles or eating a warm meal-and doing the dishes afterwards. They do this and theyd best pull every food prep appliance out of every federal building.

  3. these climate fools need to go, its the next lie game in their bag of bullshit .. think of the huge gas burners in refineries, and electric generation plants that are now not burning coal but natural gas .. way bigger oven then momma has in her kitchen.. this is all a scam on we the people and its past time to crush the living Fck out of them all

    next dumb shit they will say you need to get rid of yer gas furnace

  4. This ain’t gonna end well, but they’re pretty much having us suicide ourselves and nothing, nada, zilch, zero. Fellows locked in DC gulags and we tap on our keyboards….

    1. I won’t be offing myself for any mofo.
      What have those in “DC gulags” done besides follow a lie?
      Trying to get past folks thick ignorant skulls with the truth of our Bill of Rights ain’t easy.

    1. If you’re like me,
      most thangs can be modified.
      It comes down to a matter of necessity, and affordability (as far as time, worthiness, and currency).
      Never let someone tell you “it can’t be done”. Fk that

    2. @galen i’ve been in the HVAC field around 30yrs, prob 90% of stoves, laundry dryers etc.. are all dual fuel. Simple adjustment to the appliance regulator and swapping out orifice kits. Most are sent out from the factories set for nat gas operation. There are still alot of laundry dryers sold in my area for propane.

        1. Altho i don’t post as much as i use to (i still try to check in daily) ,i’ve been around for a bit ,way back when Digger(great fella) was posting and JD was a regular. Even have a great bumper sticker on my truck acquired yrs ago (which still gets me into alot of conversations with random people asking what the site is about) I’ll try to do better.

  5. I keep thinking Paratroopers are going to land on my fckg backyard … TWO BARRELS ONE AND THERES TWO… GOT EM!!!!

  6. Comment from a friend:

    “They want and need electrification to run the AI and surveillance for total control of the survivors of the depression, world wars, and clot-shots.”


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