Aiding and Abetting – American Leaders Ignoring The Bill of Rights

National Americans know what I’m talking about, and we could go on with this topic forever. Let’s just talk about what’s important to us right now, immigration. Fox News the commie news network, is currently touting the newest in Trump talking points, sending 4000 armed troops to the border UNTIL the so called “WALL” is built. Those troops are going to be National Guard from different states around America. The problem lies in the basic questions, what are the rules of engagement going to be, and what about the current millions that are already here illegally?

This is the fundamental problem with this whole circus act. Why are we not combing the cities, especially California, with National Guard troops, sweeping out the trash at the same time? This so-called wall is going to take years to build; we could be sweeping cities during this important time as well. Trump is again, playing American Nationals like a bunch of village idiots.  

Yes, I understand your next comment, too far gone; only a revolution will effectively give back control to the American People. Yes but, sending in the Guard now, will chase many out, many of whom are scared to death, and will gladly leave. This is called tactics, we could also enlist help from our people, who would gladly help.

California should be the target here, not only sweeping out the trash, but also targeting lawmakers who are aiding and abetting the enemy, jailing each and every one of them until trial. Other states will get the message.

Yes I know, pie in the sky, but this must be done, we must start the ball rolling as our so – called president talks the big talk, but folds when the real action must be done.

Henry Shively has told us this during his show numerous times, Trump can easily enforce the Bill of Rights and its articles held within. He doesn’t need anybodies’ goddamned permission, he is the president of the United States of America, all this so-called president needs to do is pick up his damned pen.

American Nationals again sit and watch as the insanity unfolds.

9 thoughts on “Aiding and Abetting – American Leaders Ignoring The Bill of Rights

  1. “….Henry Shively has told us this during his show numerous times, Trump can easily enforce the Bill of Rights and its articles held within….”

    Yep….I’ve been using Henry Shivley’s “professional wrestling” analogy to describe what many people think is action on the part of our “government” because it’s a perfect fit.

    Just keep the drama going for the TV set, and nothing ever changes in the real world. It’s all a game of deceit, distraction, distortion, and the destruction of our Bill of Rights is the goal.

  2. Trump is a puppet controlled by the Zionists. He does exactly what he is commanded to do, and he does so most willingly. Do you want to know what would get the removal of illegal aliens out of the country started?!? Start with getting all the damned “dual-citizens” out of the offices currently occupied by the enemy force in occupation. There may be millions of guns in this country, but if the people who have them are too afraid to enforce their Bill of Rights, then don’t expect the enemy force in occupation to stop taking our resources and wealth, or trampling our liberties underfoot. We can post about this stuff on the Internet until the cows come home, but it won’t stop the theft and lawlessness. Do you think the British would have been defeated if all the colonists did was print up articles pointing out their crimes?

    1. I post this in the hope that one more on the fence will read it and agree, not for any kind of article of the month award.

      That has been my goal for the last seven years. I was asked to write for this site, years ago. I gladly obliged, it was an honor. I do this mainly for my friend, and my country of course.

      1. I think the point of my comment may have been misunderstood. I don’t look at anyone who writes or submits articles for the site as people looking for recognition or popularity. You, Jolly Roger, and others always give of your time, resources, and creativity for the site. What I was trying to point out to anyone reading the article and the comments that follow it is what Henry has said many times before. Rights have to be enforced, if not, then they are just words on a paper. Sure, it’s important to wake people up, but in the end, the fight to restore the Republic won’t be online, it will be on the battlefield, just like it was at Lexington.

        1. Yeah, I know, there are some that don’t feel the same as you. Some feel that what I write is sour milk to a cow. Words matter, but yes, even a deaf mute knows that actions are stronger than words.

          Purpose here is to get the ball rolling, anyway possible.

          Yes, Henry has said these things many times before, I back him up, anyway possible. ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL.


          1. Never detected any “sour milk” from you, Mark, NEVER. Your efforts always move things up a few notches, and today’s article brings the commies to task. I like your idea on “sweeping.” It would be making a start. And since it’s what’s needed, I say a broom in every hand.

            Also, your two questions:

            “What are the rules of engagement going to be, and what about the current millions that are already here illegally?”

            For all we know, troops at the border could be greeters with tea and cookies. “Rules of engagement” need to be clear and precise. Something on the order of “Turn back now, or…!” As for the second part of your question… Yeah, SWEEP!!

            I resent that those of us who take a stand against illegal invasion are painted in the media as having no compassion or humanitarianism, that we’d turn away women and children. The real compassion is stopping global communism where all lives will be at the mercy of ruthless power. Tunnel vision never allows a 180, and they like us to stay in the tunnel. Trenchers ain’t havin’ it.


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