Air Force Major General Assassinated?

Air Force Major General Killed in Va. Plane CrashBefore It’s News – by Barracuda

The plane went down in a subdivision near the Williamsburg/Jamestown Airport Friday afternoon.

Two people, including a Major General in the United States Air Force, were killed Friday afternoon when a small plane crashed in the Williamsburg area.

WAVY, citing Virginia State Police, reported that Major General Joseph D. Brown IV, 54, had died in the crash, along with a female passenger and a family pet. The woman’s name was not released.  

Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen described the plane as a Cessna 210 that went down about a half-mile from the Williamsburg/Jamestown airport in a subdivision. No injuries were reported on the ground.

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Prior to assuming his current position, he served as the Deputy Director for Nuclear Operations, U.S. Strategic Command, Offutt Air Force Base, Neb. In this capacity, he was the principal adviser to the commander on issues pertaining to strategic deterrence and nuclear operations and was responsible for management and oversight of the nuclear enterprise overseeing personnel, procedural, equipment, communications and facility requirements supporting the nuclear command and control system. The general is a command pilot with more than 4,300 hours, primarily in the B-1 and B-52, including combat time in operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.

Maybe they wanted to make sure he remained silent about something? I know accidents happen but there sure have been a lot of mysterious deaths recently. Check out more of his Bio here. Barracuda.

11 thoughts on “Air Force Major General Assassinated?

  1. If I had to lay a bet, it would be in favor of assassination. It certainly seems like all of these small plane crashes always happen to be very convenient for someone else.

    1. John Wheeler, highly decorated Vet found in a dumpster. Never heard anything more on his case… recall all of the guys who died after the missing nukes from Minot to Barksdale in 2007- that Cheney intended to hit Iran with after Israel’s hit on Syria’s alleged “nuke plant” in Deir Ez Zur ? Later revealed to have been textile factory ? What about the increasing deaths of Seals that killed the long dead Bin Laden last year?

  2. I was just thinking today that I should keep an eye open for untimely deaths that could be part of a mop-up operation.

    I guess Maj. General Brown is #1 on the list.

    1. the military knows we have satelite weapons,IF the US MILITARY does not move to remove these traitors from government soon,every single one of them will be killed,and all that will be said at their funeral is ‘they had their chance’ and were cowards…………the snake WILL eat its tail,didn’t adolf hitler teach any body anything……………………..

      1. If Hitler taught us anything, it’s that the AshkeNAZI Zionist so-called ‘jews’ are the most evil tribe of sub-humans that ever existed on this planet.

        Even though that was NEVER his intent, too bad he couldn’t have “final solutioned” every last stinking one of them.

        Does that answer your question, and why the hell are you back on this site talking that Hitler sh#t again, bozo?

        My memory is not THAT short.

        btw, how’s that ‘uncle’ that ‘survived’ the Holohoax doing?

  3. Please forgive me for remarking: But THAT does NOT look like ‘plane crash.’

    Where are the knocked-down trees?

    Where is the gouge in the earth leading up to the final resting place?

    Where are the scorch marks on the ground, and the airframe, which would have been there from the remaining fuel burning?

    As I see it, that hulk was merely ~conveniently~ placed there.

  4. As former President George W. Bush said:
    “You’re either with us, or against us”, I guess the Major General was against them?

    It is a premise that evil minded power brokers follow, that dead men tell no tales.

  5. We have a criminal enterprise masquerading as government and their accomplice ever lying media. 1 example from today. The top criminals never went to jail for Fast and Furious so they know they can get away with anything.

    US MEDIA :Watertown Police chief Edward Deveau tells CBS News that he doesn’t think the Boston Marathon bombing was the work of a larger conspiracy.
    That is because they don’t want the American people to think and they want to protect the many,many sleeper terrorists they have allowed into the country.

    BEYOND THE OBAMA DARK CURTAIN MEDIA : Boston Bombers: FBI Hunting 12 strong ISLAMIC terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
    Some of us not on the Kool-Aid know who is lying.

  6. I picked this up from an earlier article. Posted by Linda.

    Excellent analysis of the Psyop. Be aware FEMA is supposed to have a Nuke drill in L.A. April 27. A facebook memorial page has already been set up.

    Facebook page set for Memorial for Nuke Event in L.A. April 28th

    Assassinating this general may be connected to the next terror attack.

  7. Much like JFK murder, all that say they will not allow or tell the truth to public , end up with dead due to some crash or ???? , all the team #6 are dead now , the last one in news said he took his own life , i don’t buy into the lies with all i researched most and found big problems with all that is going on today with DHLS and OWO being the main problems with all these men knowing more than they needed to know !!! So watch the future for answers to real take over actions here including the small senate work sessions changing laws in ever state for take over of local officials that is the one big thing in the works now , if they cannot hire the ones that are saying they do not support fed laws they will be paid to support or killed in a car crash or plane crash , or heart failure !! History proves the take over is in full swing at this time , GOD BLESS ALL IN AMERICA THAT ARE TRUE PATRIOTS !

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