Are You Just A Believer Or Do You THINK?

B’Man’s Revolt

I’ve studied and graduated EMT-B certification with the state of Oregon. I’ve been on calls with heavy arterial bleeds, internal bleeding, fatalities, doa’s. I am speaking from direct personal experience with severe trauma.

Here is a telling photograph of the amputee actor. I encourage readers to view the photo side by side with my analysis.

[Link removed as it was hacked to redirect to porn site.]

If you lose both your legs from explosive trauma half your blood is gone in one minute via the femoral arteries, you’re dead after two. Bleeding out is worse with blunt force trauma (like shrapnel) because flesh is torn rather than cut, exposing more arterial and vascular tissue. The human body holds 5 to 6 LITERS of blood. If that really happened you would see blood EVERYWHERE, the guy would be drenched in it. You would also see whats called arterial spurting from the injury. Most likely he would vomit after turning ghost white from shock, then turning delirious or passing out. As for the “tourniquet”…

Its not even tied off, its suspended via gravity, which would literally do nothing to an arterial sever. There’s no pressure applied. There’s no knot with a turn stick for leverage. You can clearly see a gap in the nonexistent wrap job on his left inner thigh (left anterior proximal for you experts) His hands have no blood on them. There’s no blood on the ground. The color in his hands and lips shows good circulation.

This is an actor. This is staged. How did they pull it off though? I can show you.

Here in frame six on the left we see the the man with a hood setting up the fake leg wound prosthetics.  His attention and hands are right there. The woman is acting as a shield covering what’s happening.
Frame 6


Here in frame eight the prosthetics are in place. Amidst all this chaos seconds after the explosion the hooded man takes the time to put on his sunglasses which is a signal.
Frame 8


Here in frame nine with sunglasses now on the hooded man and the woman make eye contact, signal received.
Frame 9


In frame eleven after receiving the go signal the woman makes an open hand gesture the direction both of them are looking, signaling the staged injuries are in place for cameras. The prone amputee raises his left prosthetic injury into the air over the woman’s shoulder. No blood is present. The bone is dry, no blood on his leg above the knee, no blood on the woman, no arterial spurt, nothing.
Frame 11


Here in frame fourteen the woman turns her head right but is still holding up that open palm signal with her left hand. The hooded man again busies himself pouring fake blood on the pavement behind the woman. The amputee has both fake injuries in the air now. There is still no blood on his legs, his skin above the injury is clean and dry.
Frame 14


Frame twenty, the fake blood and prosthetics are in place. The amputee gives an open hand gesture along with the woman to bring the cameras in. We’re now twenty frames in and still not a drop of fresh blood from a double leg amputation. His legs are dry, the woman is dry and unscathed. Both are making the same hand gesture.
Frame 20


These are actors. This is staged. It was flash powder. There was no crock pot nail bomb. There are no bombers, only patsy. If your looking for a gunman look at the Army in the streets of Boston. Share this knowledge with everyone.


Something about this entire thing smells to high heaven. When have you ever heard of someone with a blown off leg not bleeding? Some make the claim that it was cauterized, but obviously, the picture of them wheeling the guy out on the wheelchair shows ‘blood and gore’ (a cauterization is a burn that seals the wound). Something changed between these images and when they wheeled him out in front of the cameras.

And there is more analysis from Fist-Of-Freedom:

This image was taken by a third party photographer seconds after the first explosion. There is clear evidence of false flag staging here. The man in the red coat and baseball hat on the right is kneeling down giving directions to the guy in the white T-shirt. Also looking to this pair for direction are the woman sitting to the right and the man in a hood and sunglasses who set up the double amputee prosthetics.

Notice the relaxed posture and face of the hooded man. Notice also the calm prepared posture of the woman sitting down on the bottom right. See how her shirt sleeve is severely torn, yet her skin underneath is clean and clear of injury and blood. From where she’s sitting look right to the bottom right corner and you can see an unmarked bottle of fake blood.

Look to the left and see the cowboy hat man standing there doing nothing. This is the same man who will pretend to hold the tourniquet of the fake amputee actor later on. Look to center of the photo and you will see the african woman moving herself away from the amputee actor since her shielding him from camera’s job is over. Next to her is a woman with red hair leaning on her elbow.

Missing Legman

Compare this now with another photo taken seconds later. Putting them side by side is very helpful.

The man with the hood and sunglasses, who was just sitting up looking fine and healthy after fixing up the amputee actor’s prosthetics, is now on his back being evaluated by two people. Notice the rips in his jeans have no sign of blood or injury on the skin. The woman with red hair however is in the exact same pose as a minute ago. Meanwhile the double amputee actor is completely ignored by everyone when he is clearly in the most dire need of attention. There is a small amount of fake blood around him where the african lady shielding him used to be, she has disappeared  What happened to her? Compare this photo with the first in my post.


The african woman who was sitting up, shielding the hooded man and amputee actor’s prosthetic rigging, giving hand signals, looking left and right, having no visible blood or injuries, is now covered in blood and strapped into a spine board stretcher.

In a real medical scenario the amputee would receive immediate treatment or die from bleed out. The fact this actor woman is removed from the scene via stretcher while the double amputee is left on the ground is ludicrous. He would be dead from blood loss before they could even begin spinal assessment procedures involved in moving a patient to a stretched. Not to mention his blood loss would be over five liters, enough to cover the entire scene around these people in a thick puddle.


From firsthand experience with trauma in the field of EMS work, this is not real. These are actors. This is all staged.


I know that many just want to believe. But I can’t help but think. So much doesn’t add up.

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  1. Nice timing. Just sent a message to someone stating that this wheelchair “fake”tells the whole story.
    C’mon- I’m available.I could do a much better job sitting in the chair.
    But that begs the question why a chair and not a stretcher?
    Director’s response-Americans are dummies-this way it gives us a better camera shot-we tried the stretcher at the studio, but it just didn’t have the same effect.

    1. Get it together folks. This person WAS ALREADY a double amputee WATCHING the race in HIS WHEELCHAIR. He DID NOT lose his legs in this bombing. He lost the in the middle east war. How in the heck do you think the govt could keep so many people quiet?

      1. Dominic, They did send us BRETT and RACHEL,their lies and distractions are right here FOR EVERYONE to laugh at,10 years ago these 2 could have twisted the whole conversation around but seems they had no Idea how many non herd animals were in this conversation.

    2. Stop trying to say that an amputee was used. Those are not the same men, It was the same guy. He just folded his legs back. I can do it easily and look exactly like an amputee. He most likely folded his legs back (feet up under butt, I swear, if you want pictures, I’ll show you how easily and quickly I can slide pants on over my folded legs and look exactly like an amputee, could fool anyone.

      1. Hypothesis: First Bomb was real. Second was staged with crisis actors. Cowboy hat guy waving flag is a nice Hollywood touch. Notice fake amputee is gone in that photo. Didn’t cowboy hat guy wheel him off? Did he come back waving a flag?

        Another impossibility is: In one photo, only the black woman is removed from the scene, in another, only the fake amputee is removed. Only explanation for that is that one was removed, then brought back and laid back down in the blood? Makes no sense. Staged.

      2. What… why would there be bone sticking out if he was already an amputee? That makes way less sense.

        I knew the moment I started following the CNN reports that something fishy was going on… it just keeps getting more and more smelly.

        (edit: blah, meant to reply to the comment above this one…)

        1. He folded his legs back and they slipped on prosthetics. That’s why he is in a chair and not a stretcher, it would show on a stretcher. What do you want to bet that he has FBI guarding him now and will soon disappear with lots of money….fooling even those who thought they knew him.

          1. Yeah, I meant to reply to the comment implying that the man wasn’t a part of a scheme, but simply was an amputee watching the marathon.


          The 2nd link was a photobucket link to a screen hot of LA Nuke memorial already dated April 28. The link did exist, It probably was deleted, but I do have a video made of the FB page.

          I took a screen shot of the FB page for Boston memorial sent to me on April 15. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see 2 posts, Jan 30 & 31. A screen shot of the FB page was taken & posted Jan 31.

          The page was created Jan 29.

          the page still exists. Scroll to the end of the page to see Jan 30 & 31 posts exists. I assume the perps couldn’t change the date & tried to bury the post.


      1. Linda – excellent information, however the Facebook picture is not working and the FEMA link you posted now points to “zombie crash drill” in Idaho….

        1. I reposted information, Hope this helps.

          I started an album with screen shots of the bottom of the Facebook page I found on April 15, which was dated “Joined January 29” of “Thoughts Go out tof those involved in the Boston Explosions.” I have 4 pages in the album, did my best to record every part of the FB page to prove it already existed before April 15. I have to change the rest of the screen shots to JPGs. to post them. Right now I have 4 screen shots of the bottom which I captured on April 15 & 16 in an untitled album.

          I suppose someone deleted the page after I posted it in a thread as evidence, but I had to original address of the page.(from January) from a copy of all the comments which existed when I found the page on April 15. I was able to call back the original page archived. If you look at the current link. You will see the page has been changed to bury the 3 January posts that still exist. You must scroll to the bottom (end) of the page to see that January posts.

          As for the video for shots taken before April 15, other races already run in Boston were used in virtual sets. See David Icke forum link which made me aware of the other Boston races in 2013 which could have been used as virtual sets for the Boston actors.

          FYI Virtual Sets.
          Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Reel 2012


          1. You know that it IS possible to use a page created in, say, January and rename it something else, delete the posts unrelated to the new page topic, but the original creation date will stay in tact…

  2. Just looking at this picture, and if it was me, I’d be freaking out if my leg looked like that. He looks so calm.

    . . .

    1. Firstly, I owe an apology to someone, but can’t remember who. Yes I was a bit sceptical about that much production in this case. But now I am looking at images that do not make sense. I may have jumped too soon, I’m sorry about that.

      Cathleen said, “I’d be freaking out if my leg looked like that. He looks so calm.”
      I can answer that first hand! It’s a mixture of shock and adrenaline. Until you’ve been there don’t knock it! Even critically wounded people do some superhuman things.
      Several years ago I was riding my chopper through Tampa,FL and was hit by a car. I went through her windshield. I wound up with a split open scull, broken leg and internal injuries. I didn’t loose consciousness until after EMT’s arrived.
      Between the time of the accident and police arriving, I was able to get contraband off of my body and possessions. A young “Gang Banger” who responded to the accident by tearing off his own shirt and using it as a pressure bandage on my head, did exactly as I told him. He and his friends must have had quite a party that night on my money 🙁 Better they have fun than I go to prison!
      I never felt any pain until much much later at the hospital. After a week in the trauma IC unit I learned that I should not have survived the crash. In fact they called my daughter (1200 miles away) and she was informed that I would probably die before she could get there. I FOOLED THEM ALL! I’m still alive and kicking!!!!!!!
      I could bore you with more personal examples, but I see no point in to.
      The bottom line is that shock and adrenaline often causes a reaction that most people are incapable of imagining.
      So, should there have been more crying and display of pain? Maybe may be not. Each and every one of us react differently. Our imaginations just cannot possibly include the effects of shock and trauma, we just aren’t wired that way!. (A very big reason a SHOCK AND AWE mission is often so effective)

      1. holy crap man that definitely not boring at all. what a tale! you mean to tell me they applied first aid, and then took your money??!!! WHAT THE F&#$? im glad you are ok!! i know that wasn’t the main point of your story, that part just resonated in my head like a dinner bell.

        1. HAHA!
          It was not cash and I was not robbed. I told the young man what and where it was and asked him to get rid of it. HE DID JUST WHAT I ASKED. I told him it was his if he could get rid of it before the law arrived.

        2. I’m proud of that young man, not only did he save my life, he saved my freedom by doing as I asked him! I never saw him again, but I would like to thank him for what he did.

          1. ah ok that makes more sense haha. i thought you were inferring that, when you said they had a night out on you. anyways i’m glad that kid was quick to act, and you are still here.

      2. Shock and adrenaline doesn’t account for the lack of blood on a leg bone on a leg that has been severed, does it? Not being sarcastic. Glad to hear you survived your accident.

    2. yes, he nailed it dead on. The American people are not sleep anymore, so what part of the FED GOVT doesn’t get this. We are not the stupid naive people of 20 years ago…The FED GOVT just f#@ked up real bad…..


      1. However they manage to control and manipulate us as americans they can not and never will be able to control the internet! Until they bring the sattelites down and launch the nukes in conquest for world domination we will have access to the truth! I was very skeptical about Illuminati and NWO when i first heard about it some 13 years ago but now i am a believer!

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    Hats off to Steve Apple and B’Mans Revolt.

    I’m not sure if Steve Apple is the author (or B’Mans Revolt), hence the EMT that wrote the article.

    It’s is to bad the pictures posted so small, but that is correctable.

    Either way,.. great analysis, which we here at From The Trenches had deduced and noticed ourselves, but it is invaluable to have someone from the medical field, especially an EMT with trama experience provide a Forensics Review.

    To all our readers here at From The Trenches,.. please pass this story (or its link) as far and wide as you can. Lets get people talking about this exposure of the fraud,… and hopefully some of the sheeple will catch on also.

    Thanks again to the author of this article,.. great job.

    JD – US Marines – The communists are desperate.

    1. Hey J D ,I deserve no credit for any posts with my name on it,I read everything I can and just cut and paste the ones I feel need wider circulation.I am just a guy sitting in W VA without the componants to properly celebrate NATIONAL 420 DAY LOL

    1. BRETT BRETT BRETT,THE “ACTOR” LOST HIS REAL LEGS OVER 2YRS AGO,TRY TO KEEP UP. He has no real legs They were prop legs attached below the knee,if you had READ the article instead of just LOOKING AT THE PICTURES you would know this!!!!!!!!!

      1. I read the entire article before commenting, sir. So you’re saying that below the knee, this man’s legs were fake when he attended the marathon. This was due to some prior accident. Where are his fake legs then? They would have needed to be replaced with the fake injured legs.

        1. who said he had FAKE LEGS hes an amputee in a fkn whl chair.How hard is this concept to grasp.and by the by Im just Steve, no sir or authority just plain ol Steve

          1. Where’s the wheelchair he was sitting in then? It’s only in the photo where he’s getting wheeled away. Where is it in the other photos of the scene? Nowhere. Because he was standing up on his own two legs. The Navy Seal put the real bomb in place, and real damage happened!

          2. This guy’s bucking for troll of the week, Steve.

            I’m tagging him. He’s mine. LOL

          3. He #1 Dont you wish ya could meet little bitches like “bertie” for a face to face,and hes not even a poor distraction just more patriot video hes like a level one. too dumb to even ask a semi-logical question. He’s beneath you #1 are there any CHILDREN here that bart can play with,you know someone on his level that he can LEARN from. Have fun I’m turning in .

          4. Brett where’s the wheelchair he WAS sitting in?
            HE’S SITTING IN IT!
            YES, innocent people were hurt, but not nearly as serious as it is foisted on the somnambulent public.

          5. LOL! Okay #1, you got Bart lol! It’ll be hard to find a better one, so I second your nomination hehehe! 🙂

          6. Definitely one of the longest (and dumbest) running threads we’ve had from any troll in a while, for sure RT.

          1. Brett makes valid questions and i don’t think he is trolling. Maybe you are not understanding. The people hurt are real but the even was planned

          2. What makes you think this was actually real time? These are still images,duh! If there is a hurry and deception it might be to make sure the photos are taken before the smoke dissipates .
            This is not an actual event but a scripted drama. I have no idea where Nick Vogt fit’s in but I am not dismissing that factor at this time.”Jeff’s” images where he is pushed in the wheel chair(with cowboy) have anomalies. The photo with his left face prominent shows clearly his left leg bone quite longer than the image that has his right face more prominent..Remember that they diverted all the runners from the “scene”? Remember that what was transmitted was not recorded in real time…well not what they transmitted of the explosion. Where is all the other video from bystanders and witnesses? Remember that this was supposedly the end of the race, the finish line. I have been to several marathons AT the finish line and there are always more people than what the video showed at the time of the “explosion” waiting for and cheering on their loved ones and the others participants.LOTS OF PEOPLE! Most news media images are now either cropping or blurring the images so that one does not see the errors in their photoshopped images.These images can only have been taken separately indicating that several takes were done on either a different day or earlier.Was “Bauman” previously a double amputee.See how this fits in with the Vogt photo?The old guy running who over acted by falling down? See the guys in yellow in the video who were directly closer to the “explosion”? They don’t even move? Pyrotechnics .Movieland. And what about on ol”Jeff’s” FB money page (Bucks for Bauman!) were the lady lying next to him on the ground is also the lady standing next to him in an op photo holding the Team Stork sign and also wearing the same Teams Stork shirt in both images just like Jeff is wearing the same exact shirt in both images. Who’s Erin? Why no mention of this woman standing and lying next to Jeff.They were obviously associated through that photo.Again, where is the flesh and blood on everyone? The image with Jeff in the wheel chair with the cop right up in front next to the wheelchair (image comes from Huffington Post and are the common MSM pool that was used immediately after the explosion) has been photoshopped…either the cowboy(Arrendondo) or the cop or both were photoshopped in.. Funny thing? On Team Stork’s site they acknowledge the “bombing” and give thanks :” We are grateful to report that all of our Team Stork members are safe. ” “Jeff Bauman” was either a participant or supporting “Erin” for Team Stork and he has been in the spotlight so how did they miss this or not say that a relative or member of Team Stork was severely injured and crippled for life…a runner at that. This would have been tragic and acknowledged. But it was just a general reference and not specific.
            In this video at minute 12:12 you will see a “live” terror drill were a girl is casually walking around with a prosthetic arms shredded and “bleeding” and hanging by by skin and bones… “Sandy Hook Massacre ANOTHER CLOSER LOOK “. I am confident of this information and insight I provide. I apologize for posting that Nicholas Vogt was the person in these photos. I was pressed for time, had done limited research and at the time Nick looked like the actor. I am not sorry for when I reevaluated the info the obvious then stood out and it would not have if I hadn’t taken this path. My first instinct/intuition/skill told me that the images had been Photoshopped and that the video was previously manufactured and transmitted in real time to make it look as if the event images had transpired in real time but when I could not see the obvious I researched more and it took me to that FB page that promoted that Nick was the actor…if there were explosions that a non actored crowd experienced it did not include the scenes of the still images…that is why there is no video when there should be video of ol Jeff being wheeled off. Or am I wrong and there is actual video? I haven’t seen any from media nor independent spectators…is that maybe because there were no non actored spectators or “victims”?

  4. This is easy to check. The double amputee was named today on the news.
    He is at the BI I think, go see him and see if the injuries are real..

    1. That’s it right there. 110%. Find them and arrest them. I’m posting this to my Facebook, spread the news people. This fukn gov’t is so corrupt it’s need to be overthrown and held accountable on war crimes against humanity.

    2. This video is far better proof than the article. I believe that this is a false flag event, but I also believe that some people were actually harmed. What would be the benefit of hiring actors? They don’t care if people get killed. And by the way, I sincerely wasn’t trolling earlier. I don’t do that shit. I’ve just been celebrating 4/20 quite hard today. 🙂

      1. I’ll say this one time only, Brett.

        What’s the point of going to all that trouble to create ONE ‘victim’. IF that was a real bomb, they would have had plenty of REAL victims for their three ring circus, not so?

        This stuff ain’t rocket science, and these morons are getting sloppier by the event.

        Bad actors AND bad management.

        1. Alright, let’s assume you’re right. Let’s say that the 8-year-old kid that got a lot of media attention for dying from the bomb is not really dead. How is this secret kept? Those who were close to this kid would undoubtedly find out something is up if he’s still walking around. Do you think they would ship him to another country and threaten him with death if he doesn’t remain silent? What is your opinion on how they handle these issues?

          1. You mean like Amelia Parker, the little girl that was ALLEGEDLY murdered at Sandy Hoax, who was in a photograph taken two days later, sitting on Obummers lap, wearing the exact same red and black dress as she was in the family photo they showed on the (so-called) ‘news’?

            You’re not too familiar with the latest generation of false flag ops, are you.

          2. Actually I am. It’s Emilie Parker. You avoided the question, though. I just want your opinion. Surely the three supposed dead from the Boston marathon are not just walking around Boston still living their normal lives, socializing with friends. If you do not believe they are actually dead, what, in your opinion, has been done with them?

          3. exactly, why is the black woman on a stretcher while the amputee is sat up in a chair ? even if he could have survived, and so calmly, and having healed so very fast that no blood was forthcoming , the worst thing to do would be sit him up where gravity could pull the rest of his blood out faster lol. he has the energy to hold his own badly handkerchief tied leg as if to staunch blood flow and not one single drop of blood under that chair. nice catch, hard to see the activity pointed out but the end result tells enough

          4. Brett, to answer your question–Perhaps they throw the “victims” into programs similar to MKUltra and run experiments on them? Everyone thinks they are dead, now they can do whatever they want with them.

            However, I am not suggesting that the bombs themselves were fake. Perhaps they were real, but perhaps they also had actors in there for extra dramatic effect? I find it very odd in particular that they give the lady who has all her limbs the stretcher, and wheel out a guy who is missing the bottom half of his body, sitting up right, on a freaking wheel char. But, I don’t know. What I do know is this event seems too convenient for them. And the predictions made by that ‘whistleblower’ who posted all over the forums on Monday after the event were a bit too accurate.

          5. Dont need to send anyone to another country. Witness protection works well don’t you think? New name, new hair, basically a new identity.

        2. That is a good point, but it leads me to ask you this. Do you believe that the dead and hundreds of victims do not exist at all? Yes or no.

          1. overlooking the mountains of evidence of the “handiwork” of these


            TERRORISTS in just the last 100 years…


            do some research on YIDDISH THEATRE….er um an empire of their own…you do know about the CHOSEN KHAZARS….right ?

            maybe get a magnifying glass, and Sherlock Holmes hat…maybe a pipe


            you’re it

          2. Bertie,What tire pressure does a whl chair have ,Are they radial tires ,nylon or just plain ol BIAS.Do whl chair tires need to be balanced and rotated,how about alignment.
            Are they street treaded or off road tires.are off road tires even available for this type of whl chair.See here bart anyone can ask STUPID ASSED irrelevant questions, at least you could earn your 30 pieces of silver with a real question.

          3. You really don’t help your cause with your disrespect towards others, Steve. You think I’m a paid shill? You are quite wrong. I’m on your side. I know this was a staged event, but I do not agree with everything this article puts forth. Also, my questions are not irrelevant, nor was that last question even asked to you. My questions are to merely promote discussion. I actually plan on calling in to the Alex Jones show ASAP to tell him about the video you posted. It was excellent.

          4. Bertie,I have looked and can find nary one not a single question that you have put forth has made any sense what so ever.As far as “your on my team” NOOOOOOO THANX your a joke that cant even read and digest the simpleist of of articles,just throwing out irreelavent ???s.Are you unable to do any basic research,a world full of information is at YOUR FINGERTIPS but yet you ask the folks on this site to “EXPLAIN” and other such childish nonsense.I didnt WRITE the article but I did ENCLOSE THE SOURCE so why dont you drag your ass over to the AUTHOR and pose your STUPID ASSED QUESTIONS TO HIM/HER. Speaking of stupid assed BART type questions I NOTICED YOU DIDNT TAKE THE TIME TO ANSWER even one put forth to you,Why is that,maybe you should just hang out with A jones .I have no “CAUSE” that needs your kind of help.Where I come from RESPECT is earned NOT GRANTED ,now you go sit quietly in the corner and try to DIGEST my clear words.

          5. Your sentence structure and grammar is on an elementary school level, Steve. I therefore find it quite amusing each time you question my intelligence.

            As for my questions to others about their personal opinions, just because something can be researched doesn’t mean an opinion is not valued or appreciated.

          6. BERTIE BERTIE BERTIE,Im hurt that you would make fun of a poor unedumacated HILLBILLY,does it make you feel superior cause my dad was a poor coal minor that barely kept his family fed ha ha ha,Your sentence structureLOL I am having trouble controlling my laughter at your once again feeble attempt at DISTRACTION,if your what AN EDUMACATION produces well Im fkn aaa glad I got out of the brainwashing indoctrination centers THE DAY I TURNED 16,I have always known the INDOCTRINATION (schools) centers were a big ol waste of money ,time and effort cause it only produces parroty boys like you.To lazy to do any real research.
            Your questions sound more like a fkn pig in an interrogation room,side stepping any real inquires’ Now how about some answers or are we gonna have to hear more about irrelavent bad “GRAMMER” nonsense ya know the pointing out of grammer IS ALWAYS A DEAD GIVE AWAY TO you innerlectuals who dont have a clue to what reality is.Hey college boy I DONT EVEN OWN A TIE but I bet a slave like you puts the ol slave noose on each and every day while going to your sad lil innerlectual cubicle in the matrix LOL NOW ANSWER THE QUESTION BART.

          7. Can’t you just block Fertie? His trolling is done to make you exhausted by expending energy in full and unwisely.Stop playing with this shit and block him if you can. He is using subjective conjecture to misdirect others by attempting to ridicule and discredit you through doubt with your comments. Remember that true sheeple are at a level. And they view Shorties comments as valid because of their innocence, naivety and good nature and well intentions…don’t waste anymore time with this freak and if you can’t block him at least donot respond.BTW, Shett, under 18 USC 241, CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS. “If two or more persons conspire to injure, threaten, or intimidate any citizen in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or if two or more persons go in disguise on the highway or the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured – they shall be fined not more that $10,000 or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both: and if death results they shall be subject to imprisonment for any term of years or for life”. If I found out that your associations…and that you are compromised,paid or non paid and complicit then in the near future expect to hear a knock on your door that sounds metallic…for it will be handcuffs…for if your masters do not sell you out first then …the non compromised principles and agents will be coming for you…bwahahahaha

          8. I think he has not been blocked because Ol Apple is having way too much fun! Ain’t that right Steve and Henry?

          9. Teodoro,You keep your hands off my innerlectual,how else is his type gonna be exposed for the shallow nothings they are,I have a whole lifetime of energy to use up and this little nothing is barely able to be a childish distraction let alone a “threat ” to me or any men I know hes clown shoes at most.As far as all that legalize lawsuit up nonsense,thats not how I roll,his bestest jab was pretty sad and I sent him to his corner.I can think of no reason to let him get you as excited as you seem to be,I would suggest backing up a day and partaking of the national holiday 420 I can find no evidence of his efforts having any effect whatsoever at least according to the comments on this one post,I am able to ridicule every silly retort he puts forth to all those on here that truly care about whats happening in our country.As far asunder 18 USC 241, CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE RIGHTS OF CITIZENS,you should get this out to the good HELPLESS sheeple of boston where the real conspiracy has taken place. It seems like they are unable to STAND on their own 2 ft in boston and can use all the help they can get.
            As for me Ive been dressing myself since I was 30 if you know what I mean. Thanx for your unfounded concern but Henry and the guys here kindly let me PLAY with these kind of nothings and to be honest I enjoy it,Rhums seems to know more about me than I know about him finding only yesterday that just cause your handle rhymes with kentuck it doesnt mean you live there LOL aint that right Rhums.

          10. I STILL tagged him first for troll of the week, Steve.

            And I may just tag Rachel in the bargain.

      2. i just thought:
        what if a whole bunch of people, wanting the best for their community, what they believe would be a world without fireweapons, would freely take part as actors in such an event based on their compartmentalized knowing of the whole attempt. they might even hold their tongue, believing they would do a good thing for their country. peolple can be so naive.
        they are clearly not professional actors. it was poorly staged by poor actors.

    3. GREAT video. I wish it had a share button so I could post on facebook.
      My forum (DPF) has a lot about The Craft etc, but this vid is HARD evidence. Well done.
      Steve are you on facebook?
      BTW when the story first broke I saw the intial pics and it looked like red paint to me.
      (Attorney) Dawn Meredith
      Austin, TX.

      1. Dawn To answer your faceCIAbook ? the answer is HEEEEEEELLLLLLLL NOOOOOOOO. I am a man and have long since put AWAY MY CHILDHOOD TOYS. You are a B.A.R. member att.? No offense(i dont care if you are) but ALL lawyers are the enemy of AMERICA Your type make a mockery of REAL LAW with your garbled up convoluted herewhatybut for nonsense bowing to a FAG in a black dress who is on the same bar team as you,Quit the paid whore greed profession is my advice to you Dawn and become a decent productive member of society.

        1. My friend went into law to help weed out corruption, and uphold the constitution. Not everyone in law is on the side of the bad guys–however, many are.

          1. Ryo,HUH “weed out corruption” the courts and the B A R making soul stealing codes and statutes have nothing to do with LAW only revenue,there are so many freedom stealing codes (one guys morality is anothers profit) that NO ONE CAN KNOW THEM ALL LET ALONE UNDERSTAND THEM.The creator did it in ohhhhh about 10 basic one you know dont steal dont screw your neighbors wife basic stuff to enable all men to live together in fact my guy (CHRIST) specifically spoke out against SCRIBES AND PHARISES calling them the liars and cheats that they really are.No I think after having numerous dealings with the “courts and lawyers” I will retain my low opinion of these mockers of true law and JUSTICE. but I will leave you with a lawyer joke for you and yours.

            ANSWER– a porcupine has all the PRIX ON THE OUTSIDE LOL

    4. Why has the name of the owner of Mercedes carjacked never been released ? Anyone seen or heard the name ? Just more than curious…. have been for days .

      1. I suspect that no one mentioned his name because according to something I saw on another article, the alleged carjacked Mercedes actually belonged to the victim – Tsarnaev.

  5. April fools was April 1st, not the 15th.

    No wonder they perpetrators/actors in this case can rationalize their hoax. Just think about it for a minute. They probably think, “Well no one was really hurt. We played our roles as actors for the good of the nation, to get guns off the street, limit murders during a period when we know U.S. citizens have been pushed beyond their limits, stressed out, and likely to do things they will regret later, all-in-all an admirable cause and we did an under-appreciated service for humanity”, we did it for their own good.
    Of course if the speak of it, they will most likely end up dead. What does that tell them?

    Meanwhile, they may not know, understand what the ultimate agenda is. When a sufficient tipping point is reached in public awareness, and they put together the event pieces regarding 9/11 and all the other false-flags, from USS Liberty to Murrah Bldg, JFK, MLK, RFK, to 7/7, to 3/3 Madrid, to the Gulf Oil spill, to Fukushima, to Sandy Hook and Aurora, to the Boston Marathon, the people will want revenge for all this deliberate, per-meditated shit, over all these years, by essentially the same group, and there will be hell-to-pay coming shortly. All of these events until just recently were real, with real death, immense suffering and huge additional suffering, death and destruction, that were deliberately caused by the events, false-flag Gulf of Ton-kin for instance.

    The higher-ups know the truth, know their libel, and the “facts” cannot be hidden much longer and they are in danger, that in my opinion is what this is about. They want to take away our ability to retaliate for what they’ve done to us

    Thanks for your great work and job in exposing this. We need and appreciate you immensely.

  6. Great post, also see my short blog, using many of the same photos to show the timeline stretches over many minutes.

    After the stands and street are cleared they also remove the fence and scaffolding, all taking considerable time, and the double amputee is lying there unattended the whole time.

    Once again, excellent post.

  7. I’ve actually see the clip of this guy on the news( I’m from Boston)
    He has both of his leg in the clip they were not blown off so that leads me to the conclusion that the picture was edited. In the clip shown on live
    News they were just wheelchairing him everything looked like the first picture except the missing legs

    1. He has prosthetic legs. That “bone” you see is part of the prosthetic. When the explosion went down they just uncovered his leg which had the flesh make up and poured blood around.

    2. I saw this guy being shown on Fox on Monday night 4-15-13 with both of his legs. Then on Tuesday Fox was showing this guy with one leg. And several articles on the internet were showing pictures of him with no legs.

  8. I posted on two so called patriot boards.Most have ignored it. A few did find it curious. one was sure he knew more than the author. I doubt he read it.
    Until more accept the ugly truth of the extreme lengths the government will go to lie I have doubts as to the people saving the Republic.

    One can ignore reality, but one can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

  9. so I did some closer looking…. the younger brother’s back pack was mostlyswhite in the initial photos and videos… I’m not seeing it in yours… im not saying your right or wrong… just an observation

  10. Take a good look at these pictures, not just the injuries, but look at their faces. What do you see? People with traumatic injuries like this should be crying, grimmicing, mouths wide open screaming in pain and fear. They just have a sort of bland look on their faces. Strange???????

    1. Bad actors.

      In fact, I think I can state without fear of contradiction that they must have hired this bunch from the same cut-rate talent agency the Sandy Hoax clowns came from.

        1. Rhumstruck, I’ll be visiting my brother, clear on the other side of the San Fernando Valley.

          Should be far enough away. lol

  11. Interesting article. I seen this pic earlier today with the cowboy hat man and the amputee on Facebook and I wondered where’s the blood? Wouldn’t there be more blood? Also no real anguish on his face? Like if my legs got blown off, I would be constantly screaming and crying like u see in the Vietnam movies. This is very stinky this whole thing.

  12. In the very top photo a woman has a vest on that says B.A.A. PHYSICIAN.
    It looks like she’s okay with letting Cowboy Hat Guy handle the situation, or would she not be a doctor?

  13. for the fact that these victims are at least 10 feet away from the actual blast site should raise red flags…and the dark women has no blood on her whilst on the ground and you look at her on the gurney covered in blood…and the sign on the ground says it all…well done.

  14. I caught on that this was all fake when I realized that the price of gold had its biggest drop in thirty years just one trading day before the bombing. The banksters had to drive down the price of gold before the attack, or panic buying would have sent it to unprecedented heights and wrecked the dollar.

    1. but then one day the dude holding that beach ball under the water got too much oil on his hands and……whoop-2damoon…..
      unless they f@#$ing blow that up too

  15. Very good analysis.
    On the chair, the amputee has the strength to hold his leg. Strange…
    And only one leg ? He lost two!
    Furthermore, the double amputees’ position on the ground is unnatural. He seems to work his abs. That requires strength.

  16. Everyone knows that this is a setup, everything indicates it is just one big steampot of bullshit. Only the low IQ government agents think that they can fool the higher IQ public.

  17. I’m an EMT with 10 years experience in the field. I would have to disagree with the article. Yes, I do believe the Boston bombing is a false flag but the author is not aware of how arteries and veins respond to trauma. The blood stops flowing to the extremities when you go into shock. The blood goes to the core of the body instead. Any surgeon can tell you when a blood vessel is cut it tends to close up as well.

    What the writer is suggesting that a smoke bomb was deployed, (does not explain the broken glass behind them btw) and that with in seconds a man who already lost his legs prior, had fake injuries applied and massive amounts of fake blood poured around him all before a camera, while surrounded by other actors. I have set up drills and preparation takes days, hours to set up that many fake injuries and the formula for fake blood would be dish soap with red food coloring…Fake blood tends to bubble a bit.

    No one to into account the affect of shock, how affects the body and mind. I have seen people in massive car accidents walking around the wreck in shock and died on the way to the hospital of internal bleeding. I have taken gunshot wound with very little blood.

    What the writer is suggesting would be nearly impossible to pull off time wise and I have seen the picture where someone claimed the guy who lost his legs was a former marine and I compared the photos and I do not believe it was the same guy.

    This is poisoning the well tactics. It’s an old tactic and worked well Sandy Hook. The media and the web wants people so confused they start fighting with each other and look at the results of the bombing. Let’s not go off on accusations where there is no solid proof.

    I’m an EMT with experience in both drills and real life, including amputations of the foot and leg in car wrecks. There is nothing in that photo that suggest it’s all fake. It’s looks consistent with what I have witnessed. recently I had a man lose his foot in a car wreck, bone was sticking out like the guy in the chair and had even LESS blood.

    As to why the black lady was wheeled away first, that was simply a mistake made by ems. The man would have gone first in a drill. They would have preplanned who was to be taken first and there would be a medical officer doing triage. There was no triage set up on scene. It was “Pick them up and run” on scene due to the explosions. Triage would be done at a safe location.

    I’m sorry to disagree, but to have someone who just completed a course, who does not have years of experience, use photographs of a scene as proof it was all faked is just absorbed.

    Yes, there is a something screwy about the whole thing. But that doesn’t mean the whole thing was faked.

    1. Boy I guess the NSA really gets their money’s worth. Remember a while back they were hiring thousands of positions with a web basis? Well, this is one of them. If you post to an anti-Monsanto site there JUST HAPPENS to be a bee farmer there to disprove whatever you say – “In my 10 years as a bee keeper…”; you post about 9/11 truth there JUST HAPPENS to be a building demo guy there to refute what you say – “I’ve been demoing for 10 years…”, and now when posting about a fake injury we JUST HAPPEN to have a EMT present – “I’m an EMT with 10 years experience…” What luck! Thank god they are each there to muddy the water and sow doubts! It’s what they get paid for! (Hey, any one else notice that “Rachel” is actually a guy doing a piss-poor job of writing even remotely like a woman would?)

    2. Hi Rachel,
      Like you I have had a number of years in EMT (OK it was a long time ago), including bomb incidents. From the photos I cannot be sure one way or the other, but I find it very strange that not one of the doctors / paras are in attendance to the amputee (fake or otherwise).
      On arriving, I would have thought that he was the prime injured and prioritised him over all the others. Yes shock can allow people to handle incredible trauma, but that does not account for how he continues, you have a “Physician” walking past him and “non-EMT” handling him in a wheelchair. Normally he would have been No 1, with morphine, torniquets, and plasma and then stretcher.
      The other aspect that makes me think it could have been a drill, is that “so many” are unattended. In most “real” situations, almost every injured has “someone” next to them talking, touching, comforting. Here we see a large percentage of people (mainly young men in jeans) paying no attention to various wounded. Even police generally (in my experience) get involved with the casualties rather than stand around yammering to each other.
      The behaviour of the guy in the hood and sunglasses is totally unbelievable to me. The Black woman who is eventually taken out on the stretcher / backboard is also either fake or really poor EMT procedure.
      I do not know what happened, but it looks strange, really poor procedure, and I would have expected significant EMT / Paramedic support at the finish of a marathon, four hours after the start, when the heart attack and “sunday” runners are arriving.
      good luck with finding out the truth.

    3. Hi Rachel,
      Like you I have had a number of years in EMT (OK it was a long time ago), including bomb incidents. From the photos I cannot be sure one way or the other, but I find it very strange that not one of the doctors / paras are in attendance to the amputee (fake or otherwise).
      On arriving, I would have thought that he was the prime injured and prioritised him over all the others. Yes shock can allow people to handle incredible trauma, but that does not account for how he continues, you have a “Physician” walking past him and “non-EMT” handling him in a wheelchair. Normally he would have been No 1, with morphine, torniquets, and plasma and then stretcher.
      The other aspect that makes me think it could have been a drill, is that “so many” are unattended. In most “real” situations, almost every injured has “someone” next to them talking, touching, comforting. Here we see a large percentage of people (mainly young men in jeans) paying no attention to various wounded. Even police generally (in my experience) get involved with the casualties rather than stand around yammering to each other.
      The behaviour of the guy in the hood and sunglasses is totally unbelievable to me. The Black woman who is eventually taken out on the stretcher / backboard is also either fake or really poor EMT procedure.
      I do not know what happened, but it looks strange, really poor procedure, and I would have expected significant EMT / Paramedic support at the finish of a marathon, four hours after the start, when the heart attack and “sunday” runners are arriving.
      Good luck with finding out the truth.

      PS . to the regulars, not everyone who disagrees with you is a troll. Maybe they just, you know, have a different opinion.

      1. No, PJ, but when they deliberately disseminate disinformation, it’s a pretty fair indication they are.

    4. I simply can’t find an explanation for the man’s facial expression.You are either in shock,passing out or showing outward expression of pain. Why was he put in a wheelchair rather than a stretcher?
      The blood in other scenes looks fake.The black lady looks like a cast member in “Night of The Living Dead”.Back to the wheelchair.Look at that guy with the hat. I’m reading overall body language-and to me it stinks in all scenes.
      Hey Rachel-take a break from this crap for a few.Listen to Amy Lee.Depressing but beautiful. Actually very pertinent to our truth movement.We are not lith heads, numb to our feelings, rather,we embrace them as a fuel and temper them with reason.Sorry to get OT

      1. WTF, are you saying the blood stops flowing to the extremeties when the legs are cut off, and nobody can bleed to death from two missing legs?

        Is that why they left him rolling around on the ground legless? Because he wasn’t in any danger? LOL

        The only time the blood stops flowing to the extremeties is due to cold and vasoconstrictions in the extremeties, well guess what, he didn’t have any extemities for the blood vessels to constrict in.

    5. @Rachel:
      Not questioning your expertise as an EMT, but the pictures themselves and the description how this staged emergency situation is artificially build up is prove enough.

    6. You inquire as to the broken window. Well if you look AT the first picture in the sequence taken by the private photographer (follows right after frame 20), you’ll please take note that the largest amount of glass in ON THE SIDEWALK.

      A blast wave originating on the exterior side of the glass would have sent almost ALL of the glass INTO the establishment, and NOT outwards.

      Further, the doorway to that place had a sign on the door, where someone was seen to be crouching in other photos (not in the article).

      Then you remark: “Yes, I do believe the Boston bombing is a false flag but the author is not aware of how arteries and veins respond to trauma. The blood stops flowing to the extremities when you go into shock.”

      Do you pretend to say that an arterial wound would close-off all by itself? If so, then why even apply a tourniquet?
      And BTW: Blood vessels and arteries ~are~ different, and behave quite differently as well. But you ~already~ knew that too, right?

      Finally, if indeed those injuries were supposedly real, then where are the man’s feet, and shoes? They are NOWHERE to be seen.

      And how is it that his pants are ~neatly~ trimmed to above the thighs? WHY NO SHREDDED CLOTH?

    7. I don’t have to be an EMT to question the events depicted in these photos.

      Why was the black lady uninjured and unbloodied in the photo that was clearly taken after the blast, but then later is shown laid out on the stretcher, supposedly injured horribly? Why was the hooded sweatshirt guy looking so blase after the blast? I don’t think that shock would account for not enough blood spurting from the amputee. In fact, I call bullshit on you, Rachel. I don’t believe you’re an EMT. I believe you are a shill. (And I don’t think you earned your bonus, but I supposed you will get extra points for the length of your fake comment.)

      There may have been some real bombs, too, but my first thought when I heard the those “special voices” on NPR (that accompany all false flag events) was that the victims are fake. Hey, after Sandy Hoax, who can blame one for suspecting? What is the proof that those persons ever existed?

      And why did the storefront glass blow onto the sidewalk instead of into the store? And why aren’t we being told who the military/seal/blackwater/Craft men are? And why did one of those men appear to lose his back pack and run away? Why did none of those men offer aid to the supposed victims?

      Finally, show me some real blood. Bwaaaahhahhah, this is poster paint!

      Conspiracies are real, folks. Look what they just did at Sandy Hook? Why would we believe anything the lamestream media or our politicians tell us?

        1. Alan,ARE YOU BLIND there was a PARADE of yellow vested guys pushing EMPTY whl chairs to the smokey scene.I dont know the MANUFACTURER’s brand name or the factory they were made in but it’s probably SOMEWHERE IN CHINA,now that thats settled WHAT DOES IT MATTER? THE FKN WHL CHAIRS ARE NOT THE FKN ISSUE.

    8. Yes Rachel, sometimes the body does respond to massive trauma by closing off the artery/vein to prevent further blood loss, sometimes not, as evidenced by the number of accident victims who die due to blood loss.

      Any first responder who had any training would have grabbed the ‘amputee’ first and got them to advanced medical care, since the ‘victim’ was still conscious and alert, which means they’re a good candidate for survival.

      As for the blood, I’ve never seen blood that looked like that on the scene, the blood in the pics looks like paint.

      That’s coming from someone who’s been on over 2,000 medical emergencies. Vehicle accidents; shootings; knifings, gun shot wounds, industrial and construction accidents which included ME runs where the victim lost an arm or hand or leg.

      And where’s the blood splatters that would have been on the bystander’s other victims from the femoral artery squirting before it shut off, I don’t see any.

          1. Greg, Allow me to introduce myself,Im Steve Apple,been reading your anti thug nasties posts for what seem like yrs and have shared several right here(always giving credit to you and yours) along with Bulaman, kenny and vis and noor you guys are GREAT thanx again for all you do it sure has gotten easier to spread some truth ,I have been thrown off about a thousand so called “patriot sites” on yabadabahoo by those gatekeepers in charge finally quit bothering after the masses swooned for the hopey changey african but now I am among my own kind here at henry’s site which you guys should be cahooting together linking each other, I go to the links you provide and share some here,but being as slow as I am in learning this putor thing you professionals should conspire together.anyway thanx again for the wit and humor your goonsquad site provides.

    9. Rachel (or whatever your name really is) I’m tagging you on spec. You’re # 2.

      Don’t worry too much though, the week just started.

  18. I fully agree with the EMT-B who reports this article.I too am an EMT-1A and made this same observation. As I leave this reply @ 12:40am Sun ,This is the final day of the Toyota Grand Prix of Long beach Ca. I live only 3 blocks from the event..I truly pray the govt. doesn’t have drill plans for this event as they did for the BM and Sandy Hook..There is an overwhelmingly large police presence covering Land,Sea,and Air. This by no means makes me feel any safer,just the opposite..with this “Show of Force” I wonder what may lay around the corner. Anyway,a very insightful article.

  19. Look at this image – there are like 4 or 5 people with their legs missing and the two women who are acting like they are unconscious. The one woman has no legs and a leg is bent underneath her. the dude in the background in the center of the image is missing his left lower leg. No word about any of these people.

    1. On zachs’ link, the shop window is clearly blown toward the blast site and the ‘victims’. Not logical.
      BTW 1 : There were 2 explosions. Any pictures, any official victims at the other site ?
      BTW 2 : What about the 8 years old kid ? Was he supposed to be at this site or at the other site ?

      1. Krystle campbell is actually alive in many of the frames just prior to them moving the fence. she can be seen in the frames above in blue.

    2. Yet in this picture the woman in blue. Her legs seem fine. She has her arm around someone showing she is conscious. But once the fence is moved in the picture you mention her leg some how twists underneath her and she is now being checked for a pulse showing she is now unconscious. Very strange

    3. Sorry to come back again, but the thing about this picture, and contrary to all my experience, is that each of the victims seem to have only one wound. I find it incomprehensible that the woman has her leg(s) blown off, but no wounds to the torso or face!!! no damage to the clothing apart from her leg.
      It is the same with (all) the other victims.
      In most (all) the accidents and blasts that I have encountered, the damage is not restricted to a single part of the body. Where shrapnel is concerned, there is very seldom a clean cut/break of a limb. There is shredding and attachments which have to be gathered with the broken limb, and secured before transporting the victim. Even in road accidents I have not come across a victim where, say the arm is injured and nothing else. Usually there are abrasions and cuts over other parts of the body, especially exposed flesh.
      With regard to the comments on the glass, the position of the glass is very strange to me. In all explosions (and even gunshot breakages), the glass flies away from the explosion, point of impact. In the pictures, it seems as though the glass just dropped neatly to the ground! Compare this to OKC or Beruit, or any explosion, there is no glass to be seen, it is scattered over a large area in small and lethal pieces.
      I wasn’t there, but if I was investigating, I would have a lot of questions.

  20. Rachel

    You’ve been busily spamming all forums with your fake claims, I believe

    You’ve been in GLP. In Reddit. You name it, you’ve been there, using different IDs but *always* claiming qualifications which validate your nonsensical BS

    I realise you have to post for pay. I realise you must need the money. But we are not paid to pretend to listen to or believe your attempted con

    We’re smart people, Rachel. Lot smarter than you, obviously. We’ve been around. We know there’s no way in the world that guy would be conscious, capable of gripping his thighs (to hold his fake shredded prosthetic in place) or capable of holding up his own weight in a wheelchair to nowhere

    Stop insulting people’s intelligence, Rachel. It’s not working. You were told that days ago in innumerable online fora.

    NO. You are not an EMT with 10 years experience. You are simply another drone paid to post in the futile and desperate attempt to fool people with very low IQ

    What worked once isn’t working now, Rachel. Go tell your employers they cannot fool all the people all the time. And these crisis actors are cheap and incompetent. So what we see here is a budget production featuring bottom rung ‘crisis actors’ and a laughably unconvincing fake shredded pair of legs being held in place by a guy who must feel like the lowest slug in the sewer for taking part in this insultingly see-through charade

    Now off you go Rachel. Rush to spam the next forum. What a busy bee you are. So important. The future of the US govt. rests on your shoulders and your ability to con the people

    Whatever they’re paying you Rachel, is way too much. You’re as useless as the abysmal crisis actors you’re paid to defend

    We don’t believe this crap and we don’t believe you. They failed to convince. And so do you

        1. Bertie ,It was put there to give you a chace to ASK SOME MORE SILLY ASSED IRRELAVANT QUESTIONS OH OH OH the FOX guy at the end post made a GRAMMER/SPELLING MISTAKE, you might want to check into this and give some of your “EXPERTISE”LOL

        2. AHhhhhhhhh your EAR CURLS ARE FINALLY SHOWING hahahahaha we dont speak yid around here and its now understandable to all what you represent.

          1. barter barter barter,Thats it, thats all your innerlectual high powered intelligence can come up with calling names like a elementary school girl,or is that what they teach in the “special big brain” school you went to.YOUR A WORN OUT PAIR OF CLOWN SHOES ,birdie

      1. Hey #1 Where ya been all day,the nasties attacked the site this morning but Henry and his crack team foiled the fellas again and its been back up and running,I saw you played with biffybert a little last night but he showed up and we had some fun but I dont know what happened to the innerlectual superior big brained guy,he just vanished along with your new FrIEND rachel the 10yr trauma/drama biffette.Im soory if I was to much for him and his “superior” brain to compute as we both know he had a comprehending complex and just refused to wellll comprehend

        1. Guess I missed it. Fell asleep last night reading the second article I was planning to send Henry ( a good one on the Khazars too, now I can’t find it. Damn!). I didn’t even get up till 11:00, breakfast about 1:00. Guess I needed to catch up, I don’t normally ever sleep that late.

          That clown might have been eligible for the troll of the month award if he’d shown a little more class, and been less obvious. LOL


          May as well argue with a fence post.

  21. The leg is lumpy where they attached the fake part with the bone (one bone? The lower leg consists of a tibia and fibula, so where is the second bone that should be showing?) plus there are no jagged edges of flesh which you would see in such a trauma. That “blood” is about as fake looking as it comes, like the stuff you get for Halloween and was clearly added later as you can see from the pictures. They were actors hired for the drill and it’s too bad they have been paid off to stay silent. Either that or maybe they had some criminal charges dropped to take part in this. The Feds will do those sort of things. Something sure keeps these bad actors silent. How disturbing it is to know that the people there thought it was okay if robocops locked them down like a prison. This country is very, very sick.

  22. Excellent job friends,

    You have done a commendable investigative work. I have archived this for later (it will be “deleted”). Also, you guys surely know which group was behind this…

  23. White shirt with no blood solo cup in her lap remove her for shot of actor with no legs solo cup remains for ref

  24. This fake bomb theory makes a ton of sense, I saw fox news coverage of this choreographed wheelchair scene, and everything adds up and makes sense.
    You cant have a precision injury like that on a leg, perhaps if there was a high brisance sheet explosive like c4 used, but a low velocity pressure cooker makes no sense, and if it was genuine pressure cooker bomb the blast would be way huge. Only 3 dead is too little, and where are these 3 dead. The fact that they found the lid far away makes sense, for the actual device was probably an aluminum hollowed cooker with no lid. Being next too a guy with his lower leg blown off and still conscious from the blast is improbable. So yes this was a smoke bomb. A team of actors prepped the scene. Cameraman tasked to say oh my god and take horrible video of nothing while the actors prep the scene. Second bomb to distract and keep real cameraman edgy. Hired security teams to add to the confusion. But unfortunately for the hoaxers there was a private company doing go pro drone images from about 1000 feet up, should be interesting what that vid shows.

  25. One more point if there were a dozen lost legs would they not be right here at the blast site not just one?
    were on earth are the other limbs?

  26. Ironic that our double amputee was the one that ID’d the younger chechnan patsy. Guess he missed all the Craft operatives lingering about and dropping packs. I had doubts about this until I read your analysis. I’m convinced but is rather mind boggling. The blood does not look real. I wonder how they managed to stage this and be uninjured while so many were injured. This first blast looks rather small compared to the second which was a large fireball. lots of smoke going up here but somehow a pressure cooker lid ended up on the roof. No way to plant that. 🙂 Other pics show the Craft guys tearing up the stands looking for something across from the injured people. Guess they have their priorities.

  27. Thanks for the analysis of the fake injuries. Rachel should give her opinion on the fake blood the cowboy hat guy gathered on an Amerikan flag. Doesn’t blood turn a brownish color hours after but the cowboys flag is still bright red? If there is a trial, won’t Tsarnaev’s lawyer subpoena the flag for a blood analysis?

    My limited expertise is explosives. Immediately, when I saw the 1st explosion, I noticed that there was absolutely no fragmentation. There was one runner who went down but no blood. There were at least 50 flags and not a single one was torn. Not a single flag pole severed. There were 4 yellow balloons in the kill zone that fluttered away.

    In Viet Nam, our army used Claymore mines that had a directed charge of 750 ball bearings and would be staggered for maximum effect. I was always amazed when they went off because they would sever small trees and defoliate them. One Claymore would have killed 30 people in that crowd. A Claymore is less than half the size of a pressure cooker. Watch the movie “Swordfish” for a slow motion detailed demonstration of a fragmentation bomb.

    When we were kids we used to blow up stuff with cherry bombs like model cars, cans, and mail boxes. We would not have had the nerve to blow up my mom’s pressure cooker, but if we did, it would have been very similar. I even saw parts of the lid falling out of the sky but no fragments, no nails, no ball bearings and no BB’s. A true terrorist might have used a cheaper crock pot for maximum effect.

    The charge was maybe, 3 times more powerful than a cherry bomb with white smoke which any one will tell you is ordinance. The smoke and blast went straight up harmlessly. Total false flag.

  28. I noticed that, first off, the guy
    -wouldn’t have been put on a wheel chair
    -he’d have been in shock
    -he’d have been unconscious, unaware

    His face shows, he’s very conscious.

  29. If you take a good look at the six close-up images of the huddle of three people (the double amputee, the black woman and the man with the sunglasses and hoodie), this will become 100% clear to you in the transition between image #5 and image #6.

    Pic 1: The double amputee is pulling a prosthetic attachment over his left leg, while the black woman is placing a squeeze pump in his left hand, which is attached by hose to a prosthetic attachment that will be placed over his right leg.

    Pic 2: The man in the shades and hoodie begins sliding the prosthetic attachment over his right knee, while the double amputee continues pulling the attachment on the left leg down further (take note of where his shorts are in these images, compared to the images of him seated as he’s being rolled out).

    Pic 3: The prosthetic attachment on the right leg is now secure; you can even see that there is a brand new dark band around his leg that is tourniquet tight. The black woman now fully hands off the squeeze pump to the double amputee, and he struggles to finalize placement of the prosthetic on the left leg. Take note of the color of his right leg, both above and below the black band; as well as the size of the bulges at the top, and a conspicuous white bump on the inside knee.

    Pic 4: The double amputee continues to struggle with placement on the left, as is noted by the odd bulges. He is now fully in control of the squeeze pump, and the white bump as well as the bulges on the top of the considerably darker half of his right leg are suddenly swollen.

    Pic 5: The darker half of his right leg is now even more swollen, a considerable difference between the first image and this one. That odd white bump is still there. The left leg prosthetic now seems to be nearing a good fit.

    Pic 6: The right leg now displays torn flesh after enough pumping to burst the bags filled with fake blood. The black woman receives blood on her chest from the popping of the bags.

    Another interesting observation: You will notice in each of these six images that there is an orange colored bag that appears to be laying across the stomach of the double amputee. You probably didn’t give it much thought. Bags everywhere. However, if you look at the second-to-last image on the page (the close-up of the carnage), you will not see that bag.

    No … you’ll have to go the the very last image on the page to see that bag. What a brave woman … to have the wits about you to keep your shoulder bag strapped on as you’re carted away.

    1. I figured this out. My postulate is that grey hooded guy takes off his sunglasses and they use his sunglasses holder strap as a tourniquet on the double amuptee’s right knee. You can see in this sequence that the lady puts her hand on the stump. Why? Because she is going to apply the strap from grey hoodie’s glasses. That’s why he takes them off. That seems like a far better explanation.

      The bigger problem I see of the crisis actor postulate is, how do you manufacture all of that physical destruction, of the wooden fence slats, for example, in such a short moment? It doesn’t really make any sense.

      1. why NOT EVEN ONE TEAR in the banner on the wooden fence…?
        why NOT EVEN ONE TEAR on any of the flags…?

  30. Yup, total explosion caught on film…yup sure is fake and staged..never underestimate the power of stupidity and idiotism…hats off to you.

  31. Thank you! How convenient that the guy that had already lost his legs before the bombing loses them again… He also ID the younger brother placing the backpack. He also said he looked the younger brother in the eye just b4 it blew……..what a bunch of lairs they all are. They have already cleaned up the fake blood….but I will still demand DNA from the sidewalk where the bombing took place on all the so called injured to match DNA….it would still be there even after the clean up.


    just gonna post this quick here there is so much showing the wag the dog show in boston wish i had time to post all now but this is the main goal this lockdown claimed marshal law adn the list of ppl of interest they did go after is what its all about not the made for tb sideshow of supposed bombings which from the begining they announced dont panic it is only a staged drill orson wells got nothing on this staged event

  33. My son & I were watching when this 1st occurred. When we saw the guy being wheeled out, I said outloud, “Why is that guy alive? Why is he even conscious?” You’ve just confirmed my feelings on this whole situation.

    So where does this leave us now? We have 1 guy supposedly “dead” from being run over by his younger brother, said brother supposedly “in the hospital in serious condition” (even though there are pictures of him just straddling the boat, no cops around), & “parents who supposedly flew out from Russia to be with their surviving son.” How many actors are we talking about being involved with this whole charade? It would even include the boat owner who, even though the “lock-down” had been lifted, suddenly decided to go outside to check on his precious boat, knowing full-well the “suspect” hadn’t yet been caught. And why would the “lock-down” have been lifted if the “suspect” wasn’t in custody? Wouldn’t the “lock-down” have been held in place until he was?

    Just too many holes & way too much evidence proving this couldn’t have possibly been an actual attack, but rather a very cruel performance.

    1. The ‘official; story about one brother driving a SUV and running over his brother doesn’t wash.

      There was a tremendous amount of serious firepower at the BFF and we’re supposed to belive that the one surviving brother managed to bust thru a police blockade and survive to fight some more?

      What was he driving, a heavily armored SUV with bullet proof tires?

  34. Guys the “navy seal” guys have been identified as National Guard CST. They specialize in bombs. Why were they there?? Well, in my opinion when setting up a theatrical performance, you would need the best professionals to handle the incendiary side of the production right? They did everything just right, creating a low powered explosion that was large in size.

      1. There were two dudes with their legs blown off according to the images.

        Then the one woman supposedly has her leg bent back under her body.

        I am saying that if the media made such a big deal of this one dude, why no word on the other?

  35. All of the blood on the ground people should be soaked and saturated with it, Seems like they may have dumped fake blood, hollywood style pyrotechnics could have been used to make the smoke screen that was present for a few minutes after the blast which provided plenty of cover for any prep to make it look legit….just a thought tho

    1. The people just lie around in other people’s blood when they are fully capable of getting up and walking away. The black woman just sat there with a guy’s mangled legs in her face for minutes.

  36. Where is the victim’s Fibula bone that runs alongside the Tibia from the knee to the ankle? There is still flesh and skin attached integrally below the knee and if it had been blown off this flesh would be torn as evidence.

  37. What about Black trunk/Orange arms lady, in shorts.

    She has a bloodless injury to her left ankle. She is sitting up.

    Later she gets that big yellow tourniquet around her right thigh, and is down.

    Same with grey hoodie guy, he is handing around sitting up , then later down.

    Black lady seems to be working like a crew with grey hoodie guy, but later looks like a serious victim when she is on the stretcher, taken away BEFORE the double amputee!

    There is another guy from different pics, a shaved head guy walking home, who had his clothes completely shredded, but isn’t bleeding at all.

  38. The thing that strikes me most is the difference between the people on the left in the first few frames and the ones on the right. The women on the right are behaving like I’d expect victims involved in an explosion to behave. They’re crying, screaming, and looking around for someone to help them. The people who were injured in the explosions are doing the exact opposite. They are calm and collected. They are not looking around for help. They are not crying, or calling out.

  39. @Teodoro Leon there is video of the guy being wheeled away, and contrary to the op, you can see in the video that there is a shirt wrapped tightly around his leg. Start watching at 2:24 mark.

    1. sure after the black lady and the guy in the hood gets takin care of they wrap a shirt around this guys leg
      really pat

  40. im no doctor or emt. im a convicted felon. i served time for my crime. while i was in jail, i would earn certificates to go towards my earned good time . one of the certificates i earned was for bio-hazards. this cert meant, that at any given time, i would be called upon to clean up shit people would smear in there cells, or blood from cutting up. this one time i was called to medical, because an inmate cut himself up. from just a little cut on his wrist he severed an artery. that cell was COVERED in blood. its a 6×9 cell, the whole floor was one big puddle of blood. not to mention the trail from the cell to another room where they fixed him up. it looked like a friggin murder scene. so i dont buy this bullshit fbi shit.

    1. Yep justin, it makes me sick when people are so f`n self righteous when the people stick up for the PTB when it is the PTB are the very ones that should be behind bars. Yep I did a lot of time myself for something I did not do many years ago and I still am paying for what they said I did. We paid our price to be sure.buddy.

  41. I commend you and your intelligence to post the facts and truth. Just the simple truth that this suppose double amputee attended the Boston game just days after the attack, and loss of his legs, and sat in a wheelchair while the first ball was being thrown out, and the crowd cheered, along with this is OUR F..IN CITY, I find suspect in it all. In no absolute circumstance can anyone, in that state, under those conditions, in such a short time have attended a ball game. His brother stated that he had surgery and will require more surgeries in the weeks to come, just infections, open wounds would be grave risks at this time and he would never be permitted to leave a hospital. His pains would be enormous, and he would not be in any state to sit in a wheel chair so soon to watch a ball game. This entire attack was staged, the color of blood was clearly too red, bright red, and not the real color of blood, making it something of Halloween vampire blood used by kids, for tricking, the neighbors, for candy. Thanks again for truth.

    1. I so agree with all . I have seen blood at accident scenes ( death by bus running over a man’s skull ) . The blood was so dark and it had just happened . No police were even there yet . Fake vampire movie blood – from the 70’s all the way . He would be in the hospital for a while . And can anyone tell me why the one witness who was told by the alleged bombers who they were – The Mercedes carjacking guy , why no one knows his freaking name ?! Almost maddening trying to research that . That is so fishy to me .

      1. Yes I noted the bloood looked more like paint, real blood would be very dark, rusty brown, purply black in color..and everywhere on everyone and everything…This was a set up no doubt,..

  42. Honestly as much as you risk ridicule agreeing with this: I have to at least in part. It’s too unrealistic in this case not to. What the hell is going on here people?

    1. It almost hurts to be woken up doesn’t it Anna?
      Stick around and we will show you exactly how deep the conspiracy goes and that it is not a THEORY. I guarantee it will turn your world upside down!

  43. Enlarged fig.8 & 9 to 400, in fig. it looks like a prostetic leg is beside womans orange handbag. In fig. 9 you can almost detect that it is form fitted for the stump. Blast seems to have removed leg hair where prostetic would attach to stump. Crazy.

  44. This is some magical bomb!

    All of the screens are from this video, see for yourself:


    form this magical bomb loaded with shrapnel.

    There is absolutely not a single hole or a tare on any of the flags.

    There is not a single broken wooden plank in entire shitty wooden fence.

    No damage to the trees.

    The ONLY thing that broke is glass!

    And damage to the glass looks like one from shock wave – no damage from shrapnel AT ALL! – just cracked glass!

  45. So while you are all congratulating yourselves on figuring out that your Govt is lying and trying to dupe the American People, WTF is Happening to the young suspect and his now dead brother who are being framed for this event. Also where are the 3 people who supposedly died here? Do they actually exist and the 200 plus injured where are they all hiding……Can American people be such sheep like creatures that they would just lay down and take this bullshit?…..It’s time to take back your country people and say enough is enough.

  46. You can see in the first video that the white hat suspect is NOT wearing a backpack. What appears to be a backpack is actually the pattern on the wall behind him.

  47. Where was the boy and the other 2 people who lost limbs and were killed? Was that in this scene? Eye witnesses kept saying there were arms and legs everywhere. I don’t see those. A ballistics expert should look at this. I don’t get how a man can lose legs but everyone around him are barely injured. Was he standing on the bomb? And if the pressure cooker had nails and whatever else, there would be people with holes in their face, eyes, in the walls behind them etc. None of it makes sense.

      1. So it must be a open meaning.
        The submissives have it all well done.
        Comes a sign plate from the housewall to the direction of the explosion?
        It seems to be used as a final credit.

    1. I don’t know if thats really the Saudi bodyguard, but anyway he is the one from the “Blackwater guys” who ran away after the first explosion WITHOUT his backpack!

  48. Let me start by saying I have no trust of our government telling us the full story on anything like this. They’re proven liars but I have a few observations. If you blow up the picture of the guy in the wheel chair there is a tourniquet on his left leg and you can see the guy in the cowboy hat pinching his artery closed. As the the amount of blood on his hands and facial expression I’m not going to try and say what’s right and wrong. My issue with this analysis is it’s going on the premise that everyone always does the right thing in traumatic situations, and all people handle blunt severe trauma the same way. I don’t believe we’re getting the full story here, but I also don’t believe that all humans do exactly what they’re supposed to in situations like this.

  49. Well, if this a form of education then know your audience and their level.Most of the commenter here seem to be informed and adept to an extent. But it’s those stumbling on this article and the facts and proofs in contains that I am concerned about. Ol Shett plants seeds of doubt and because they are in a condition of learned helplessness and reality bias ( biased towards reality).Homeopaths are biased towards what they think is reality but is in actuality magical thinking.
    I don’t think you yourself are harmed.It’s those that give the benefit of the doubt to Freakoid because the reality is just to outlandish to them that I am concerned about. So you are awake? Great. Have you alone been able to stop any of these “events” that clearly traumatize and influence the masses? No.Have you been able to get these men arrested, indicted and convicted? No. Why? Because the majority of principles and agents are not convinced because of reality bias and learned helplessness. So I understand the reason for the engagement and humoring: revealment. But your imposition will come back and bite you and others in the ass. For example:Many people did die and die horribly in 9/11. People suffered and continue to suffer in ignorance because of reality bias. So play with your new found toy with purpose. I needed to post your article with the facts and evidence you presented to get out to the sheeple so that they can see and evaluate how this one done…for no one likes to be played for a fool or much less admit promptly that they were taken, again. But knowing what level most are at I am cautious to allow the influence of a disinfo agent ‘s doubt seed and the derision scare them away. That’s what most don’t want:conflict. For they do not have the ability at this time to sift through the dialogue and discern.Most would rather just not look at any of it.
    So are you just here for your amusement and ego or are you trying to awaken the people to the truth who can help us put an end to this? You recognize the symptoms of the disease but you don’t know the disease and it’s MO , motive and agenda. It’s all designed so that the people lose all faith in government, people and themselves.So that at first they will consider all diseased and untrustworthy and then come to the conclusion that they are the disease. What do we at this time do with disease? What is the mindset? Hegelian Dialectics:Problem Reaction Solution= Thesis Antithesis Synthesis. As smart as you are you are still being played predictably. Learn the actual truth of the disease “Season of Treason”. Learn the truth of the remedy. NUI & CR
    BTW…why the ineptness and the obvious errors in video and still images? What I just stated above. This is part of the PsyOps. To make you aware that they are criminals that are to paid to act out a scripted drama so that you lose all faith in anything and ask for “saviors” under the NWO/UN/Project Blue Beam/ Lord Maitreya/ Lucifer/ Madam Blavatsky… I hope you at least look at these facts..or else you are just playing and bitching and moaning and taking great false pride in your “intelligence”. Like they inadvertently allowed you to see these f#@ked up Photoshopped images and video?

  50. Does anyone elce see that the bone of the guys left leg on the first picture in the wheelchair is at least half the size of the same bone on the same leg on the 9th picture ( 2nd from last. the one with all the fake blood and woman leaning on her elbow) bit of a cock up if u ask me. Also in every shot of that legless guy why does it look asif he is holding the fake legs on at the join. Same place everytime u see him, maybe it wasnt put on securely haha. Americans need to take action now before you hit the point of no return and loose all ur freedom!



    1. My theory is that they want to put focus on the `problem` in Chechnya.
      Nato will soon offer to help Russia `sort out` this problem in return for Russian help in Syria and Iran.

  52. This article is full of insights and raises so many valid points. If some people here are still trying to deny all these evidence they are either paid shills or sheeple.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. The link has been removed.
      The communists are truly reprehensible. This is how spineless cowards fight truth.

  53. Watched a frame by frame video of the entire finish line episode. They wheel him down the street, stop and a guy in a yellow jacket pushes on one of the legs. Must have been falling off . then they start pushing him again. If I can find it i’ll post the link.

  54. Look at the picture with the terrorist in the Red Coat giving orders….look behind him and at the storefront with the windows blown OUT TOWARD THE BLAST. It should have been blown inside the building, not out. That glass is tempered glass, also.

  55. At 3 mins 11 seconds cowboy hero pushes him . Watch as the guy pushes on his leg. Looks like it to me anyway.


      This video is stopped by the author to show the prosthetic leg of the amputee actor being adjusted by the guy pushing this amputee actor.

      I want to point out that the people shadows are soft. Soft shadows are created by multiple studio cameras. Sun shadows always have hard edges. Overcast days produce almost no shadow.

      From what is that horizontal shadow being generated in front of the FINISH line. It should not be there because there is nothing there to produce that horizontal shadow. This suggests that the shadows were made on a green screen VIRTUAL set.

  56. Just one question that no-one here seems to want to acknowledge:

    Why would the powers that be want to set up an elaborate theatre when they could far easily just simply bomb real people.

    This would not only be far easier but to stage a scene with a whole bunch of actors makes the risk of being exposed INFINITELY greater. They not only rely on a whole load of people keeping quiet, they would also have to rely on the fact that the whole charade was not foiled with photos and videos from the day.

    Considering nearly everyone now has a video camera in their pocket in the form of a smartphone I can’t see why they would go to all of this trouble when they could just plant a bomb days before and have no loose ends – no people to silence – nothing to go wrong on the day – no story to protect – and no comebacks such as this very article.

    If I were the CIA I would just plant the bomb days before, detonate it from a great distance, set up a patsy and have no loose ends whatsoever.

    Can anyone explain the need for a theatre??

    1. How do you set up it days before? Do you leave backbag there for days and hope that nobody touches it until the event or do you dig the bomb underground or put it in trash bin? Setting it up beforehand just brings different problems to deal with.

      1. But are you seriously suggesting that it is more difficult to plant a bomb the size of a lunch box than stage a fake theatre on the street in front of huge amounts of people armed with cameras??

        Are we now suggesting that it would be difficult for a group such as the CIA to plant a bomb???

        Considering many people on this post are suggesting that the “Actors” are now being interviewed by the main stream media it would only take one of these people to either
        – Blow the whistle
        or far more likely
        – Say something stupid that doesn’t fit the facts

        It seems a hell of a lot of risk when they could have had real casualties and real bombs.

        Still no-one here has answered the blindingly obvious and perfectly reasonable question of – Why not just use real bombs and real casualties, why go to all this trouble when it increases the risk of exposure by an astronomical amount?

        1. You OBVIOUSLY don’t know the enemy we’re dealing with, asking such idiotic questions and making stupid observations, OR you’re working for them, in a pitiful attempt to muddy the waters.

          Either way, you took a wrong turn when you came to this site, as we cater to intelligent and well informed people here, which doesn’t appear to be the case with you.

  57. I always hear complains what a bad job we’ve done and how it is very easy to tell that all of this was staged. Oh my god, where should I start. First of all it is very easy to criticize our job but seriously try to stage such a big thing with almost no money. After the sequestration there was not enough money to hire good actors to do that. We tried to hire Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt as they are one of the best but with $6,261/hourly rate and the budget cuts we’ve got from Obama it was impossible. We even tried to hire Chuck Norris but we were afraid that he will start kicking terrorists around even before the bombs go off. At the end we managed to convince some homeless people and bribe them with Happy Meals and banana shakes. We also tried to shut down this website and delete some comments that we didn’t like but all of our hackers moved to work for WikiLeaks and we had to rely on high school interns bribing them with some crack weed

  58. When I looked at the pictures more thoroughly you can see the black lady leaving on a stretcher while everyone else was escorted in wheel chairs … I asked myself why would that be? Simple … she is the one that took the prop legs …

  59. Slow motion video:

    11 sec – explosion – no damage at all – even air balloons did not pop! and seen
    flying away.

    21 sec – camera pans – there is some smoke, but not much, you can see trough – no victims, no one panicing.

    25 sec – clowns are coming out of the building with broken windows -one is wearing red hat.

    33 sec – you can hear a pop ! smoke grenade. A lot if smoke to cover clowns getting into position,

    And – scene!

  60. Anyone else notice that the “blood” in these images looks like red paint?
    My blood isn’t that red when taken at the lab. And certainly if I cut myself it doesn’t take that long for it to start darkening. This looks like cups of paint just thrown all over.

    Thanks for doing this analysis. I suspected this thing was a hoax and those young men were set up.

    1. Why would the boston sheriff need to know that this was a staged attack? Do we really think that Craft or Blackwater or whoever, go around telling everyone the entire plan or do you think that they are on a need to know basis and that they get the minimum amount of information required to play their part???

      We need some critical thinking here guys, if knowledge of the event went down to this level do you really think they could keep this covered up – there would be no reason for this guy to know that this was a staged event. The idea that “everyone is in on it” is naive.

      (Can the original of this video be found on an official site? It may well be legit but the voice does sound odd and the lip sync is off. You can never be too sure, after all it is the internet.)

      1. Why were there no police injured in the blast? How is that for a little critical thinking? they were everywhere except where the 2 blasts occurred……….

      2. ROB Rob rob ,Why are you here?????????? read your postS and the’re nonsense? The questions you KEEP asking are fkn SAD,are you their bestest and brightest DISTRACTION.But even more important are BRETT AND RACHEL still employed as they left here PRETTY DAMN QUICK.So tell your “masters” that your pitiful attempt at distraction are just that, childish questions are a DEAD giveaway.

          1. Henry& #1 <I thought you guys liked me and now after just 2 or 3 silly assed posts your banning my new PLAYMATE "rob" I guess I'll just have to play "withmyself" LOL Do you think these guys actually get PAID for their gradeschool questions and I thought $20,000 for a hammer was a waste of tax $ but these morons are just sad so sad if I had his address I would send him/her/it a GALLON OF MILK and he would cheer and everything would be USA USA hahaha.

          2. Hey #1 I wish their posts at least had just a small amount of of debateable content but they are as transparent as air.I believe they are terrified of the fast approaching day of JUSTICE so why do they keep sending their slo kids to play with men trying to stem the TIDAL WAVE of awakening.but like our old friend barney fife said”you got to nip it nip it in the bud”

          3. I know Steve.

            We used to get a better class of trolls here, but I guess since FTT has gotten so immensely popular recently, everybody and their mother (as far as trolls) decided they wanted to give us a shot.

            Oh well, it’s a free country.


            Did I really just say that? Must have bumped my head. LOL

  61. I have to say this is probably the most convincing evidence I have seen that proves our government is staging false flag attacks. The only thing that tops this are the videos of building seven of the world trade center falling at nearly free fall speed supposedly because of office fires. When will we finally see the criminals within our federal government charged with these crimes?

  62. As an LMT, I concur with this EMTs assessment. The missing fibula on the left leg is the smoking gun! At least half of it should still be there since the knee is in tact, so it must be still joined at the lateral condyle ligament at the knee. The tibia, and fibula are bound together by a thick osseous membrane; they would not come apart easily!

  63. I have just a couple of points to add. For what it’s worth, my mind is still on the fence with this one.

    First, here is a photo that seems to show the foot, perhaps that of the wheelchair guy (double amputee):

    Second, I just started wondering myself, why do all these victims need to be hustled down the road so far? Why can’t ambulances drive right up to the finish line? Surely, considering the number of people who collapse near the end of a marathon, standard safety practices would allow for immediate and rapid approach by ambulances to the finish line area. This honestly baffles me. Of course, the most popular conspiracy theory being touted on this page holds that “actors” were used to create effective terror photo ops, and needing, for some unexplained reason, to wheel all the victims down the road past the awaiting photo and video corps, meshes perfectly with this interpretation.

    So, I would love to hear anyone’s explanation of why ambulances didn’t drive right up to the victims, as this should apparently be SOP with respect to marathon safety, and hauling the victims so far might have serious implications for their recovery.

    1. good point—-I agree with you that it was all about the `Photo Op`
      This is how the Mainstream Media owned by the Puppet Masters keep the sheeple hypnotised by fear.
      However the Sheeple are starting to wake up because of blogs like this one so the Puppet Masters must be worried .

  64. Guys – you have all missed the lady with the black top with the orange sleeves and the yellow handbag. She starts off DIRECTLY behind the hooded guy blocking anyone’s view when he putting on the false legs from the back. She then moves away by several meters with no injuries whatsoever and is looking at the ‘Handler’ as he gives instructions. She is then seen on her back getting mouth to mouth resusitation. They are 100% all actors. The Yankee with the hat still has his flag in his hand after witnessing all the carnage!!!!!

  65. Ok-so someone get this info out to the press and demand investigation if it’s a fake. Who wouldn’t LOVE to break that story. Or is everyone, including the friends/family members/acquaintances of all these actors in on the “joke”. And the dead?? Were they actors too? Surely if “Jeff Bauman” was an amputee before, someone would cry wolf. SOMEONE. As someone who was there running that day, this makes me sick. If it’s an act, someone in the press would love to get this out. Or are they all afraid they’ll be killed?? Let’s get this OUT in the open and dealt with. PLEASE. Prove it or disprove it, I just want it DEALT with. Make those that can spread the word DEAL with this.

      1. Hey#1 it appears that we have some folks from the SHORT BUS,all their points and inquiries are just plain DUMB, every question,EVERY SILLY assed question ,from the guy in the whl chair getting his bloody stump props PUSHED BACK ON(did you see that crap) to the colored woman on the stretcher has been visually and audibly posted many times, every moronic question they have asked has been documented in the numerous posts here at the TRENCHES and across the “mainstream” internet.

  66. Most trolls aren’t, are they #1?
    Think we could move mMe to the #2 spot behind Bart instead of Rachel? I love the trolls that say “I was there” & my second favorite is “Racist” lol!

    1. Pretty much, RT. I honestly have no idea what some of these people use for a brain. I find it hard to fathom what they’re doing on an alternative media site, with an MSM mindset.

      I’m good with the switch. The way they’re coming out of the woodwork though, he/she may not last long in that spot. LOL

      btw, if you want to see a real troll hustling, check out the comments by (and replies to) ARIZONA on this article. This is classic! 🙂

      Watch how he totally changes the subject on his final comment.

      1. Hey, I remember that guy, Arizona. His ridiculous Nazi camp stories gave him away from the get-go. He was a classic. Ahh….those were the days. lol

  67. So we have so many images of the two brothers and then the other two guys with back packs. Why haven’t we seen pictures of the guy with his legs blown off standing in the crowd in the other photos. And at what point do we stop asking questions and do something? What do we do? Why is the mainstream media not showing the other two military looking guys with back packs matching the ones in the explosion. So much does not add up. Also what happened to North Korea, they fell off the media. I wonder if this was a slide of hand trick. Create a staged bombing, pay off North Korea…. Something is up.

    1. I saw a photo today of “Jeff Bauman” in the crowd right before the bomb went off. He was in a heavy crowd at least a few people back (I’ll have to look at it again). I guess all the people around him moved away right before the bomb went off…
      Funny I was recently wondering what happened to the North Korea news went. Supposedly we were to be bombed any day.
      Now we have suddenly have additional proof of a 9/11 jet…
      I find it funny, as others have mentioned, that all these “drills” take place @ the same time as these events – the marathon, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Aurora.
      Also thought it was funny how they find the 2nd guy just outside the perimeter in the same town, and the boat is riddled with bullets but he’s not. Also how he managed to take off in an SUV and disappear in the neighborhood. Someone online mentioned the SUV was theirs, not some Asian guy’s. No one’s heard from the Asian guy. So many more things that are questionable.

  68. WOW. Just finished reading this story. I’m a little late on it. Unbelievable. Such a false flag. It’s disgusting. This must have been a part of DHS’s so called, “DRILL” made into reality.

    Imagine that. Same thing happened with Sandy Hook and 9/11 and I’m pretty sure at or around the Colorado movie theater, as well. Isn’t it funny how there’s always a drill going on when these things happen?

    Were the three people who died even real, too? Or were they made up? Can anyone verify who those 3 people were as well as the others who were injured? I’d like to see that.

  69. I just got turned on to all this today. Sickened, but not surprised. I’m sending all this out on Twitter and expect to be suspended soon.

    Thanks to all for the never-ending task of looking beyond the rhetoric. The movie “Wag the Dog” showed just how all this is possible too. I’m just saddened by the Americans that won’t even entertain the fact that their government lies to them daily.

  70. I didn’t put this particular part of the puzzle together until reading this article…what I did notice almost from the very beginning was the same lack of blood on the scene and in pictures and videos…given the reported carnage…how many people supposedly had amputations as a result of this bombing…that’s a lot of lower body injuries…and almost all of the doctors made the same statement…”we just finished what the bombs didn’t.” that means these limbs had to be severed and cauterized post haste to save the victim’s life…otherwise they would have stopped the bleeding and saved what they could…so shredded lower limbs…hearts pumping blood…and gravity playing its part…survivors should have looked like they were playing a macabre game of Slip’n’Slide…I quit watching the MSM after the 1st day of reporting…they kept saying…’1+1=3’…and I just couldn’t wrap my head around it…I think you helped confirm my suspicions…and I also think you should be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize…honesty in journalism and excellent investigative work are an uncommon yet appreciated aspect sorely missing from what we are fed from the mouthpieces of moronity…great work!!!

  71. I believe that this is staged but do we have an explanation/evidence about the second explosion? It seems that all the conspiracies are based upon only the 1st explosion.

  72. From the beginning I heard about the bombings I thought “well, that gives the U.S some nice reasons to bomb another country…”, but I didn’t look much more into any facts until a few days later when I saw a reddit post about everything supposibly being false flag. From then on I haven’t been able to take my mind of the topic because there are to many questions unanswered, things don’t add up.

    The big issue for me has been that even though I have a feeling the injuries look fake, I have to little knowlege about injuries to really convince myself that it IS fake, even though I know that I bleed more than that when I accidently cut my finger… The same counts for bombs and the shockwaves they produce…and all the other technical details in this event

    Now this little bit of sceptism blew away when I saw this picture:
    You see, this is a field I do have knowlege about, textiles.. I have worked with textiles every day for about 11 years, and am an textile engineer…
    Now the first thing I noticed were his pants. They HAVE been cut up, no question about that. But why? Maybe he cut his pants up to see if his legs were hurt, but how did he get a hold of a scissor and why did he prioritize checking his legs when he obviously isn’t bleeding? Why didn’t he run away first and check later? why didn’t he take the time helping other people instead of checking his own legs? And why did he cut his pants into raveles, instead of cutting fast and straight, on his left leg he even seems to have cut twice….

    Now the the facts for the pants being cut are easy, fabric doesn’t tear that way. Woven fabric, as is used in his jeans and shirt consists of horizontal and vertical threads woven together. When being put under stress fabric can tear. This happens only in a vertical, or horizontal direction, not diagonally. This is based on just plain logic because diagonally you would have to cutt of the double amounth of threads as horizontally or vertically and thus have a higher resistance towards tears in the diagonal plain. An explosion could cause a fabric to tear in a zigzag kind of way, with lots of ravels but never in a straight, diagonal line, unless it is cut.

    Now lets say he has cut his pants to check for injuries….
    What happened to his shirt? Ok, there are lots of horizontal cuts, wich possibly could occure in a blast (altough they look very cleanly cut and not as ravely as I would expect). What intrests me most is the big cut in his shirt at chest level. From comparing to the woven line pattern they seem to go in a slightly diagonal direction. Now, as fabric doesn’t naturally tear in a diagonal direction, something must have cut it. I find it hard to find a logical reason for him to cut up his shirt. So lets assume he got hit by glas, say 1 piece of glass of about 10 cms, or 2 pieces of 5 cm flew right into him and cut his shirt. Then how could these pieces of glass not have injured him in any way? Shouldn’t he be bleeding badly?

    For me, this is evidence enough to know that this is fake.

  73. Here is something I noticed. Why would they take the black lady out on a stretcher and the legless guy in a wheelchair? Wouldn’t you want the guys legs elevated above his heart? He was obviously more injured, unless they just wanted to get that scene with cowboy guy and his legs for all to see to really shock the public.

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