7 thoughts on “AK47 versus M16 – R. Lee Ermey

  1. Prefer the Garand myself since we are restricted to sem-auto fire. As regards the AK vs. M16 debate, the M16 has better sights, more accurate at distance, but at realistic CQ ranges the AK is more reliable with a better general purpose round. Ermey’s comical comparison of the two still shows the AK as more powerful and easier to maintain.

  2. The M-16 bullet hit the cinder block dead center, so the bullet passed through into the open core. The AK bullet hit the top of the block, and went into solid concrete rather than passing into open space.

    I’d rather have the AK, and I think Ermey would too. His praise for the M-16 was purely sarcastic.

    If I tried to field-strip either of them blindfolded, neither rifle would ever function again, so that’s a moot point for me.

  3. Ermey is a total ego nut case. He has been totally brain washed by the MCAS and his ass is kissed by the MSM.

  4. I could never have done the field strip on the AR blindfolded until I built my own.
    I only chose the 5.56 platform over the 7.62 because I think I am more likely to pick up Nato rounds in the event of an invasion.
    After all the criminal cartel in DC isnt buying millions of 7.62 for domestic policing.

    Side note I was shopping Taurus 380s last night. Anyone savvy?

    1. Taurus make some very reliable guns
      I own a few myself just wont drop down to the 380’s would much rather a 9mm.
      Take a gander at the pt111 9mm millennium pro series “G2’s now” with 12rd mags but capable of using 17 round mags from full size in the Taurus line with a mag spacer.
      Very compact firearm fits in a back pocket as did the pt145’s but they no longer make those so its either 9mm or .40’s.



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