Alert: United Nations Hiring “Disarmament Officers” To Take American Guns

Secrets of the Fed

EMERGENCY BULLETIN: The United Nations, by permission of the Obama Administration, has started a program to disarm Americans. They are actively recruiting foreigners to apply for a position with a duty station of New York to come to America and be the aggressors in disarming Americans.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the job announcement on the UN website:  

Remember when Obama/Kerry forced the “small arms treaty” through and signed it without consent of the Senate? (aided and abetted by the traitors at Snopes who propagated the idea that it was harmless).
It’s time to fight back America! We are doomed unless we act now!


10 thoughts on “Alert: United Nations Hiring “Disarmament Officers” To Take American Guns

  1. More than 300 million guns in the USA says, whatever their plans, that they can go piss up a rope. That equates to more than 89 firearms for every 100 residents. While I loathe the UN, there is absolutely no way they will ever be able to equip a force capable of disarming the American people by force. Likewise, the American people will not simply turn in our guns when some government orifice demands we do so, like happened in England and Australia. If the UN has a notion that they can simply force us to disarm, like they do in small, third-world shit-holes whose people are already largely disarmed, they would do well to disabuse themselves of said notion. That said, this disarmament specialist job post is nothing with which to concern ourselves; it is not for implementation within the USA.

    1. I wouldn’t dismiss it so offhandedly. The United Nations is an un-elected, illegal organization conducting operations within our borders without We the People’s permission. Their presence in our country should not be allowed or tolerated to any degree.

  2. 1. Who cares, let them try it.
    2. UN is headquartered in New York. Job postings from corporate posting will show the CH as the location.
    3. If there was a label for AOO stating New York or US , then it would be game on.

  3. There is really only one way that Americans will turn over guns, and that is if most Americans are unemployed with children to feed and will choose feeding children by being part of a force that takes guns away from Americans (even if they would rather not). The thing is, this would not work in rural remote communities that, when food is no longer available (the “just in time” food delivery system no longer works), there will still be available food (in the form of rodents, snakes, squirrels, deer, elk, burros/donkeys, etc.) and available wild edible veggies (such as lambs quarter). But even that won’t work in many cases…I can see some of these confiscators getting whacked as soon as some gun owner opens the front door–meaning every confiscator will need a cop or SWAT team to enforce his or her enforcement, and folks there simply will not be enough confiscators to go around.

    Guns. That is what separates Americans, idiots or not, from Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, Canadians, French, Germans, Scandinavians, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Arabs, Africans, and just about everyone else.

    And, oh yeah, that portion of Americans who abhor gun ownership, liberals, many of whom are, you guessed it, Jews. I guess these Jews don’t think they need to own guns because they think because they are Jews that the govt. would never threaten them. Never again, eh? They wrote the DSM but they have no idea what the meaning of insanity is!

  4. “They are actively recruiting foreigners to apply for a position with a duty station of New York to come to America and be the aggressors in disarming Americans.”


    Make SURE they’re all wearing blue hats, would you?

    Can’t wait to start collecting some!

      1. Thanks, Martist. I’m done for today, however. The library closes at 6 (I don’t have my own internet anymore, have to use available wi-fi now) 🙁

        Back tomorrow, though, until 3 (close early on Fri.) Later…

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