American in Tripoli: First Hand Account

“Investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, who spent some time in Libya, shares his views on what’s really going on in the country and why the mainstream media deliberately misinforms the public about real goals of NATO.”


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    1. sdasd49,
      It has indeed become pathetic when we have to look to the evil Russian Empire for truth in journalism.

      1. Empire does exist. And, yes, Empire has an expression in Russia. In recent history, early 1900s, it was dominant in Russia. More recently, 1990s to the present, Russia has struggled against Empire. If, we in the United States, continue to behave as a colony of the current “Empire In Fact”, Russia will indeed be diminished to the same.

        “We the People of the United States” are by our Constitution a republic. We are the antithesis of Empire. We have been, and remain, the subject of defeat by Empire.

        Outwardly, in the realm of our senses, militarily, We have always defeated Empire. Therefore, Empire has attacked us inwardly (from within), in the realm of the “unseen” (not sense perceived but cognitively, in cognition.) They have taken that which they are (Empire), their characteristics, and taught us to believe that those characteristics are ours.

        To redeem ourselves we must employ cognition, reason, regulation. Specifically, today, we must reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, by passing today’s legislation H.R. 1489.

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