99ers Seeking HR 589 Unemployment Extension It Would Seem they Found us Some Jobs

The job situation is getting better.  The job situation is getting worse.  The job situation is staying about the same.  It is hard to know what to believe anymore or at least it was until I heard a brand new idea for Medicaid reform.  Check this out.  Make all the people receiving Medicaid work for their benefits.

You have to love these neo-cons and their inter-dimensional logic. They purport to be the anti-thesis to the social communists, but are quick to advocate work for welfare.  Is this not communism?  Not to mention the fact that while they are admitting that there are no jobs they seem to be purporting that there is plenty of work if the compensation is Medicaid.

How about this, you neo-con pig?  If there is all this work out there, how about we perform the labor FOR MONEY??!!  Then, not only will not need Medicaid, but we can actually spend the money we make on whatever we choose.   You know, that free market bullshit that you are advocating every day.  Or is that just a free market for the filthy rich with the rest of us laboring in servitude for room and board?

This is just the proof in the pudding for what we have been saying all along.  There is no left.  There is no right.  There is just the elite wanting to rule over us as slaves in a one world international communistic dictatorship enforced by a one world corporate police state.

Well let’s see……nah, I’ll pass.  I think I’ll just have my Republic back under my Constitution.  Hey, here’s an idea.  Maybe we poor people can serve as the jurors at your trials, as a compensation to the taxpayers for the money they have had to pay to feed us and provide us medical care, as a result of your theft of everything we worked for thirty years to accumulate.  I think they call this poetic justice.  But hell, its justice, I’ll take it.

I guess the bottom line here is there seems to be no bounds to the unmitigated gall being shown by these thieves in kicking their victims while we are down.

I’ll tell you what neo-cons.  Live today for today as no one knows what tomorrow might bring and every dog has its day.  And we, you have treated like dogs, are going to have that day, when you will be forced to recognize the extent of the hate and contempt you have built up in us towards you.

It’s going to happen and there is not a damn thing you can do to stop it.  Thanks to modern technology, this world has become a little place where you are not going to be able to hide.  We are going to whip out our $5.5 million nuclear arsenal we have bought and paid for and politely but sternly demand that any and every country you flee to hand over our wealth and you for prosecution.

Think about that tonight as you fall asleep on your mattress stuffed with our stolen money.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “99ers Seeking HR 589 Unemployment Extension It Would Seem they Found us Some Jobs

  1. Mark, Brian, brian s., Clark,
    Where are you guys? What, did I piss you off with the Casey Anthony article? You guys weren’t watching that shit where you? Ah, what the hell, maybe no one is commenting because they are laying on the floor shiting all over themselves. LOL

    1. To be honest with you Henry, I never heard of her. I don’t watch TV, except the Weather Channel. I spend most of my day job hunting, playin’ my guitar, and venting on your site. No poop.

      1. Clark,
        Well it is obvious you were denied your government issue rose colored glasses. If I were you I would write a strongly worded letter to the ministry of propaganda and demand your equal right to tranquility through stupidity. LOL

        1. My tranquility is Coors Light, when I can afford some. Sold some more personal possessions, so I’ll be tranquil this evening.

      1. help needed,
        My apologies for not including you in the roll call. A simple oversight, no aspersions on your dedication to the clarification of the insane.

    2. Henry,

      Casey Who? I’d rather watch snow melt. I have a younger sister that is severely mentally handicapped. Without drugs, she goes off the deep end. So I stay mum about the subject. I just rolled out of bed, didn’t get any sleep last night. BTW, it looks like there are unconfirmed reports of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela might be dead. I’ve been checking the net out for more info.

    3. Henry,

      Actually I was deeply offended by your unwarranted attack on mainstream media. C’mon! We haven’t had a good dose of this crap since the Lacey Peterson thing back in…uh…’02….’03? I mean, geez….how much Kardashians can a fella take?

      Yeah…I know….it’s all a puking soap opera and addiction to it IS a mental disorder…or at least it leads to such. I don’t watch TV at all…I’m one of those who’s traded screens. As for my recent silence I have been fighting a growing sense of “quiet desperation” the more I see of the stupidity around us. Just trying to recharge myself by watching old movies. Just watched “Hud” again after a few years. There’s a line in it spoken by the old man to Hud that goes something like this:

      “Little by little the face of the country changes by the men we admire”

      Good movie….that was when we had a culture and expressed intelligence wasn’t yet considered a medical “disorder”!

      Hang in there.

    4. sorry henry after dropping my colon with all that great news from that last article had to take a break you know henry i’ll bet you half those new millionares come right from here greenwich connecticut you would never know theres a problem here ferrari’s lamborghinni’s bmw’s and benz’s every restraunt is packed but theres no jobs christ i just heard a few day’s ago there trying to sell leona helmsleys house for a mere 43 million a far cry from it’s original bid 100 million this is the town i live in it’s just disgusting and i cant find a job i go to the hospitals seeing if they have maintenance jobs guess who has all these jobs the f–kin neaderthalic mexicans pigs have all these jobs and i cant get hired

  2. There aren’t any jobs, just millions of lost dreams. We as Americans were always looking for the American dream. We all did what we were taught and brought up to do. We diid all the right things. We are victims of a terrible crime on society. We are just pawns in this greedy new America that only wants to profit and leave the middleclass behind.
    We’ve worked hard for years and we get repaid with a slap in the face. The new America has screwed us! It’s time to fight and get our lives back!

  3. hey clark atleast you still have some personal possessions man im dying for a coors light right now taste of the rockies all i can afford is a drink from the water fountain waiting for them to put a coin slot in the drinking fountain haven’t had a cigarrette in three days im losing it i read this article like all the rest of them you know what really sucks were givin one life on this earth and we have this group of scumbags ruling over us the fact im 42 and homeless with no hope what’s left hate to say it but suicide seems like the only way out and i think that’s what are goverment all of us to just disappear or purpotrate there own anililation of us

    1. Don’t feel too bad, brian, I’m frickin’ 60 years old ! I should have said I sold the LAST of my personal possessions. Nothin’ like having to start all over again at 60′ if I ever get the chance to do so.

      1. yea i here you really that sucks im trying to joke around on here to livin things up enjoy your beer brother wish i could get numb and a little buzzed it’s been a while i miss the sound of the opening that beer can im suing the goverment for all those beer commercials and they made it possible i can never have one again those bastards it’s bad enough cigarrettes are 9 to 10 dollars a pack revolt revolt im haveing a nicotene fit at the moment

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