American Indian Sovereignty Under Attack


Again Chaz Kadar, Loran Thompson and fellow conspirators are up to further dastardly deeds.  As if their acts of treason against Kanienkehaka back in December were NOT bad enough, they are now using the Longhouse to fraudulently remove Gi-Ni-Ti-Harcum El-Bey, corporation sole, for Saint Regis Indian.  

Please note within the attached fraudulent document that these traitors use British terminology, reference or wording.  Much of what is stated is oxymoron.  There are confession of terms and misuse of terms.   They again have used the Letterhead and Seal of the Longhouse to further their deceit.


The attached document is full of admissions and confession, waving sovereignty, while granting jurisdiction to Washington DC and State of New York, subjecting Kanienkehaka to a police state.  TRAITORS!

Their intent is to aid and abet the enemies of Kanienkehaka to make sure that Rarahkwisere is sent to prison for 8 to 10 years for their crimes.  Gi-ni-ti-harcum and Bishop David-Andrew (who Rarahkwisere nominated as his next of friend) have been assisting Rarahkwisere in his defense against his false arrest and false imprisonment.   Chaz, Loran and fellow conspirators have been trying to force Rarahkwisere to plea bargain or accept re-presentation of British Crown agent, an attorney.

Please note that St Regis Mohawk Tribe is a District of Criminals corporation and is subject to CONgress.  And that the St Regis Mohawk Police are New York State Police going in disguise as so-called “Reservation” Police.  These two United States agencies represent the puppy government established by the so-called great white fathers, and were setup to established a police state to enslave the Kanienkehaka.  Two of the so-called St Regis Mohawk Police are United States ICE Agents, one of which beat Rarahkwisere several times, while he was held in chains.

Note the forger, who signed this document signed on the left.  Slaves sign on the left.  Sovereigns sign on the right side of the page, NEVER on the left.

As to their comments about Mohawks, the term Mohawk is a derogatory term meaning drunken Indian.

Kanienkehaka are not Mohawks.  If any are Mohawks, these traitors are; since they are drunk with power.

Supposedly the Unites States is going to bring Rarahkwisere to trial on May 13th.  Oh my, is that a special day!  Masonic devils always do their wickedness using numerology.  May equals 5, which is demonic; 13 equals 4; 4 equals destruction.  Therefore, demonic destruction or sacrifice.  These devil are really sick in the head.  It is essential that Rarahkwisere be rescued from the hands of his persecutors, he is innocent; and the United States has no personam jurisdiction.

Their plan is once, Rarahkwisere is out of these conspirators’ way, Loran will then take control of the casino, buy a State of New York license and it will be back to business as usual, stuffing their pockets with filthy lucre, while enslaving the rest of Kanienkehaka to their mafia bosses.  All casinos in State of New York are owned by Empire Resorts.  The CEO of Empire Resorts is crime boss Joseph D’Amato.

These traitors deserve nothing less then string of black wampum cast at their feet, because they wish reduce the people to chains and absolute slavery.  Kaianerekowa states that those who make allegiance with enemies of Kaianerekowa are to be removed.  Masons, Knights of Templar, Knights of Malta and the Vatican are known enemies of Kaianerekowa.  Enemy spies within gate must be removed.

As to the status of so-called “Christian” appellation, Kenneth Kappelmeier:  his mother was Ani-Yun-Wiya; his father was Ononta’keshaka; and his father’s father was Kanienkehaka.  The longhouse document is a fraud and most certainly is defamation of character.

The attached document was signed by a different traitor, then those, who signed the fraudulent document  back in December.  And, it states that it was “Ratified By The People of The Kanienkehaka Kaienerekowa Kanonsesne.”  However, I have spoken with warriors of this longhouse, and they had no knowledge of this action or document.  Therefore, how is it possible to be by the consent of the people?  It might be by the consent of a handful of dumb sheople, but most certainly not consent of the people.

There is no skennen, and cannot be while, a great spiritual leader, Rarahkwisere remains in captivity as a prisoner of war, and traitors are steering the canoe.


Raonhaa Okwaho.
Sachem – corporation sole
for Lone Wolf Territory.



      There has been a Longhouse meeting called at 5:00 o’clock on April 30, 2013, to further the dirty deeds of the traitors.  Another sign of their treachery, since Longhouse meetings are are to held and concluded by mid afternoon, and not begin at late afternoon.  Members of the Warrior Society are urgent to attend and stop these traitors from doing any further harm.  It is time to Wampum 58 these demoniacs before devils destroy all hope of maintaining autonomy or the right, thereof.

Please note the time is five o’clock.  Raonhaa Okwaho pointed out the number five represented demonic action, which is what these Masonic devils are all about.  Please, also, note that April 30 is Walpurgisnacht Roodmas Day.  A blood sacrifice day for witches and warlocks, either animal or human sacrifice of any age.  Masonry is witchcraft.

It is interesting that they would chose April 30 on which to call there illegal assembly, though, I suppose they would preferred to have held it under the cover of darkness.  It is against the Kaianerekowa to to be a Mason, especially, since Mason have ALWAYS practiced geneocide of the Kanienkehaka.  Several Mason and Eastern Stars were convicted by the Global Tribunal recently of the murder of hundreds of children throughout Canada.

It should be noted that May First, the day of the supposed eviction, is May Day.  May Day is ZOG Day, the day for celebration of the Bolshevik’s (AshkenNASIm) murdering  of millions of people throughout Russia, and enslaving the those that remained.  However, also, I must remind people that the United States became the first Communist controlled Nation in March 1861, under the Communist dictator Abraham Springstein (Lincoln); and has been a Communist Nation ever since, operating under Law Martial, operating under Roman Civil Law.  Though, on March 26, 1991, Roman Civil Law took a back seat, with Babylonian Talmudic Law becoming the supreme law of the nation.  Welcome to Babylon!

Masons server, promote and worship the ZOG (Zionist operated government).  ZOG is their master and their deity, to which the swear allegiance.  These blood thirsting warmongers are often called VAMPIRES, because of their thirst or lust for blood.

Other co-conspirators involved in this conspiracy are Paul Delaronde, Kenneth Hill, “Sugar” Montour, Roger Jock, Elizabeth Coots, Scott Moore and Grand River Enterprises.  And I know that there are others.  GR Enterprises is where the mysterious one hundred thousand dollars came from to pay the Assquire Scott Moore to sell out Rarahkwisere.  That money could been put to far better use then the attempts to subjugate the Kanienkehaka or Kanienke to the police state jurisdiction of the gangster run United States.

This entire shame, scam or swindle is designed to railroad Hoyaneh Rarahkwisere into federal prison on fraudulent charges.  Hoyaneh Rarahkwisere is corporation sole and guardian protector for Akwesasne (a sovereign State).  He possesses absolute sovereign immunity, therefore, the United States does not and cannot obtain authority over him or personam jurisdiction, as long as he does not accept re-presentation from a British Aristocratic Regency Attorner.  Furthermore, Rarahkwisere is Ambassador for Saint Regis Indians (a sovereign State) and Lone Wolf Territory (a sovereign State).

State of New York and the United States are corporate States, subject to the British Crown (a corporation sole), therefore, are inferior to the States mentioned above and have no jurisdiction inside their sovereign borders.  In the resent ruling in the Harry Daniel verses Her Majesty the Queen case, the court in its 175 page decision made it clear that Her Majesty the Queen did not have any right or authority to make determination as to which Onkwehonwe Nations were sovereign and which were not; therefore, Her henchmen, Canada and the United States do not have authority or right to make such determination either.  Which is the heart of what is happening in this instant case.  The deliberate attempt to waiver or remove the right of being a free and sovereign people is unacceptable.

If you would like to learn more about Masonry, please go to and scroll down near to the bottom of the listing and click on Masons and the Illuminati.

Bishop David-Andrew.
Regent and corporation sole for Druryville

Update: The word now on the street as of this morning, is that Roger Jock ais going to take possession of Three Feathers property and turn it into a tobacco manufacturing plant.  I wonder what mafia gangster is bank rolling this project.

These two are sellouts, caring only for their own financial gain, and not the good of the people.  Yep, they have every intention of make Rarahkwisere the fall guy for their wrong doings.  I can see it now, their plant operating under the United States licensing, while the Bat Fagots are busy shutdown all of their competition.  Another monopoly in the making and further erosion of sovereignty.

Tyrants are always scheming on how maintain power and control.  What good is the ruling in Harry Daniels verses Her Majesty the Queen if Kanienkehaka are continually being moved toward state of chains and slavery?  Then too, the United Nations’ Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People now also applies.

Traitors wish to lead the people like sheople and would have the people to lick the boots of slave masters, instead of walking in the light toward freedom and independence.  I cannot comprehend why people wish to still go begging for wool blankets and hand outs, when the law is on their side and opportunity knocks at the door.  Why does it always have to be “rex lex” when it is supposed to be “lex rex”?  Why a nanny state, and not a free state?

7 thoughts on “American Indian Sovereignty Under Attack

  1. The greatest threat to Indian Sovereignty is the Indians themselves. Any who are not sovereign can be sovereign simply by calling themselves sovereign or relying on courts of fiction, with no lawful authority, to protect them from themselves.

  2. It doesn’t matter who you are. They have you in an administrative court. Move the jurisdiction to a court of record [common law court] and you’ll have them by the ass. No attorneys in common law court. The plaintiff MUST appear. This is where the people of our nation screw up. If THEY keep on messing with you, file a CLAIM in Federal Court. Which is also a court of record [common law court]. Government and corporations file COMPLAINTS. Man files CLAIMS. Claims trump complaints.

    1. There is no legal system in this country. So everything you just said, although it may be correct, is nothing but hogwash and is a joke in the eyes of the elite.

      The only way to change things is by the barrel of a gun. The elite are not going to back down and neither are We the people. It’s time we stop with the bullshit paperwork legality that doesn’t exist anymore and start restoring our justice system and taking our country back by force.

      1. That’s just it. You are mixing up legal and lawful. They are different. I don’t deal with legal. I deal with lawful. The courts of record[common law courts] still exist in our nation. It’s just that no one uses them. We are now starting to move cases out of the administrative [legal] court, and over to the court of record[lawful], common law court. It’s working. There are no attorneys in common law court. Just man.
        You don’t need to use violence. That is exactly what they’re hoping for. Don’t fall for it. What I’ve stated is not hogwash and most surely not a joke. We are doing it. Maybe it’s time YOU learn how to handle yourself accordingly BEFORE you give them reason to murder you. And I meant no offense by that.

  3. As to Jolly Roger’s comment, thank you very much. There are very few who care whether we survive as a Nation. The State of New York is doing all that can to wipe us out.
    As to the other comments on sovereignty and common law courts, the courts are refusing to recognize sovereignty or sovereignty rights, except for theirs. They are claiming corner on the marketplace. Other then Justice of Peace Courts there has not been any common law courts in the United States since Abraham Springstein’s (Lincoln) communist war of aggression.
    According to Federal Court documents, the Federal Court system abolished common law courts in 1814. As for those, who claim that they are having success moving courts into common law jurisdiction it is mostly HOGWASH, because I have seen very few who know how to invoke common law jurisdiction of a court.
    Bildo has the right idea, however, most Black Robed Devils will deny or ignore such declarations and quickly railroad your case. I have been there one too many times; and this present case is another example of such railroading. Both the district court of the United States and the supreme court of the United States have ignored our pleadings. It is as if we had not filed anything. We have sent several letters of inquire asking when these pleading will be heard; and there has been no reply.
    We are about to file suit against the Unites States, however, there is not one Federal Judge, who is qualified to hear the claim under 28 USC §2284. Leaving us no choice but to file suit in the world court. Otherwise the drums will beat, if United States fails to release Ambassador Rarahkwisere.
    In Rarahkwisere’s case the US Attorner just moved the trial date from May 13 to September 16, and claims speed trial rights does not apply in this case. Therefore, they intended to hold him as a prisoner of war for nine months, while denying him right to Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness.
    As to the authors of the two fraudulent documents, the eviction notices was written by Roger Jock’s daughter, who also served the document and it was signed, without authority, by Lonnie Thompson, and it was sealed by Elizabeth Coots.
    The fraudulent contract with Assquire Moore, is still unknown as to who wrote it. However, we do know that Charles (Chas) Kader, Loran Thompson, Roger Jock and Elizabeth Coots were all involved. Chief Stewart Miles during a Longhouse meeting called them all traitors to their faces, and stated they should be expelled. Several other Chiefs since have called them traitors.
    They have caused a quiet a stir within nine Nations. Therefore, they cannot claim calling them TRAITORS is inappropriate. One chief from another Nation, stated that he would be glad to bring some black wampum to throw at their feet, and some hemp for the party. Then there would skennen.

    1. Never mention sovereignty. That word is taboo. You need Federal Court. The wording for United States District Court and District Court of the United States makes all the difference. One is common law the other is not. Once you move the court to common law there can be no attorney heard. The plaintiff MUST appear. Plus, they file complaints. Man files CLAIMS. Claims trump complaints. And you have to be careful, they like to trick you. They can change the jurisdiction discreetly and you have to be very aware. Listen to Karl Lentz on talkshoe. He’s the expert on common law.
      OR you can go to Angela Stark’s talkshoe and listen to Karl’s guest appearances.

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