American Nationals Confront Police State with Total Resistance

The international socialist insurgency continues to throw out their propaganda smokescreen in the face of a resistance that is growing exponentially.  I was very happy to see a video I found of two men facing down the Gestapo in Rhode Island.  The two refused to identify themselves and demanded to know why they were being detained.  The Rhode Island Gestapo, being Gestapo, put forth their authority which amounted to “We are the police and we can demand from any citizen anything we want.”

When one of the men being detained asked one of the moronic pigs to define the 4th Amendment the response was, “It is the right for search and seizure.”  This is the reason an IQ of below 100 is a prerequisite for joining the force.  This video clearly showed the absence of any knowledge of the law by those purportedly enforcing it.

The resistance shown on this video is exactly what every one of us needs to be practicing, letting these pigs know there is no excuse acceptable for violating our constitutionally guaranteed rights.  A poor man walking down a public sidewalk at 2:00 in the morning with his shirt off has the same right to be left alone that Warren Buffet does riding down the adjacent street in the back of a limousine.

These two patriotic Americans in Rhode Island set an example for every one of we American nationals of the American race as to how we should be dealing with this unconstitutional standing army.  Carry a camera everywhere you go and refuse to cooperate in the smallest degree with any affront to your rights and liberties.

If every one of us takes up this practice and holds true it would have more effect than every Occupy and grass roots Tea Party protests to date put together.

The agents of the international corporate mafia are engaged in a campaign to establish total authoritarian control over we the people.  We must meet their assault on our constitutionally guaranteed rights with total resistance.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

11 thoughts on “American Nationals Confront Police State with Total Resistance

  1. So State taxpayers are paying $45.00’s an hour for their police to harass people they even admit are not the suspects, suspects mind you they also admit they have no identifying information for, they waste endless money doing nothing but ensuring a salary higher than any small businessman can afford and a retirement 80% of the people cannot get. I applaud these two guys for telling these idiot cops what’s up.

  2. Fish rot from the head down, the fascist police are reflections of the fascist politicians, their corporate masters promote their own laws of injustice and the treasonous media are beyond deserving to be shot for their crime of non reporting what needs to be said.

    Only the little guy pays taxes or should I say their dues to the oppressor because at the seat of all that is putrid lies the bankers. Their business is printing dishonest money in the form of debt, legal script that transfers all wealth to them in a financial collapse or bankruptcy and their added usury is to screw everyone as final insult.

    Americans do not know what is going to hit them, Greece is a warm up act for the banking elite. As in Greece soon in America with six day working week, 55% youth unemployment, no possible economic recovery, additional usury, additional taxation, reduction in retirement benefits, forced sale of state assets at knock down prices, forced poverty and uncertainty. These loan sharks have printed the money, charged usury and demanded the title to real assets. As a result of their monopoly over legal debt script (money) they control in perpetuity the people of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. It would take 150 years of great austerity for Ireland to pay off their loan obligations to these vermin. They are con men and they control con gress and politicians all over the world by means of their absolute power to print all money as debt.

    Allegiance is first to Israel in all branches of Government, the media and of course the gotta pick everyones pockets scum banksters that are controlled by a secretive elite. Everyone is in their debt including the stupid cops that could give a rats arse curse about following the constitution.

    It is beyond a solution for Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Ireland, once the fascist laws are in place they will undoubtedly collapse their system worldwide and demand their dues which will be all wealth pledged against their debt. That means all wealth of all nations and they will have control of all of us as debt slaves in perpetuity. The people just do not know what is going to hit them.

  3. This film and ones like it need to be shown to every student taking a required goveornment class throughout our public school system . This is a great teacher of our constitutional rights . God bless these two young men! We all need to wake up to this tyranny and use our constitution as our weapon.

  4. I think that one reason cops get away with this type of harassment on a regular basis is that most Americans aren’t even aware of their rights. They behave as the TV has taught them to, and usually don’t even know that their rights are being violated. This, of course, encourages cops to repeat the violations that make their job easier, at the expense of everyone’s freedom.

    1. Not to mention cop shows like CSI special victims unit(sister loves the show) that shows cops constantly harassing people and doing things they are not suppose to do on an extreme level and getting away with it(for a liberal show the people on the know nothing about their rights and never use them).

      No wonder..

  5. ‘showed the absence of any knowledge of the law by those purportedly enforcing it’

    This, it encircles our world.

  6. “Once again, you’re redundant. You’re asking the same questions. Only people who are on something ask the same questions.” (Cop waving his hand around his head) What a complete asshole.

    This is the same exact mentality that I had with the Round Rock, TX Policemen.

    RR Policeman: “Are you on any medication? Have you been drinking? Are you taking any drugs?”
    ME: “Why?”
    RR Policeman: “Because you aren’t being cooperative.”
    ME: “I’m trying to tell you I’m the victim and you think I’m not being cooperative and I’m on drugs? What kind of logic is that?”

    RR Policeman: “You don’t know what our job entails, so stop thinking you do.”

    Absolute assholes! Plain and simple.

  7. The cops started off making demands and then as they realized they couldn’t push them around their tones switched from demanding to whining . What a brunch of pigs.

  8. “Once again, you’re redundant. You’re asking the same questions. Only people who are on something ask the same questions.” (Cop waving his hand around his head)

    So what’s the cops excuse when asking the same question over and over again? Don’t you just love their insane logic. That statement just speaks for itself.

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