American Officials Leading Eleven Countries in Insurgency Against Georgia and the U.S.

Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, Chili, Honduras, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina are jointly filing lawsuits against the State of Georgia in opposition to that free sovereign state’s implementation of their new immigration laws.

This is an outrage, above and beyond outrage.  Go into any one of these countries, as an American citizen entering illegally without a passport or visa, and you will be jailed and treated like we wouldn’t treat a dog, until your family can raise enough money to ransom you.  You sure will not put any kind of a drain upon their economy because they are sovereign countries and have the right to defend their borders.

The American people should be literally up in arms.  The people of Georgia have been paying for about a half of million illegals sucking off of their system through welfare, free medical, free education, and jobs being worked at a substandard wage by invaders who pay no taxes.

I cannot believe our government has the gall to think we are going to just accept this without consequence.   After jobs, which the illegal invaders are taking from us, the deportation of every one of them should be next on the list of our demands for 2012.  We have to question the motivations of our government in allowing any country to sue a sovereign state in our United States in our courts.

If this were an issue at all, which it is not, it is supposed to be filed in an international court and our federal government is supposed to be defending the State of Georgia with our every asset.  Our government has been infiltrated by foreigners hell bent on our conquest.  If we the people rose up as militia and drove these invaders out, we would be well within our rights.

Get this; they are suing the people of the State of Georgia saying they are violating the Constitution in trying to stop what is absolutely a foreign invasion.  If our federal government truly represented our people it would enforce our Constitution which provides for a military response to any and all invasions.

If Obama sent our military after these invaders right now, he would actually be doing so within the law.  But he will not.  He only sends our military to other countries to invade foreign sovereigns in violation of our law.

If our federal government was not occupied by treasonous insurgents we would be aiming eleven of our finest hydrogen bombs at the capitals of these eleven invading countries and giving them one week to get their citizens back within their own borders, or else.

If this incident does not cause an uprising something is seriously wrong with our country.   My fellow citizens, we had better get our act together and eliminate this problem while we can still call this our country.  I am so outraged I cannot think straight and if you are not, you either have to be one of the invaders or too stupid to be counted among the patriots of America.  We need to tell our government to stop this invasion and throw the invaders out are we are going to stop and throw them out.

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  1. Rachel, I am outraged along with you ! How our Govt. can stand by and allow these 3rd world, worthless countries, try the sovereign state of Georgia in American courts, for trying to protect it’s citizens, is beyond belief. Our Govt. is full of treasonous cowards that are no better than the countries trying to sue the state of Georgia. It just seems like every day there is one more treasonous act committed by this Govt. against the American People.

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