American Tragedy! Baby Boy Dies Of Massive Blood Clot After Hospital Refused Non-Vaxxed Blood Transfusion

NewsWars – by Kelen McBreen

Born on January 3rd, baby Alex had trouble breathing and was soon diagnosed with tracheoesophageal fistula and Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV).

In order to receive the care he needed, Alex was life-flighted from Richland, Washington to Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital in Spokane, Washington.

On January 24th, baby Alex had his tracheoesophageal fistula fixed but the healing process was interrupted by leaking around his stitches.

By February 4th, the leaking had stopped and surgery was scheduled for February 10th.

The plan was for the infant to have a band placed around his pulmonary artery in order to restrict blood flow to his lungs while he grew big enough to endure heart surgery to address the DORV diagnosis.

However, the hospital allegedly ignored the parents’ request to use blood not tainted by the experimental and dangerous Covid mRNA jabs, and baby Alex subsequently experienced a blood clot reaching from his left knee all the way to his heart.

This terrifying occurrence, which the parents feared might take place if vaccinated blood was put into the baby’s body, happened in a matter of days.

No amount of medication, blood thinners, or antibiotics was able to shrink the massive clot or rid his body of the infection, and baby Alex sadly passed away on February 17th.

Excerpt written by Alex’s father, Ron:

The parents allegedly had a healthy family friend die of a heart attack soon after receiving a Covid-19 shot, which in turn made the family suspicious of the potential dangers of the vaccines.

This personal experience played a role in their decision to request unvaccinated blood for their child’s medical procedure.

The family was even able to find a donor meeting their qualifications, but the hospital claimed they couldn’t find the blood and gave baby Alex blood from the hospital stockpile.

In a shocking turn of events, the Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital is now supposedly telling the family there’s no record of baby Alex ever having been at the hospital despite pictures, medical bills, and a death certificate verifying his stay.

The Twitter page Defeat The Mandates posted a thread about this somber subject on Tuesday, detailing the family’s frightening story.

Alex’s parents will be joining Steve Kirsch Thursday night to further elaborate on this case of medical tyranny.

This story is extremely similar to a recent situation in New Zealand where a hospital denied a boy named Will the unvaccinated blood his parents requested for his emergency heart surgery.

Luckily for Will’s parents, hospital staffers may have secretly used unvaccinated blood, and baby Will survived his surgery and is recovering well.


3 thoughts on “American Tragedy! Baby Boy Dies Of Massive Blood Clot After Hospital Refused Non-Vaxxed Blood Transfusion

  1. This malfeasance goes back to the lack of proper pre-natal care of the mother when the hospitals were playing disgusting games forcing patients including pregnant women to stay away from hospitals! The baby was born enemic with a heart defect which was bad enough! The hospital then, adds insult to injury, as if the mother, in recovery herself, was not already in need of all the proper care and support necessary. Like I heard in an audio clip I listened to yesterday, the hospital toyed with her and the baby, like a cat plays around with a mouse before killing it. Not only does the mother have to recover from giving birth, she now has to go through the trauma of her lost battle against those she entrusted with the safe delivery and care of her baby. Those she was supposed to trust now lie to her as if she is the crazy one. This kind of crap is going on in hospitals all around the world right now, and we wonder who is handing down the orders? We need to find out who they are, start naming names and using whatever lawful remedy we have on hand to dispose of them forthwith.

    1. This article triggers other thoughts regarding the abuse of women giving birth in the hospitals where in some of the accounts I have read, even in Canada, they were forced to give birth wearing a breathing barrier/slave muzzle! I never used to swear, but GOD DAMN! This is the time of life when you need all the oxygen you can take in, and even after giving birth, the mother is forced to breathe through a graphene fibre laden slave muzzle made by brown child slave labor in unsanitary conditions in what appears to be South Asian countries! Sorry. This crap pisses me off so much that I need to vent, and this is the only group I have found, where the members actually care enough about the truth that it is okay to swear about it. Also, it is the only group that is not afraid to talk openly about the only remedy that will make a difference. Those who have the wherewithal to apply that remedy I have no doubt, will do so soon, as more and more of the truth comes out and they are confirmed in their righteous duty and responsibility to do what it will take. My best effort over these past 3 years has been to refuse to comply and barge right past the gestapo as everyone else complies!

      1. As I go along making the tacos for dinner, etc., my mind won’t leave what this post has triggered in me today. Just thinking about what has transpired over these past 3 years, it occurred to me that this mother, like an untold number of the others, was more than likely fighting to keep her means of income, so she was masked up all day long on the job, and limited oxygen intake factored into the anemia in her baby! If not participating in the mask mandate, the sheer amount of stress, just to get by, would factor into the condition of her baby. I am so angry right now, for that mom whose life has been dealt a horrific blow of what to me, would be unfathomable misery at a time in life when it should have been all joy and celebration of life. This one really got to me today.

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