America’s Relationships in the Middle East

Apparently the American tax payers are paying for Senator John Kerry to take a trip to Pakistan in an effort to smooth things over with the Pakistanis, as they seem to be a little put out over our recent violation of their sovereignty, in illegally crossing their border and murdering a few of their citizens that we are referring to as Osama Bin Laden and company.

Kerry will reportedly be trying to mend the fences and reestablish a good enough relationship between the Pakistani and American governments to allow the American tax payer to send the Pakistanis another $3 billion next year.

And what are we going to get for our $3 billion?  The Pakistanis have agreed to return the helicopter tail that was left behind during the US raid.  Of course the Chinese have already been allowed to inspect the tail and have probably already built a helicopter featuring the new tail.  So I guess what it equates to is that for $3 billion the Pakistanis are going to allow the US to take out its trash.

The United States has finally come forth to condemn the Syrian government; no, not for killing hundreds of protesters, but for causing problems for Israel on the Syrian Israeli border.

We are also condemning Palestinian protests against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

It is interesting that in one instance we support peoples in Egypt and Libya protesting against no jobs, a lack of food and water, and official oppression.  But when the Palestinians living in Gaza, in what is in reality the world’s largest concentration camp, decide to march and demonstrate their dissent, we immediately condemn them.  Why?  Because our relationship with Israel is too important to bring human suffering and genocide into our considerations.

It has been asked on this site before and I ask it again.  Why is Israel so important to the United States?  Could it be that agents of the Israeli government, who hold dual citizenship in the United States, have infiltrated our government and are putting forth the assertion that Israel is somehow crucial to our existence?

I think one day the American people are going to be brought to answer for their support of the actions the Israelis are taking against the Palestinians, the Syrians, and literally every Arab Nation in the Middle East and North Africa.  Not that I am blaming the Israeli people as it seems more and more every day that there is not a country left on this planet wherein the people have any control over the actions of their governments.

It is ironic indeed that the national stances of the individual countries are being dictated by an elitist’s class that bears no allegiance to any country.  They live in the domain of international wealth, which allows them to dictate the laws in every country of which they are not subject to any.

America’s status is becoming deluded to the point that the rest of the world does not care what we think.  We are now labeled as an aggressive empire that sanctions international murder and torture.

We the people of these United States have got to regain control of our country’s power.  Not tomorrow but today as time is growing short.   And be sure at present our shackles are being forged.  As crazy as it seems the international elite are gambling that we will just stand there and let them put on the chains.

God help us to resist.

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