0 thoughts on “And now, after Libya, Nuclear War to Iran & Middle East

  1. I didn’t even bother to watch.Bring troops home.Nab the Rothschilds.Who doesn’t know that?We can bang the billiard balls around the table forever.Bring the troops home .Bring the bankers in for questioning.Ask them about current world events.Ask them about historical world events.Check out their bloodlines.I am so tired of nobody mentioning the name of Rothschild that I could puke.Fuck the Rothschilds,Warburgs,Rockefellers.Take back the stolen wealth.Kill the fuckers.God knows they’ve hidden in the shadows while they’ve killed enough of us in war after war since the 1700’s for their own desire to enslave us all.I fear God,if there is one but I don’t fear death regardless.And I don’t fear a God damned Rothschild or Warburg or Rockefeller or any big pussy who wants to control the world at the expense of people. People are good.Governments can be bad.Satanists can be destroyed.Maybe I do believe in God afterall.God damn the bankerman.God bless people.Thank you,Henry.

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