The Occupy Movement Has Found a Viable Strategy

New jobless claims came in at 397,000 for the week.  The propagandists are claiming that this number shows an improvement.  We have to remember that this number is directly reflected with those running out of unemployment because they have reached the 99 weeks cutoff.  I predict that today the Department of Labor will drop the unemployment rate to 8.9%, citing as cause that there are less unemployed people because more have stopped looking for work.

These two bit cons think that we in the general population, the 99%, are incapable of three dimensional thought.  When a person exhausts an unemployment claim that person is removed from the unemployment rolls and becomes one of those persons who is no longer looking for work and hence not counted in the unemployment percentage.

Now let’s go back 99 weeks to May 14, 2009, when weekly new jobless claims came in at 637,000.  We will be generous and say only 30% of these people could not find a job and exhausted their benefits at 99 weeks.  That is 191,000 being taken away from the unemployment percentage from the back side.  Now let’s take the 397,000 for this week.  As 400,000 was predicted and there were only 397,000, these con men will take the 3,000 discrepancy and deduct it from the percentage from the front side.  Now let’s say new hiring comes in at 100,000.  They then take the 191,000 and the 3,000 and add them to that number to show a job increase of 294,000 when in reality there was a net loss of 488,000.

This is a lie and it is blatant fraud.  The fact is the international corporate elite are continuing to liquidate our jobs and move them overseas by the tens of thousands every week.   It is like the 2.5% rise in the GDP.  If the price of basic necessities to survive, food and energy, raises 2.5% in a quarter, the people are paying 2.5% more without increasing their purchase.  No new product is created, it is just that the product that is sold costs more, and this is counted as an increase in our GDP, when in reality it is a decrease in our personal wealth.

There is only one way we are going to get this lie to stop and the Oakland occupiers hit the nail right on the head when they occupied the port.  This is where we can regain control of our natural resources.  If the people in every port city in this country occupied those ports and shut them down, the export of our raw resources to be manufactured in other countries using slave labor, would come to a halt.  And this is where the fortunes are being made.

We must refuse to allow any more of our raw resources to leave our shores except in the form of 110% USA manufactured goods.  This means a table, not a board or a tree.  If the only way our wealth of resources can be tapped is through a condition that says US citizens must manufacture those resources, we shut the 1% down.  And they know it.

We live in the richest country on the planet and 99% of us live like paupers, while the other 1% take everything.  If you protesters out there really want to take this Republic back, start occupying the ports and stop the flow of the spice.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “The Occupy Movement Has Found a Viable Strategy

  1. You were close Henry,

    9.0 percent unemployment – Real unemployment is 4 times that. Oh by the way, congress is taking another week off.

    1. I think them taking off might not be such a bad idea, less time for them to twist the knife they have stuck in our backs. I think they need a permanent break. Tell me, do you feel like breaking them? I do.

    1. Also the protesters in Oakland are taking on the anarchists and stopping them from hijacking the cause. If there were to be occupy marches to shut down every port across the country, I think we would find out real quick just how far the corporate elite are willing to take this thing.

      1. Agreed! The Port was an excellent strategy (and a no brainer, when you think about it). All of the ports should have been shut down at the same time, along with trucking.
        Oakland definitely over shadowed events here on that day.
        (I just didn’t know where else to post that bit of info. Guess I should have gone back to an older story about the generators. Sorry.)

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