Anti-vaxxer drives speeding CAR through vaccination tent while screaming “No vaccine!” to protest COVID-19 shots’

Daily Mail

An anti-vaxxer drove her SUV through a vaccination tent at high speed while screeching ‘No vaccine!’ to protest the COVID-19 shots, it is claimed.

Virginia Christine Lewis Brown, 36, allegedly went on the rampage in her blue Chrysler SUV at the vaccination site in Maryville, Tennessee, on Monday morning.

She was pictured sobbing in her mugshot after being charged with seven counts of reckless endangerment.

Brown is said to have hurled abuse at terrified volunteers and patients while her car roared through the tent, leaving several fearing she would drive into them and kill them.

The anti-vaxxer claims to have driven through at around 5mph, but those in the tent say her car was going far faster, and left them fearing for their lives.

Deputy Kevin Snider, who was in his cruiser, was among those who said they witnessed Brown plowing through the tent at the Foothills Mall.

The vaccine site opened in March, according to WBIR. Typically, people drive slowly through its course, which is marked by cones, and and into the tent to get their shot.

They are then supposed to drive out the other side, and park up for 15 minutes to be monitored for possible adverse reactions to the vaccine.

But Deputy Snider says he immediately noticed Brown’s erratic driving as she made her way through the traffic cones, sped through the tent and exited the other side, before racing through the remaining cones.

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